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"Take this!" Rosalba yelled, charging at me with her sword. I raised my Agnes overhead and pushed back against the blade.

"You're fast, " I said, moving away. She leaped on top of a seven foot pile of snow and jumped once more. She somersaulted as she came down at me from fourteen-feet in the air.

I rose my agnes above me, blocking her once more.

She caught herself from landing face first on the ground and twirled, giving me a spinning kick in the knee. The force sent me skidding across the ice. I tried to regain my balance but it was nearly impossible to do so.

I winced and used my shield to lessen my fall. Doing so shattered the ice underneath me, causing the stuff to fly into the air. I shuddered as the stuff struck my face. Though at the very least I avoided a worse outcome.

"Darn. You win again, " I said, pushing myself up. I sighed. "That was so ungraceful..."

"You're not bad yourself, " she said, wiping away sweat from her forehead. "Though you do need to work on your fall for next time you lose to me."

"Hahaha, very funny."

She giggled and walked over to me and extended out a hand.

A chuckle escaped my lips. "You're too kind... going easy on me."

She shook her head. "I'm not going easy on you at all."

"You sure? But you're one of the Seven-Hills, " I said, taking her hand.

She folded her arms over her small chest. "Are you saying that I'm weaker than you expected? My, how rude of you."

I wringed my hands. "No! No! That's not what I was saying. I must mean that... I'm surprised by my own strength."

"Why would you be shocked?" Takuya asked as he jumped at me without warning. He put an arm around my neck and grinned. He and Akari had been watching us from afar. "I am the one who taught ya all I know."

"Ha. True. But I'm not nearly as strong as you."

Takuya let go of me as the sound of galloping horses filled the streets outside of the castle grounds.

From where we stood we could see King Osamu and a caravan of soldiers arrived. Accompanying them were Hideo and Eiichi.

"Great. It's that guy, " I muttered under my breath.

Takuya gave the Eiichi a dirty look. "After this hunt is over, I'm goin' to repay him for what he did to Akari."

"It's fine, " Akari said, stumbling through the snow. "At least the wait is over. Now let's go meet up with them."

We ran back inside. The interior of the entrance of the palace glistened like solidified moonlight. The place resembled an ancient temple with it's giant dome at the center depicting the heavens. At the center of the dome, surrounded by Hanketsu, Masayoshi, and Kushina, was a male figure with short black hair. He had his hands stretched out as if embracing the sorld below.

Meanwhile, directly below the dome was the statue of a white hair female with her hands interwoven together as if on prayer. She too was surrounded by angels. To her northwest was Halim. To her southwest was Tierra. To her northeast was Aquarina. To her southeast was Renata.

While I didn't consider myself a religious person, the sight of thd seven plus the gods was always awe enducing.

"Ready to greet our King?" Grand Duchess Miyuki asked as she came in through the northern entrance. Accompanying her were her sons.

She had us be on standby until the king arrived. Such a demon was too strong for the likes of us to battle without additional back up. That was also why we had taken the free to hone our skills. No one wished to be cannon

toward Zafir, who punched me in the face a few seconds later. "Shut up, plebian. You shouldn't even be this close to the rulers of this nation."

I wiped the blood from my mouth and watched as the kin' marched ahead with his other soldiers. My face ached, but it was nothin' compared to the anger boilin' within me. First Eiichi and now these guys. What was wrong with all of them?

I flashed an angry look at the blue haired soldier. "And you, you're a soldier. It's your duty to directly protect the people!"

Zafir's cyan eyes threw daggers at me. "Stop sprouting such words. You're a lower-class member. You got no right to talk that way toward nobility. "Do you not know who I am?"

Akari slapped Zafir, leavin' a slight mark. "There. If he can't act to you that way then I should be able to do so in his stead."

Zafir rubbed his face. His eyes filled with rage, as if his pride had been crushed by the simple slap. "Is this guy your new boyfriend? I thought that you had better taste than that. Or are simply hoping to have your way with him and then dump him like you did with me?"

'Have her way with me?'

Her eyes narrowed. "Your actions right now are demonstrating why I broke up with you."

My dark purple eyes darted toward the dust plume closin' in. "Hey!" I yelled. "Stop arguin'! Let's save this for later. We got to check out what's happenin' with the city." Though I really wasn't one to talk...

Zafir put back on his helmet. "Later... But before I go, promise me that you'll take care, Akari."

"Hmp. I'm going too, " she said, rushin' ahead of us.

"Hey!" Zafir, yelled pursuin' her.

I took in a deep breath. Something I never imagined was about to take place, that much I was certain of as I rushed into the thick cloud envelopin' half of the city. All I hoped for was that my younger brother and his teammates, minus Eiichi, would be safe.

**Solar Note: Hope that you didn't mind the mid-chapter POV switch. Think that this might be the first time that I do it for this version of the story in which the second PoV of the chapter isn't Yuko's... I'll try to avoid doing it too much except for when I have to like in this case ^_^

Solar Question: What did you think of King Osamu and the new character, Zafir? Do you like them? Hate them?**

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