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"Let go of me, " I said, resisting her aggression.

Guards entered my room and pulled me away from Setsuko. They yanked my arms back and handcuffed them.

Sweat rolled down my face. It was as if I was in a nightmare because nothing made any sense. "I didn't do it. I've been framed. The real person escaped, he out there right now, free. He knocked me unconscious..."

"Don't act, " Eiichi said as he stood by the door way. He stepped forward sudden stopped as he stepped on my pants. He knelt down and pulled out Tierra's necklace. "You are disgusting."

Setsuko snatched it away from Eiichi and closed her eyes. "You stole this and did... did..." She raised a fist into the air and punched me, knocking me into the bed. "I'm going to kill you right now, you disgusting excuse for a man!"

"S..." Rosalba said, reaching a hand out toward her sister. Her face contorted between anger and sadness. She looked away from me and curled up on the ground, tears falling.

Seeing her like that... it made me wish that the real perpetrator were in front of me to hit him like Setsuko was with me. I would punch him and even go as far as depriving him from his manhood.

"Stop it!" Serrano said, grabbing his fiancée by both her arms as she clawed at me.

I smiled a little.

Serrano, he believes me.

"Don't dirty your hands with this scum bag's blood, " he said, glaring at me. "If you'll like then I'll take care of him."

"It wasn't me! I didn't do anything to Rosalba. You to believe me! As for the necklace, I'm not sure how that got in there, " I protested.

Setsuko relaxed her body and gazed down. Her face convulsed as if she wanted to cry. "I truly did think that out of the four we could trust you the most. When did you sneak into my room?"

I shook my head. "I didn't sneak into anyone's room. I also didn't steal that from anybody. Actually, why are you acting as if it's yours?"

"It is-"

"Enough talking, " Eiichi yelled. "Take him away!"

The guards pulled me out of the bed and blindfolded me before pushing me out of the room.

As I was being escorted away I thought about Rosalba.

I didn't steal the necklace... And if it isn't Rosalba's then the one who stole it was...

So, that was what she meant by 'I'm not all that nice' all those days was all a fa?ade.

No, that doesn't matter. The one who attacked her... just who was he? And why frame me for the necklace in addition to his monstrous action?

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of a cell opening. The castle guards removed the handcuffs and instead put chains on them. Once they were done one or more of them struck me wit

her mercy."

Rosalba did?

I smiled slightly.

Does she... does she believe me? I need to talk to her and explain everything that happened. I need to help her find him, the true person who did it.

I shook my head. "I didn't do it. You know me. Come on cou..."

"Don't call me that!" he screamed, pointing his sword at me. "Setsuko, Eiichi, the guards, and I all saw you in that room a few hours ago!" He shook his head. "It's bad enough having parents like mine and now to have a cousin like you?" Tears streamed down his face. "Why did I have to be born into this shitty family? Why did I have monsters as relatives?"

I reached a hand out toward him. "Serrano... I didn't..."

"Put down your sword, " Setsuko said before shifting her steady gaze toward me. "As for you, leave at once. I don't wish to see your face ever again." She threw my shirt at me.

I held out my hand toward her but was grabbed by Serrano. He yanked me out of the bed and threw me out of the room and into the streets. He closed the door behind him as he pointed Aventine at my throat, like a needle about to puncture the skin.

"Do not dare touch my fiancée with your disgusting hands. If you try that again then I'll kill you myself. Now leave at once!"

My eyes widened. Perhaps I really didn't know who my cousin was. How could he not trust even a single word I said? I got up and ran off as far and as fast as my legs could take me, not daring to look back at that tragic place.

Serrano... doesn't trust me. Nor did Setsuko. Meanwhile, I am not allowed anywhere near Rosalba to get a chance to tell her my side of the story. And both Tetsuya and Kohri aren't around...

Was I truly alone?

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