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"Please join my group, " I said, bowing sightly.

"Stay away, you creep, " a girl said, slapping the air in front of her as if I were some fly.

I sighed. It had been another wasted day. I had even stooped as far as begging, but even that didn't work. Everyone truly believed that I was a monster...

Was that what that guy meant when he said that he was the 'dark side of me'? He had already planned to frame me from the very start. To make it seem that within me was a monster. Rosalba... how is she right now? Setsuko had been sent by her to bring me food, so I assume that she's fine.

I smiled a little as I headed back toward the outskirts of town.

Maybe there's still hope...

I shook my head.

Stop thinking that. There's no hope. She probably still hates you with all her might but is trying to be as kind and merciful as she can. No one will believe you without proof. Except for Kohri. Argh, just stop it Tetsuya! Everyone practically hates you, and you turned the one who did trust in you away!

As I was walking through the ghetto, I felt the same strange presence as last time. I jumped up and spun around only to have my shield stopped by a bare hand. Standing in front of me was a tall man wearing a black cloak with a ring of keys around his free hand. The same man who I had first met at the park, and later when fighting that creature from the Abyss.

"Looking for someone to join you in the Abyss?" the mysterious man asked as he let go of my shield.

"It's you again. What's with that question? Want to join me?" I asked, lowering my weapon. I knew that he was strong, so having him would be a boon. "But wait, you have heard what happened, haven't you?'

The man chuckled as he put away the ring on keys into his cloak's right pocket. "Of course, almost everyone has heard about the Fallen Hero. Tetsuya Kuroriku"

I clenched my fists. "Please just call me Tetsuya, that family brings bitter memories. So, who are you?"

"Follow me, " the man responded, turning his back to me. "I'll introduce you to some potential partners."

This man is definitely fishy... but... at this point I'm willing to settle for whoever. If only Kohri had contacted me... though he probably decided not to join me in the end... Not that I could really blame him. Even I would hesitate about joining someone with a reputation as tarnished as mine despite knowing that they were innocent.

I followed him, thinking that I had very little to lose. However, I kept a large distance between us, just in case he tried anything funny.

It was rather difficult to see in the darkness of the narrow alley he was escorting me through... Pathetic for a descendant of the Angel of Darkness, huh?

The man led me into a building at the dimly-lit dead-end of the alley where an oddly positioned pair of stairs were.

"We're almost there, " the man assured me, snickering.

"Uh, okay, " I said, maintaining my distance.

Small lights flickered on and off as we descended. He finally stopped in front of another door and took out a set of keys.

The door unlocked. It led into another dark room. The man switched the lights on, revealing dozens upon dozens of cages. Inside of the room were several beasts ranging from a griffin to even creatures that resembled us.

"I'll allow you to choose a slave, " he said, spinning his ring of keys.

A slave? So these prisoners are slaves?

Though the fact was shocking, I didn't have to care for them...I felt that I

r of the same branch as you."

So he was the one who appeared the other day... and this girl, she must be the one who I met in the park. How could I have forgotten?

I wanted to ask more but before I knew it, I was back in the alley with the girl. The door that used to be there was now gone. How was I supposed to ask him questions now?

The girl coughed in the rain. I took off my coat and put it around her.


I avoided her eyes. "I can't have you getting sick and die as soon as I bought you."

She held my hand tightly. "Yuko's tired."

"Let go of me, " I said, coldly. I pulled my hand away from hers. "We have to make our way to camp soon before you get ill. I'll need your help setting it back up."

She glanced up at me with weak eyes. "A camp?"

"I don't have much money to spare in this overpriced city, also... Tsk. Never mind that, hurry up."


The two of us left the slums and made our way to a nearby forest. I took out the tent I used on my trip to the city. My slave meanwhile gathered wood from nearby. She started coughing when she came back with a load larger than even Takuya or I could carry. She might have been frail but she was strong.

"We won't need any firewood, " I stated. "Get inside or your cold will get worse."

She dropped the wood and ran inside. Both of us were drenched completely. The soft parts of my armor were stuck to my body. "Look away, " I commanded.

She turned to the other side. I changed out of my cheap armor and into a black hoodie with a white undershirt and a pair of worn out blue jeans. I sighed. If only I hadn't gotten involved in all of this...

"Is mister done?" the girl asked as she kept her head low.

"It's fine to look now, " I said.

She turned around. She was as even more drenched than I was, I mean, at least my armor managed to keep me from getting too wet. Her clothes on the other hand were like paper towels soaked in water.

I went over to my stuff in search of something, that was when I came upon a white bed sheet.

I'm not going to be using a normal bed anytime soon so I might as well have her use this.

I threw her the bed-sheet and a dry towel.

"Take off your clothes and dry yourself with the towel then put on the bed-sheet. Once you're done then go to sleep." I turned around and closed my eyes.

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