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No matter where I went, I heard murmurs from the city folk.

Soon after leaving the palace, I had set off to the armor store. I needed to buy new armor as I left my old one back there, a place I didn't even want to think about returning to.

"There he is!" someone screamed. The next thing I knew, I felt blood gushing out of my forehead.

"Hey!" I screamed.

"Die, you scum bag!" a woman yelled as she threw another rock. She was joined in both others, including young children.

"Stop it!" I yelled, deflecting the rocks with my shield. "I didn't do it! I didn't do what they accused me of!"

"You monster, leave!" a man yelled.

"Go find a hole and die in it!" the woman who initiated the stoning yelled.

I turned around and rushed into the crowd, shield in front of me. Rocks pelted my back and I simply ran for it. Hands reached out toward me, grabbing my arms and others attempting to yank Agnes away. Horror struck as the mob overwhelmed me.

"Let me go!" I screamed at the top of my lung as burning tears escaped. Though tears weren't the only thing that did. A wave of darkness sent everyone flying away from me, including the small children. Approaching a child, I let out a cry. "I'm... sorry." Blood covered their face. "I..." I closed my eyes and ran off as more people started to appear to help the injured out.

Sneaking a quick glance, I saw that the members of the mob were opening their eyes. They were dazed by what happened. Except for one of the children who remained with his eyes closed. A little boy with a toy sword. Seeing him reminded me of someone... of the one who I thought that I could trust to always be by my side no matter what.

I snickered quietly. Serrano... he didn't believe me. If even my best friend didn't trust my word, then who would? Was I to be condemned for a crime that I never committed? And if I was then how would that make things better? The true culprit would still remain free.

At least I came to a stop in front of the armor shop I had visited with Rosalba and Kohri many days ago.

The armor store clerk glared at me as soon as I stepped through the royal-purple banners serving as a door. "What are you doing here? You better not steal anything."

I laughed weakly. "I won't..." I shook my head in disbelief. Never in my life had I been accused of being a thief. Usually I was the one capturing them. "I don't have it in me." I put money down. "Give me the cheapest armor you have."

"I'm not sure about this...selling to someone who would do what you did to the second princess, it feels wrong. You're better off going

hri's brother.

"What's wrong?" Eiichi asked, eying the frightened Rosalba. He glanced over to the front of the store. His jaw dropped.

"Excuse me, " I said, walking past them, avoiding looking at Rosalba to avoid having her break down further.

Eiichi's eyes widened. "'re supposed to be dead."

I stopped and looked into his blue eyes. "What?"

Eiichi slapped himself. "I mean my suggestion back at the dungeon. I still can't believe they let someone like you run free."

Kohri chuckled. "That coming from you?"

Eiichi glared at Kohri. He grabbed his arm and pulled him away. He looked furious.

"That armor, my brother gave it to you?" Hyosetsu muttered. He laughed. "Brother has always had bad judgment when it comes to people. Hanging out with street beggars, and now rapists?"

"What's so wrong about street beggars?" I snapped, narrowing my golden eyes. "They might be poor, but they're people too! They're just trying to make a living."

Hyosetsu walked on ahead without uttering another word.

"Wow, I was right about you, " Kohri said, running up to me. "Anyone who can get my stuck up big brother to shut up is good in my book."

I laughed. "You should get a better litmus test for people to trust. I'll see you around."

I touched the armor he had given me. It felt odd, wearing it. True its original owner was younger and thus shorter than me when it was made, but that wasn't it...

Suddenly the rosary beneath my chest plate glowed dimly as it touched the armor. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know, who was the armor's original owner? And why did Kohri say that I resembled him? Could he have been a relative?

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