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I sat in the private theater underneath the castle with Serrano, watching a new Super Battle Corps movie when my phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I answered, sitting up.

"We're coming back home, " Rosalba responded.

"You're returning? Already? What happened?"

"Not sure. Father fainted. But somehow he managed to repeal the demon alongside a friend of his. As for the knights... they were nearly killed off. I would be near death too. If it weren't for Hyosetsu shielding me with his body.

"Father and the knights are injured?"

"Is Takuya alright?" Serrano asked, jumping out of his seat.

"Takuya is fine, " Rosalba said. Must have overheard him. "I'm sitting next to him. His brother is concerned for him. I barely managed to get him to go get some rest. We should be there in a few days. Meanwhile watch over the capital."

"He's fine, " I said, smiling a little.

He breathed a sigh of relief and sat back down. "That's good."

"Don't worry sister. I'll watch over the kingdom in Father's absence."

"Thanks, sis. Well, see ya later."

"Bye, " I said, hanging up. My back pressed against my seat. "At least no one seems to have died. I should've gone with them."

Serrano put a hand on top of mine. "No. It's bad enough that Takuya got hurt. I don't know what I would do if..." His face flushed. "I mean..."

My face reddened somewhat. "Uh. I'm going to tell the others."

He paused the video. "Alright. I'll wait."

I tried my best to smile. "Thanks."

"No problem..."

Rushing out of the theater, I headed over to the throne room when suddenly I heard a girl's voice.

"Please let me see him, " a girl said as I opened the golden door. Standing in her way were our guards.

"Sorry. But we can't. I also think that you should know that Serrano is Lady Setsuko's betrothed.

The green haired young woman's mouth opened widely. "He's... I knew that he was engaged but to think that it was the princess..." She turned her back to the guards. "Still. I wish to see him. He's my friend. I... had a vision the other day. One in which Tetsuya was critically injured. At least let me see Takuya!"

"Takuya?" the male guard asked. "Who's he again?"

"He's the knight of the shield, " the female guard responded.

"Oh, the peasant! Why do you wish to speak to him?

The girl puffed her cheeks and stomped the floor. "I told you already. And don't call him a peasant in that tone. He might be poor but he's a good guy. Same with Serrano."

"Right. That guy was originally one too, " the male guard said, glancing at the starry night sky. "Not sure as to what the king planned by having the princess marry that guy. At this rate I worry that he'll marry off princess Rosalba to that knight of the shield."

I cleared my throat.

"Ahhh! Princess, " the man said, trying his best to avoid giving me a nervous smile. "I didn't know that you were here."

"I heard the commotion." I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes. "Do you guys always gossip about who my sister and I will marry? Or am is this a onetime thing? Not to mention in front of a stranger."

The man bowed countless times. "Sorry.


"Shh, " she said. "Quiet down. Someone might find us."

She ran into an area filled with people and various kinds of smell. Nori's stomach rumbled as the smell of fish touched his nose.

Ximena smiled at Nori. "Hungry?"

Nori's face became as red as his hair. "Uh... yes."

"Alright. I'll buy you the biggest fish we can find. You may choose which kind you want."

Nori touched his lips. "Uh... Nori wants... Nori wants... Hmm. Nori has only had tuna."

"Tuna? Alright! Let's go get you the biggest tuna we can find!" She flipped me around and ran over to the stalls.

The fish smelled nice... but Ximena smelled better... It was then that Nori noticed that Ximena wasn't wearing any shoes either. Did she do it by choice? Or was she too poor?


"Thanks for the fish, " Nori said as he rubbed his stomach.

"You sure eat that fast, " she said, carrying Nori. She petted Nori's head again. "Ahh. Your ears are so soft!"

Nori softly slapped her hand away. "S...stop that."

Her face flushed from embarrassment. "Sorry. Well we're here." She stared at a ran down church in a rundown part of town. It wasn't anything like the rest of the city. Ximena had to be very careful on the way here due to the vast number of broken glass and needles. Wasn't too sure as to why there were needles on the ground. But the glass looked like it belonged to soda bottles. Or so I thought.

But thankfully the area in front of the church was clean. Dusting off the stop steps was a red-haired man with cat ears. He was dressed in white robes. Not those of a priest but of a bishop.

"Ah. Ximena. Did you get to see Serrano?" His eyes shifted toward me. "A neko?"

"Yeah. Just like us, " Ximena said, putting me down. "As for Serrano. I told him what I should. Uh, this little neko here seems to want to become a priest. Think that he'll be up for it?"

The man smiled. "Of course. Come on in. Both of you seem to have had a long day."

He's a neko too? Ximena too? But Ximena had angel wings... A neko angel? Nori smiled at the idea. Ximena certainly was a neko angel in his eyes.

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