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**Solar Note: Please play the song if you can and loop it (press left-click and scroll down to where it says 'loop'). It's a very nice song, plus it fits well as you'll see (well, I always aim to include songs that do). :3**


"So cold, " I said, rubbing my gloved hands together. I turned toward my left and gazed out the window, it was snowing. It had been the first time I had seen it since my senior year in high school.

Rosalba smiled and put her right hand over mine. "Don't worry, we're almost there. Just hold up a bit longer. Rest."

Having her hand on top of mine caused heat to return to my face. If it weren't for her support, I likely would've fainted from the sheer cold. I couldn't help but wonder where the girl's energy came from, she was incredible. Neither the journey nor the cold seemed to affect her one bit.

I smiled and closed my eyes.

"Mister, " a voice called out. I turned and found myself in a mist covered field which seemed to continue forever.

"Rosalba?" No, it's not her... "This voice... it sounds, familiar."


"Tetsuya! Brother, " Takuya said, calling from the seat behind mine. "We're getting' off now. This is as far as the bus can take us. "

I opened my eyes and saw a tiny town surrounded in nothing but snow and mist. After a day of near non-stop bus travel, we had finally arrive to Kuroyuki no San's lands.

"Hey, you still half asleep?" he called out as he glanced back at me from the aisle.

I shook my head to get rid of my daze. Just what was that dream about?

"Need help?" Rosalba asked, offering me a hand as she stood in the aisle.

Smiling, I accepted her hand and pulled myself up. "Th... thanks."

"What happened when I left you in the park?" Rosalba whispered as we made for the exit. "You started acting strange since then. Did something happen with that girl?"

That girl... Why did I hear her voice? Was my conscious trying to tell me something? Never should I have left that girl alone. Especially with that strange man around.

"Uh, hello. I asked a question." Her arms crossed over her chest as her brow furrowed. "Your lack of a straight answer is concerning..."

"Sorry, " I said, lowering my head. "I didn't mean to worry you."

The princess put her hands on her hips and stared me down. "It's not about me. It's what's bothering you."

Touching my head, I walked out of the bus with her. Quickly we were met by a cold wind as we arrived on a small town filled with red roofed wooden houses.

"I had a dream that the girl from the other day was calling out to me, " I finally responded, lowering toward the cobble stone roads which made up the town's transportation network. Walking out of the bus was like stepping into another place in time, but one closer to my own rural home.

Rosalba tilted her head. "That's strange. Wonder if it was a telepathic dream or perhaps a prophetic one."

"Are such dreams possible?" I said, returning my attention back to her.

The princess ran on ahead of me and chuckled. "Yeah, of course they are!" She lowered her eyes. A light luminescent glow covered the top o

handsome mister from earlier glanced around at the mist which seemed to run forever. "This voice... it sounds, familiar."

"Save..." The man seemed startled by my words, and just as soon as he appeared, he vanished. "me."


"Nori... is gone, " Yuko said, shaking her dizzy head. "Yuko is all alone."

"Yuko isn't alone, " a voice called out. Warm hands touched Yuko's.

"Nori." Yuko's friend wore an orange and black uniform that barely fit him.

Yuko chuckled. "That doesn't fit you. Nori isn't meant to wear a military uniform. Nori is meant to wear priest robes and be shoeless."

Nori glanced at his shoes. "Nori will remove them as soon as he can. As for the priest robes... Nori will become one in the future. Nori shall return to save Yuko. Don't forget that the Earth Mother and Sky Father are watching. Yuko will never be truly alone. Believe in those words Nori taught you."

Yuko tightened her grip on Nori's hands. "Right."

"'The Celestial Father who created the angels of light, fire, darkness, and another.

The Terrestrial Mother who created the angels of water, wood, earth, and metal.

These two guardians shall forever watch upon those who pray in their names, " Yuko and Nori chant in unison.

"Time to go, " the mean man said, nudging Nori away. "Hope that you said good bye to your girlfriend. You might never see her again."

Nori's face turned as bright red as his hair. "She's not... Nori's girl..."

Evil man pushed Nori toward the black door in the distance. "Kids these days are too innocent for your own good."

"Nori!" Yuko screamed at the top of her lungs. "Yuko will miss you!"

"Nori will miss Yuko too!"

Tears streamed down Yuko's face as she watched Nori leave the dimly lit warehouse. If only someone could get her out... Out from the prison she was in.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter and looking forward to the next part :3.

Solar Questions: What do you think of Nori and his relationship with Yuko?

Btw, those who played the song; Which character do you think I chose this song for?**

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