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"Master, " a voice whispered. I opened my eyes and saw the Kyuu Hyakuian girl. Yuko was wearing the bed-sheet like a dress. Meanwhile, her nose was covered in snot like one of those snotty kids in the cartoons that Serrano and I used to watch.

Damn, stop thinking about that jerk. He's not your friend anymore.

"What's wrong?" I asked, pushing myself up from the floor.

"It's morning now, " Yuko responded. Suddenly she started to cough erratically.

I sat up. "Hey, are you fine?"

She tried to smile. "Yuko's what do you want me to do?"


"Yuko overheard that man say you needed me to help you with the Abyss... Yuko isn't not sure what that is..."

I got up. "That's right, the quicker we finish this mess the faster this nightmare will end." Can you wait for me outside? I'm going to change into my armor."

She nodded and walked outside. Why did she resist the strange man but when it came to my orders she followed them so well? Was it because I gave her a piece of bread back at the park?

I finished up putting back on my armor and headed out to join her.

"Done. Come, " I said, waving at her. She stood up from the rock she was sitting on and followed me out of the meadow. The ground was now dry and various species of birds flew around the trees. If it were the old me, I would've thought it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

"Stop looking at the birds, " I snapped, continuing to march on ahead.

She ran after me. "We're going to the Abyss?"

This girl says it as if she's familiar with the realm... but considering who her former owner was...

I shook my head. "No, not yet. First, I am going to take you to get some armor."


We made our way back to the city. To the shopping district near the castle to be specific. I made sure to avoid that place, though.

The various shoppers stared at us, especially at the strangely dressed, animal eared girl following me.

"Everyone is staring, " Yuko said, staring at the crowds keeping their distance. Her ears dropped down in embarrassment.

"Ignore them, " I said. We made our way past them and into the weapons shop where Kohri worked. Not that I had the chance to see him since then despite having occasionally dropped by.

"You again?" the salesman said. "Did the armor Kohri give you break already?"

"No, I haven't even had the chance to use it as protection in battle, only in the rain, " I said. I nudged Yuko who was hiding behind me forward. "I came to get some for her."

"Is this your woman?" he asked, disgusted.

I shook my head. "This little girl? No, she's just a follower."

"I see...this girl.

d me, I hadn't realized it but we were on top of a small mountain. "Hold my hand." She grabbed my hand and we walked inside the temple.

We both stepped into the marble structure.

Illuminating the place was natural light pouring in through the colorful glass mosaic windows. There were eight in total. In seven of those was one of the seven angels. Meanwhile, the eighth was a bleak gray. Gray... if I had to choose a color that matched my mood, it would be that one.

Meanwhile, at the end of the aisle rested the sanctuary which contained an altar to the Sky Father and Earth Mother. The male deity had his hand reaching down, while the female reached up. Their hands clasped a sphere in the center.

According to Takuya, that sphere represented their love for the other. I had always assumed that it was simply the universe that they had created.

Resting in front of the deities, in the center of the sanctuary, was a swirling mass of darkness. Over the darkness was a sphere of light.

"This is the Abyss?" Yuko asked, eyes wide. She glanced at the altar. "Why is this in such a holy place?"

"No idea as to why, " I said. I could only guess that it was that it was to 'guard' the portal. "Get ready to jump."

The girl started shaking and gripped my hand.

"Don't be afraid, " I said, trying to soothe her. Though my voice came out as robotic. "I'll protect you."

She slowly nodded, still afraid. Her eyes rose toward the altar once more as her lips whispered what seemed like a prayer.

Foolish her, they won't listen to your words.

"Ready?" I questioned.

She nodded.

"Alright... three, two, one..." We leaped into the vortex, unaware of what was to come. If I had known, then perhaps even I would've made a silent prayer to the couple.

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