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I rushed off to look for Takuya but I couldn't find him as he faded into a crowd in the shopping district in his attempt to find Eiichi.

"Takuya!" I yelled to draw his attention. Hopefully he wouldn't get lost. "Damn it! Why did that jerk have to anger him?" I turned around and felt something throw me back with incredible force. My head struck the ground with a loud thud. If it weren't for Valencia being my ancestor, then I likely would've ended up with a severe concussion.

"Owww, " I said, rubbing my head. Whatever hit me must've sent me flying several meters into the nearby park as there were trees all around us instead of the various concrete streets and pave roads. "What was..." I glanced down at my chest saw a brown haired girl with big round eyes on top of me. "Uh... hello?"

The girl pushed herself up with her scrawny arms. She was short and thin, as if she hadn't eaten for months.

The girl glanced back with concern. "This bad, Yuko has to escape, " the girl said, struggling to run.

Yuko? Escape?

"Hey, " I yelled, reaching my hand out for her.

The girl slapped my hand with the little strength she had. "Mister... are you with him? Who is Mister?"

"My name is Tetsuya. And who are you referring to?" I asked, scratching my head.

She shook her head. "Yuko... has to go now." The strange girl rushed off, holding her hat close to her head as if he dear life depended on it.

"Who was that child?" Rosalba asked as she appeared behind me.

"Not sure."

"Strange. Should I have someone follow her?"

"Seems that she's scared of something, " I responded, glancing over my shoulder as the girl limped away. Part of me desired to help her... but I had no idea as to

as his eyes darted toward the bread. "This smell... This bread." He snickered. "You must've gotten it from that boy. If you expected to rely on him then you were mistaken. In fact, I was lucky that he found you. It gave me the chance to speak with him."

Yuko's eyes narrowed as she took a small bite of the bread. "What does mean mister want with kind mister?"

He removed his hood and smiled. "Nothing that your tiny animal brain will understand. Now, let's return. You gave this mister a lot of trouble."

Yuko kicked and punched the man, but it wasn't helpful. Yuko was much too weak. She needed power... Or a miracle.

Tears fell from Yuko's eyes. As they did, Yuko recalled the kind mister. Tetsuya... Maybe one day, he could save Yuko from her bondage. But, if the mean man's word were true, then mister wouldn't be of any help to Yuko.

'Sky Father, Earth Mother, please make it so that Yuko is saved. Please give Yuko the means to continue to live. For the sake of Yuko's promise to her dead parents.'

**Solar Questions: What are your thoughts on Yuko and the mysterious man? What do you think their relation to Tetsuya is?**

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