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"How much longer?" Rosalba asked, gripping my arm for support as we plodded on ahead. A thick layer of snow had formed on our coats.

So even she has her limits.

"Not much further, " Hyosetsu said, turning around. He didn't seem to mind the cold despite wearing light clothing. Nor did his younger brother.

We had been traveling for days. How many days? I had already lost count. We had only paused at various points of the day to sleep and eat. In many ways, the hike toward the capital of the province felt more like training than did the simulation at the castle.

"I've never felt so cold in my life, " I said, hugging the deer fur coat that mother had made for us.

"Same, " Takuya said, hugging himself. He had put back on his socks and shoes to prevent frostbite on his feet. Though for some reason he had managed to come most of the way without them and avoiding frostbite. He was hardy as Rosalba in that regard.

"You wimps, " Kohri said, chuckling. He signaled for us to continue to follow him. "Come. Not much longer. You can already start to see the walls despite the mist. He pointed at the mist and slowly, but surely the signs of civilization came to view. Giant twenty-foot white walls shielded the city. As to what it shielded the city from? I could only assume. Maybe giant colossal snow titans?

"It's huge, " I blurted out, golden eyes widening.

Kohri nodded as his brother and continued to lead the way. "It was built to protect the city from the Kuroriku. Back in the most recent warring states period."

"Wait, the Kuroriku?" I asked.

"That's when the Kuroriku federation was divided, " Takuya responded, his eyes sparkling at the mention of history. Mother once told me that he got it from our late father whose eyes would sparkle the same way at its very mention.

"That's also how the current houses other than the second were cemented, " Kohri added. "It's also why we currently have said federation system. The rulers at the time ruled with a firm grip, too firm. There was rebellion against them. Eventually these rebels managed to overthrow the main house for some time."


"That's not all, " Brother said. "These rulers are said to be our ancestors. The king was the owner of the rosary."

"What rosary?" Rosalba asked.

I pulled my black rosary out from under my armor and shirt. "This one."

Hyosetsu's eyes widened. "That's... Hanketsu's rosary. One of the legendary seven angel tools."

"Just like my mother's wheel, " Rosalba said, touching her chest.

I nodded. "Right. One my friends from college owns Renata's angel tool. But neither of us can use it. We aren't the chosen."

"Nor can Setsuko or I, " she responded, clasping her hands over her chest.

"Hanketsu..." Kohri said, glancing down. "So that tool was in your hands all this time."

"Huh?" I asked, giving him a strange look.

He shook his head. "Ignore me. The past is the past. Wishing that things had played out differently won't change anything."

"Kohri, " Rosalba said, gazing at the footprints he left behind.

The crown prince dashed on ahead of us. "Let's go. We've wasted enough time now."

The second princess nodded. "Right. Sorry."

"It's not your fault, " Hyosetsu assured her, glancing back at her. He turned his head forward, keeping an

I glanced at Takuya who was patting her back. Hadn't he barely met her? Yet they seemed as if they've known each other for months, if not years. Never did I imagine Takuya to have been the kind to fall in love upon first sight. Though... maybe I wasn't any better.


"The Grand Duchess awaits you, " said a guard as we stood in front of the throne room gates. She and another opened the door. Releasing the sweet smell of cinnamon.

The room looked like a near replica of the king's throne room. Except it was only half its size and instead of a black floor, it was white. The walls were also all silver instead of gold and silver. The one occupying the throne meanwhile wore a black crown with sapphires.

"Welcome, " said the dark skinned woman wearing said crown. "I am glad to see that you have returned safe and sound, my princes." She glanced over at Rosalba and the rest of us. "I see that you are not alone. That's wise. Even with our local forces, this beast will prove too much. On your way here, I received word from the king that he's on his way."

"Father is?" Rosalba asked.

The Grand Duchess nodded. "Correct." She stood up, allowing her fur cape to touch the blue carpet beneath her throne. "It appears that this demon isn't a normal one. Whether it's even a demon or something entirely different is unknown. Several of my best knights ran into it a few days prior. Around the same time that you arrived on this province. These managed to critically injure the demon. Except..."

"Continue, mother, " Hyosetsu said, gripping his sword.

"A crystalline core was left behind and soon after the knights went to investigate it... Black tendrils leaped out of it and slaughtered the unsuspecting warriors. When I heard word of this, I quickly informed King Osamu. He informed me that it might be one of the beasts your fellow knights and you seek to do away with. In other words, a 'Monster of the Abyss'."

A monster of the Abyss? Here? Aren't they supposed to be in that other world? How can one be here already? Has the war already begun?

**Solar Questions: What do you think the true nature of the demon is? Is it truly a monster of the abyss or a special kind of demon?**

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