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The beautiful girl had taken me to several shops to buy myself some new clothes. We ended up buyin' dress shoes, button up shirts, dress pants, t-shirts, scarfs, and jackets. All of which costed a lot more than I think I'd ever make in months, or even years.

"I feel weird in this, " I said, steppin' out of the bathroom. The tux fit me perfectly but it just didn't suit me at all. I felt like a dog wearin' cat fur.

My guide stood up and whistled. "What do you mean? You look dashing." She walked up to me, walkin' comfortably in the two inch high heels that she had bought earlier. "Let me fix this." Her hands tagged on my tie, adjustin' it so that it didn't threaten to fall off.

"Where did you get all this money?" I asked.

She sighed. "It's money that my parents have sent me. I've been saving it up to get a wardrobe change." She glanced down at her new black dress with lace trimmin'. "It's been a long time since I've worn clothes this nice. Not since I left home."

I tilted my head and crossed my arms. "Can we head to the castle now? I rather get rid of this suit as fast as I can."

Her face drew closer, until we were only inches apart. "Come on, you should enjoy looking this nice. I didn't buy you all these clothes so that you'll go back to looking like a homeless person."

"I don't mind the casual clothes that you bought me, just the formal ones." Sighin', I loosen my tie a little. "Wearin' this makes me feel suffocated. Also, you didn't have to help me this much."

She smiled. "Of course I did! You know, my help isn't free."

I sat down on her bed and snickered. "I should've known that there would be a price. What does that have to do with getting a whole new set of clothes, though?"

She crossed her arms. "I'm an artist. Lately I've been drawing people. I want you to be the subject of my newest collection."

My eyes widened. "Me? Why?"

Grabbin' some gel from her nightstand, she made her way toward me. Quickly but gently, she applied the sticky stuff to my wet hair, sleekin' it back. "There, the look is perfect!"

My face flushed as her lips came close to mine. "I know how to put on gel ya know?"

She stepped away, gigglin'. "I know. I just wanted to feel your hair. Now, for I want you to model for me. Well, like I said, you're handsome. My aesthetic is guys who look good in suits or just about everything. Now, rest well."

"Where are you goin'?" I asked.

She stopped by the door. "To sleep. You're a guest so you can stay here."

I grabbed her arm. "Wait, this is your place. I'll sleep on the couch. You've already done a lot for me."

She sighed. "Fine, I'll sleep on the bed. But you must join me."

I let go of her, my face burnin' as if it were on fire. "Uh... Uh..."

She leaned against the door, fallin' to the floor as she laughed uncontrollably. "I... can't tell if you're innocent or dirty minded." She grinned. "Though I wouldn't mind doing that with you either."

I stepped back, lookin' away, I said, "How can you say that? We barely met!"

"You're so cute!" she yell

nd, heart, and soul.

"Your father, he left you too, didn't he?"

My eyes widened. "What makes you think...? Wait, too? You mean that..."

She nodded. "That's right. My dad left my mother. Well, at least you got to meet yours. Mine left after he impregnated my mother. If it weren't for my aunts and uncles then we would've starved."

"Didn't you say that your parents sent you money?"

She smiled bitterly. "I did, didn't I? I meant my mother did. For me she was like both mother and father." She shook her head and jugged down her smoothie. "If you're done then let's go to the castle. You're looking for you little brother, right?"

I put my glass in the sink and followed after her. She seemed so upbeat, but even she had her own troubles. After this was over, I promised that I would repay her for everything she had done for me.

"Hey, " I said, grabbin' her arm.

My heart felt like it had shattered into a thousand pieces. Tears streamed her face as she turned to look at me.

"I'll..." My face scorched. "I don't know much about modeling, but if it'll help you, then I'll do it." I wiped her tears away. "Now cheer up. Don't let what your father did ruin your life. Remembering the past is good and all, but we mustn't allow it to tie us down like this."

"Takuya..." She pressed my hand against her face. "For a descendant of Hanketsu, you're oddly warm." Once more, she cut down the space between us and kissed me. This time on the lips. "I barely know you, but I'm already glad that I met you."

She grabbed my arm and opened the door. "Now, to find your little bro!"

"Hey... wait. That kiss..." My head felt dizzy as it filled up with various thoughts. Still, I couldn't help but smile.

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