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I walked across the dark streets in the rain. Everyone moved away from me, avoiding me like the plague. I closed my eyes and paid them no mind. I needed to find members soon...even one would be enough. Though who would want to be the partner of someone accused of...the crimes I was accused of?

I opened my eyes and saw that I had made my way to a dark alley.

Suddenly I heard a girl's voice. "Save me...please. Save me angels of good."

I turned around. It was then that a shadowy hand touched my shoulder. I swung my shield at the figure but it jumped back.

Glancing around, I found nothing but scared eyes peering back. "What in the world was that?" I said, lowering my shield.

I took a deep breath and continued on my way. After traversing past a ghetto at the corner of the city, I arrived at the edge of town. I took a final look back at the city that I was leaving behind. The capital wasn't the paradise that I had imagined it. The only good parts of it were around the castle and the main streets that lead to it. Everything else was falling apart.

Though it wasn't my concern. It was like Serrano once said, the people of the city weren't kind at all.

I snickered upon thinking of him. He had been like a second brother to me. When we were little, it was me who would watch out for him. He usually made sure to repay the favor. Never did I think that he would misjudge me like he had today.

I shook my head and ran into the woods outside of town.

There's no point in thinking of that now. You must learn to depend on only yourself... Serrano himself once said that. Right, he knew what I know now. This is a world of intrigue. One can't survive within it if they are so willing to open themselves up to others. That too must be the reason as to why Hyosetsu looks down on Kohri. A good ruler must be wary of those around them at all times. No such thing as trust exists...

Returning to my tent in the middle of a meadow in the forest, I sat my head down and closed my eyes shut. I wanted to cry but I couldn't allow myself to do so. For crying would mean to give up. I would continue to do my best.

I sat up and looked at the armor that Kohri had given me.

What was that strange light that I had seen?

My stomach growled, mixing with the sound of the rain hitting the tent's nylon walls. I pulled my pillow over my head. I had spent all day searching for someone to join my group but no one would accept my offer.

Kohri, I should have accepted his offer of rejoining my group. Damn, at the rate that I was going, I was going to die!

"Here you are, " a voice called out. It was Setsuko. She put a hand into the tent, holding a bowl of ramen toward me. "I thought that you might g

y still warm. I used the accompanying small fork that was inside to devour the noodles, they tasted a tad off. Had they put something in it or perhaps it was only the noodles? Or perhaps I was losing my sense of taste? It couldn't have had something to do with the shield, could it? I mean the food at the castle was also rather tasteless despite its appearance.

I shook my head and devoured the somewhat flavorless food. I planned to set off the next day to look for a new member once more. If that failed then I would depart the capital for newer lands. Newer lands... what did my family back home think of me now?

I curled my hand around the plastic fork, wishing the thought away. 'Do they and my friends think of me as trash?' my inner voice insisted. The utensil snapped into tiny shards which pricked my fingers, drawing crimson blood out.

I had to get my name cleared but to do that I first needed to help those who had accused me. Ha... what a world I lived in...

But that had to wait for the next day, I had to sleep. I reached into my backpack and pulled out some pain numbing herbs to cover my wound with before laying down on my sleeping bag.


"Save..." the voice I had heard before echoed in my head. It was that girl's voice... What was her name again? Y... something.

"Save you?" I called back. "From what?"

"Save... kind angel, " the voice responded before fading.

My golden eyes opened slowly. There was no one with me as the rays of the sun filtered through the tent. I sat up and ruffled my wavy hair. "Why does that voice keep calling out for me?" I sighed. "It doesn't matter. I got to focus on finding a new member for my group first."

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