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Rosalba and Kohri took me back to the castle. This time we went upstairs where a twelve foot golden door awaited us. Rosalba pushed the doors open as if they weighted nothing. Inside the room were several smaller areas. The hundred warriors plus the other knights were busy with their training.

"Wow, " Setsuko says, turning to look over at us. "That looks good on you." She wore light clothing that seemed easy to move around in.

"Who knew a peasant could pull it off?" Eiichi said. "Though I'm sure it would look better on me."

I smiled and walked over to one of the rooms. The door opened. Little black eyes appeared from the floor. Whatever it was, it attacked me. I slammed it with my shield but they simply bounced away, dodging it. The strange creature continued to attack. I hit them more but they didn't seem to receive much damage at all.

Rosalba slashed the eye with her sword. "Guard me, I'll kill them, " she said.

Kohri stood to the side, grinning as he watched the two of us work together. "I'll jump in if you need any help. But, I'm sure that Rosalba has this."

I do as Rosalba said and shield her. She slashed down the enemies with ease, cutting them down as if they were nothing. After what seemed like a few hours of slaying eye demons, something emerged from the floor, a tiny blue stone.

"What's that?" I asked.

"This is our reward, " she said, handing it over to me. "It will help us get stronger. It is called an essence crystal. These are rare but with the wealth of my father, we managed to provide you all with some. Eventually, these will run out, but word is that the Abyss is plentiful in these. If you use this on your body, you will become stronger, or faster. If you use it on your shield it'll help you awaken its abilities sooner."

I place the stone close to my shield. "How do you do this?"

"It'll take time, but it should work simply by placing it in close proximity to one's weapon or body, " Kohri responded for her. "Sometimes weapons reject essence crystals if they're incompatible with the weapon's own essence and mana. The same with a person's body and the crystal. If a person tries to absorb an essence crystal that is incompatible with their body it can cause them great harm, potentially rendering them cripple, or worse."

Suddenly my shield let out a brilliant emerald glow. The essence crystal vanished.

"Report, " the intercom at the corner of the r

e surrounding parts of the universe according to her.

"That tiny dot is us, " she says.

"Wow, " I said, putting my arm on the dot, only to have it projected on my hand. I turn my hand upside down, making it seem as if the entire world was the size of a grain of sand on my hands. "So this is us...why would..." I let go of the world.

"Something the matter?" she said.

I yawn. "Sorry, I'm getting a little sleepy."

"You haven't eaten yet, " she said. She grabbed my hand. "Though I'll be glad to show you to your room."

On the way to my room, I noticed a wheel shaped necklace dancing around her neck as she ran. That necklace...if I recalled correctly it was the same as Tierra's.

"That necklace, where did you get it?" I said.

"Huh?" she said.

"I've heard of only one piece of jewelry in this world with that appearance. That's our ancestor's wheel."

She stopped and touched it lightly. "Yes, it is. It's the last thing my mother left me before she died."

I glanced down at the mosaic of Tierra and Hanketsu. "She died?"

She nodded. "I barely got to know her, but all my memories of her are fond ones. My older sister said that she was a nice person...I could never hope to be like her."


She let go of the necklace. "I'm not a nice person, " she said with a dry smile.

"Not at all, " I responded, giving her a pat on the shoulder. "You seem quite nice."

This time she smiled warmly. "Thanks. I hope that you rest well. Tomorrow we'll head out to the Abyss with my sister's group, if that's fine with you." She leaned in and gave me a kiss in the cheek. "Night, young hero."

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