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After we had formed teams, we were each given two hundred in gold coins to go purchase whatever we needed for the team. I put away thirty coins in case of an emergency and headed out with Setsuko and Hyosetsu's siblings.

"How about we introduce ourselves to start off things?" Kohri asked, grinning. "I'm Kohri Kuroyuki no San. As you probably heard by now, I'm the next heir of the northern branch."

"And I'm Rosalba Kuroriku, second princess, " the girl said with a kind grin.

"I'm Tetsuya Kuroriku."

"So, you're related to us just like Serrano? You don't look like it. Your clothing choices aren't typical of high-class people."

"I'm not high class, " I responded. Well, nor was Serrano...

She kept smiling. "That's alright. At the end of this journey, you'll probably make a fortune."

"You really think so?"

"I do. You seem like a smart young man. I'm sure you'll know how to manage your resources." She grabbed my hand. "Come let's go to the armor store. I'll help you pick out something nice!"

"Hey, wait up!" Kohri yelled, chasing after us. "I'm the weapon and armor expert here!"

Rosalba dragged me across the crowded streets like an expert. I barely had the time to enjoy the various different scents emitting from the various stores.

After all that running, she stopped in front of a small armor store. "I think this is a good place. What do you think?"

I honestly couldn't tell. I've never shopped for armor before. "Seems good."

The northern prince chuckled. "Well you two have a good eye. This is my master's shop."

"Uh, master?"

"Yeah. You see, we blacksmiths work under an apprenticeship system. Not all that different from what a mage does when they reach a certain level."

"That totally escapes me, " I said, scratching my head. "I know near nothing about mages."

His eyes widened. "Really? I mean, sure they aren't common to see in our realm. But do you really not know anything? I mean, the first Heavenly Queen was married to one. Not to mention that our current queen is one, what with being the daughter of said first ruler."

"Didn't you go to school?" Rosalba asked.

I snickered, oh these two. "I studied literature, not history."

"But they're so closely intertwined!" Kohri protested, shaking his head at me. He took in a deep breath. "Whatever, let's get going. After training I got to teach you some."

"No problem with that!" I said. I enjoyed listening to mother's tales about our clan's past. Though... I wasn't completely daft about who the first queen married. Due to it being tied with the history of my own bloodline.

"Come on, " Rosalba yelled, snapping me out of my thoughts. S

d weapons of the magic realm was made out of said material."

"R... reflective properties?"

"It means that energy based attacks and projectiles can bounce off the armor, " Rosalba explained. "Even someone using martial arts will feel strong recoil from striking it."

Woah, Kohri ain't the only one who knows his stuff.

"And cherubium?"

"It allows one to fill the armor with the aura of one's self or one's angel."

In our world not everyone was an angel. They might've resembled us when our wings were hidden, but they were mortals. However, they could connect with their guardian angels and awaken power like that of an angel. The medium to do this is the angel tool which, though a ritual, forms a covenant.

"Shouldn't I make a covenant with this?" I asked.

"As soon as it was handed to you, one was formed, " Kohri responded. "Within it is your angelic powers."

"You mean that I don't have an angel?"

"Kind of... I mean, you already are one. So it works differently for us than for those with more mortal blood. The one that manifests will be your own angelic power. That's why you can't abandon the weapon. Lose it and your soul will be severed from your body."

"That's... frightening. Wait, is it the same case with your tools too?"

"Uh, not exactly, " he said, ruffling his hair. "It would be better to demonstrate it to you."

I nodded. I was much better with visual learning than hearing.

Rosalba pulled on my arm. "Let's get going. I'll show you the training facility. You still need to get accustomed to that shield and armor!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yelled, being pulled once more by the girl more than a foot shorter than me.

**Solar Note: Hope that the pace isn't too slow for you guys. Things should pick up real soon :3 ;)**

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