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"Tetsuya!" a voice yelled. I opened my eyes. Shaking me awake was the second princess.

"What?" I said, sitting up. "What time is it?"

"It's ten. You overslept. Serrano sent me here to check up on you."

I laughed. "Sorry." I stared down at the soft bed. "It's just. This is the best bed that I've ever slept on."

"Our beds are nice, aren't they, " she said, giggling.

"Are you really royalty?"

"Huh?' she said, giving me a stare as if I were crazy.

"I mean to say; Setsuko and you don't act like royals." I bit my lip. Perhaps it wasn't my place to talk so casually with a noble either.

She laughed, turning around with her hands behind her back. "Well, father despite seeming so uptight isn't very formal either."

"Yeah, I noticed. It's kind of nice."

She glanced down. "Though our way of speaking is the closest we get to the lower classes. Anyway, breakfast is ready. Also, there's someone who came to see you. He is waiting in the dining hall to greet you."

'Someone? Could it be...Takuya!'

I rushed out of bed and changed into my armor before finally heading downstairs with Rosalba. She escorted me to the dining hall. Looking down on the diners were gilded golden angels surrounded by a bounty of trees and fruits. Meanwhile, on top of them was an opening, allowing natural lighting to pour down from outside. Under the angels were walls decorated with gold, diamonds, and amber. There were also mirrors which were sure to be helpful in making sure there wasn't any food stuck to one's teeth.

Holding up the dome were seven pillars carved to resemble angels. Each of them had wings decorated with different colored jewels. Hanketsu was decorated in amethyst. Valencia in citrine. Meanwhile, Ximena's male ancestor, Masayoshi, had wings made out of rubies. While her female ancestor, Renata, had hers covered in emerald. The twin angel sisters, Inagami-hime and Regina had theirs covered in diamonds and sapphires respectively. The last angel, Halim, was covered in blue topaz. Opposite of Halim was an eighth pillar, but this one wasn't carved it the form of an angel. Instead it was a plain pillar with a single opal with silver wings encrusted over it.


Rosalba chuckled, grabbing my hand. "Come, your brother's there." She pointed at my brother as he happily devoured veggie egg rolls.

"Tetsu, " Takuya said, between bites. "This place... is great."

Serrano, who sat next to him, chuckled. "Glad that you're enjoying yourself. So, you'll be heading northward later today?"

Takuya finished his last roll and stared at the golden trimmed porcelain plate. "Yeah. I plan to return to the capital as soon as I'm done. I sort of have something to do."

"Something to do here?" I asked, taking at seat as one of the maids brought me a plate of pancakes. "Uh..."

Serrano smiled at me. "Go on, eat. And no, the staff aren't psychic. I just told them your favorite breakfast."

They might not have been, but I what about him? "Thanks for the meal!" I cut through the pancakes with the side of my fork, and popped the buttery

ba said, stomping her foot on the ground, sending rocks flying into the air. Eiichi unhanded the girl and destroyed the rocks with his lance and raised several cobblestones himself.

Takuya ran around him to try to get to Akari, who was staring at her red wrists.

"You dare fight a princess?" Rosalba yelled, her eyes filled with anger. "You who loves to look down upon others must know his own place!" A wave of rock rushed at the Spear Knight, tearing the once pristine stone plaza in half. The spear leapt high into the air and released golden wings that frankly were too beautiful for someone like him. He watched as the rocks flew past him, heading toward Akari and my brother. "Hmph, serves them right." He flew off into the sky.

Rosalba closed her eyes and pulled her arms back to slow the wave of earth but it doesn't stop.

Brother let go of Akari and held his hands in front of himself, slowing down the rock.

"That jerk, " I said, glancing up at the sky.

"Thanks for helping me, " Akari said as the earth settled down. She healed her wrists. "That guy's such a creep. Though, he's not the first that I've dealt with..."

"Tell me about it, " Rosalba said, eying the direction where he had gone off to. "That guy thinks that just because he's a noble he can do whatever he wants. Still do not understand as to why Father chose him as one of the five, other than for his power."

"Power doesn't make a knight, " Takuya said, walking away. "That guy needs to be taught a lesson." He leapt on top of the castle, causing the guards at the door to follow after him.

"Takuya!" I yelled. "Oh, come on brother!"

**Solar Question: What do you think will happen to Takuya?

Solar Note: You might've noticed that Tetsuya referred to his female ancestor as 'Valencia' in this chapter instead of 'Tierra' like he did earlier. Here he is using an alternative name for the same being. This is similar to how some gods are called by different names/titles.

This chapter was dedicated to one of my biggest fans, 18duncjw. Happy birthday :D!**

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