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"What was that?" I asked, holding the ground firmly. Enveloping us was a thick cloud of dust and ice particles. If it weren't for all of us being descendants of Valencia, the Angel of Earth, then we wouldn't have been able to see at all.

"I think it's done shaking, " Kohri responded, slowly standing up.

"It felt like it came from the direction of the demon, " Rosalba said, pointing at the distance.

"Watch your step, " Hyosetsu warned as he cleared the mist and dust around us. "The ground is still unstable."

"Uh, everyone, " Hideo said, glancing at the city behind us. Parts of the wall showed signs of cracks.

Takuya... is brother alright? He has to be. Right? He... he can't leave us. Not like Dad...

Hyosetsu narrowed his eyes. "That demon... is it trying to bring down the walls?"

"If it wanted to do that, wouldn't it just show up in person?" Rosalba asked.

Grand Duchess Miyuki had mentioned something about it nearly being killed. "It's most likely recovering, " I said. "The soldiers it had fought a few days prior destroyed it down to its core. While it did manage to kill them when healing, maybe its body is fragile."

"Could be, " Eiichi said, dusting snow off of his yellow coat. "Whatever it's after, I'll kill it single handedly."

"This is no time to try to show off, " Rosalba yelled as she wiped snow off of her fur coat. "We have to work together! That's what the Grand Duchess said."

Hyosetsu scoffed. "I hate to admit it. But you're right. Eiichi. Don't do anything on your own. All of you are currently under my command." His blue eyes shifted toward me. "Peasant. We're going to need your shield. I hope that these past few days have allowed you to grow accustomed to it."

Seriously? Why do they keep calling me that? Wasn't I promoted to 'knight' upon taking this task?

"I can't use any special powers yet, " I responded, glancing at the silver shield. "But I'll try my best."

"You'll learn them eventually, " Rosalba said, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Let's just hope that what the pleb has is enough to keep us alive, " Eiichi said. He scoffed. "Though it's not like I'll require his help to begin with."

I rolled my eyes. "You pretty good at swinging a lance but I've yet to see how good you're with one in battle."

Eiichi grinned cockily. His snow underneath his feet crunched as he drew his lance. The golden tip pointed at me. "Want me to show you?"

Raising my shield, I smiled. "Sure. I've been itching to battle you for some time now."

"Stop it you two!" Rosalba yelled, her hands on her hips. "I would also love to fight Eiichi but now isn't the time to..." She fell to the ground as the ice underneath her collapsed.

Hyosetsu grabbed her arm and pulled her up w

uld it be that wasn't the true boss?"

I turned around. The man was gone. Was it him?

"That demon wasn't the one who killed our troops, " Hyosetsu responded. "It fell far too easily."

"Of course not, " a voice called out. Floating over the dark sea was a black haired young man. He wore no clothes. Instead his body was covered in a shroud of darkness. His golden eyes surveyed us. "The one who did was me. Though the core they destroyed wasn't mine." He raised the shards of the fallen demon into his hands. "Seems that I was too late this time."

I stepped back. The guy acted pretty normal, kind of. Were beings of the Abyss similar to us just like the beings of the magic and dragon worlds?

He crushed the crystals in his hands. "No matter. I should've let him die the first time, " he said, closing his eyes and blowing the dust into the wind. When he opened them the darkness below bubbled violently. "Die." He swung his hand a few inches, sending the six of us flying in various directions.

Hyosetsu managed to catch Rosalba in midair and shielded her from the violet gusts which tore the land.

I tried to get up but my entire body ached as if I had been repeatedly ran over. The taste of iron filled my mouth as my vision became a blur.

Is this it? Was my life over?

"Tetsuya!" I heard my brother screaming.

"One of the Four Dark Rulers?" I heard the king say with concern. "Damn it. No wonder even Kuroyuki no San's elite fell in an instant."

"Master Hyosestsu!" voice shouted.

"Tetsuya!" brother yelled once more as I felt a hand on my face.

"Takuya... tell mom... that... I'm sorry... seems that I'm going to be joining dad..."

"No... Hey! Open your eyes! Brother... Are you listening?"

**Solar Question: What do you think the connection between the mysterious man and Tetsuya's family is?**

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