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"Brother, " I said, puttin' him down. I glared at the pasty white bein' as it remained unmoving. "You..." Raisin' my hand, I transformed my silver bracelet into its black arrow mode. Shadows emerged from the dark purple wings on my back.

The abysmal ruler raised an eyebrow. "This darkness..."

"Takuya, " Akari said. She was coverin' my brother and the other three male knights in a celestial light. "Allow the king to handle this."

I stepped forward, blockin' out the sounds of the world around me. Raisin' the dark bow in front of me, I pulled back the strin' and formed an arrow of pitch-black shadows.

"Hey!" Zafir yelled as me as he and the rest of the king's soldiers picked up the knights. "Allow his majesty to take care of this."

I continued; the darkness underneath my feet shattered the ice. I jumped into the sea of darkness, floatin' over it just like the man of darkness. "Die, " I said in an oddly calm tone.

"Seems that he managed to do what his younger brother failed to do, " a familiar voice called out. Though I couldn't quiet figure out where I had heard it before... "Give into your rage Takuya! Awaken the power within you. Destroy the enemy!"

"Are you some sort of demon?" Akari asked, glancin' up at him. Her eyes were filled with fear. "Takuya! Don't listen to him!"

"He certainly seems like one, " king Osamu said as he twirled two rings. One was golden with an amethyst, while the other was silver with a citrine.

"That's mean!" the unnamed man said, crossin' his arms in front of his chest.

Osamu scoffed. "Stop playing games T..."

"Fine. Fine! I'll just stay quiet and watch as you fight for your life. Will that be fine?"

I turned my attention back at the 'demon' as it remained still. Its eyes were focused on the mysterious man as if curious about who he was.

Now's my chance! I shot the arrow at it.

The creature raised a hand, slashin' my arrow with a vertical dark wave. It sent dark spikes at me. I dodged them with ease and fired off another arrow.

A slight grin covered his previously expressionless face. His snow-white hand grasped the arrow, crushin' it into a wisp of darkness. "Fighting us with darkness is foolish." He reformed my arrow into a lance and threw it at me.

I ducked and watched as the arrow few into the distance. A sinister dark sphere emerged from the spot it landed, turnin' the mountain range into dust.

"Damn, " Zafir said, eyes wide as he formed a barrier of water around the king's soldiers.

Takin' a step back, I raised rocks near me. As I was about to launch them at the 'demon' a hand touched my shoulder. It was the black cloaked man. He was close enough for me to see a white

glared at me with his golden brown eyes. "I don't trust you. You your self said it well. You aren't in anyone's side but your own."

I removed my mask. "Since when have you trusted me? Cuz?"

He closed his eyes and chuckled. "True."

I rested his head against a soft patch of snow and proceeded toward the portal. Takon might not have had the strength he needed to invade our realm. But he wasn't the only ruler... Should the other help him then we would have a difficult battle at hand...

I collapsed a few feet away from Osamu, blood dying the snow black. "Damn. I should... follow my own advice." I closed my eyes and warped myself to someplace safe.


"You're back so soon?" a female's voice called out.

I glanced up and saw a red haired woman with a veil of darkness covering up her nakedness. "They... were too... strong."

She caught me. "Told you not to do so. But worry not. My experiments should be done soon."

Black blood dripped from my lips. "Let's just hope that they don't go against us... Don't trust Tekeshi."

The woman, Aster, rested me against a sofa. "Rest. Tell me what occurred then. In the meantime I'll continue to research the cores. We might have to seize that man's own experiments."


Her hand caressed my face. "We only have a few years left. I've calculated two at most for me... and one for you."

He grimaced. "That little, huh? But alas, it's all for the master's plan."

"Yes, " she said, her golden eyes shimmering in the light of the purple flames. She turned her back away from me. "We'll do what we were created to do. Destroy the realms."

**Solar Question: What do you think of the 'Rulers of the Abyss' that have been shown? What about Tekeshi (aka Mr. Mysterious) and King Osamu?**

Aster- Sex: Female Age: ???

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