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[Someplace in Suzuka City, Kuroriku]

"Which way is it to the castle again?" I asked myself, gazin' back and forth between two streets. Both of them seemed to stretch as far as the eye could make out, and I mine were some of the best. It seemed as if nearly every street lead to the home of the king, but I had already ran into a dozen dead ends.

After separatin' from Tetsuya and Serrano, I went to do some sight-seein' of the city's biggest monuments. I even got to visit the museum where mother took us years ago. If only Tetsuya could've come with me. He would've enjoyed it. Same with Teresa. Plus, I wouldn't have gotten lost with those two leadin' the way.

"Are you lost?" a female voice called. I turned around and saw the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. She had long golden blond hair, deep verdant eyes, and skin that shimmered like bronze in the sunlight.

I laughed nervously. "Yeah, sort of am."

The girl suddenly grabbed my hand and smiled at me. "You seem like an interesting young man. I'll show you around town if you so desire. Tell me, which sites do you wish to see?"

"I was thinkin' of headin' to the castle, " I responded, blushin' as she drew closer.

"The castle?" she asked, glancin' at the towers in the distance. "What business do you have at the castle?" She looked me up and down, includin' at my bare feet. "I mean, you're handsome but you don't strike me as the princely type." She let go of me. Puttin' her hands behind her back, she walked ahead of me.

I sighed. I knew that people would think that.

She turned back toward me. Her eyes shimmered like a combination of emeralds and peridots. "I'm curious, so I'll help you out if you let me in on what you're planning."

"You really will?" I asked.

She leaned forward, until our lips were only a few inches apart. "I told you, I'm curious. Plus, you interest me. Greatly."

"Uh..." I looked down at the rags that I referred to as 'clothes'. What did she find interestin'? That I was dressed like this yet wanted to meet the crown? If I were her I would think of the barefoot guy in front of me as crazy.

She straightened up and grabbed my hand, pullin' me like an overly playful child. "Come, come! We got to get you looking nice or they won't even let you within a two mile radius of the castle."


She nodded. "Yeah, the guards will think of you as a beggar.

m at the castle. I agreed to meet with them in front of the castle. I'm not even sure if they had a chance to meet the kin' already."

I gazed down at my dirty feet.

"Do you have a rag to clean my feet with?" I asked.

She grabbed a clean rag from the cupboard. Once she had wetted it, she handed it to me. "Here you go."

I pulled up a stool so that I could clean my feet with ease. After I was done, I put on the socks and shoes. It had been so long since I had last worn shoes that I nearly forgot how to tie them together.


"Takuya!" Mother called. I stopped herdin' the cows, and turned to see both my parents standin' by the back door into our tiny ebony house. In father's hands was a tiny black box.

"What's that?" I asked.

Father smiled, openin' the box. Inside were a pair of black shoes with light blue lines around the edges and on the back. He smiled as he held the box out toward me. "Put them on."

I looked down at my bare feet. "Wait, let me clean my feet!" I yelled, openin' the door and runnin' in. I jumped around our small kitchen, makin' sure that I didn't brin' too much dirt into the house. Finally, I found a clean rag and put it in the sink.

"You sure are good at taking care of your stuff, " Mother said, snugglin' me.

I giggled, as I jumped down from the stool in front of the sink. Mother sat me down on one of the chairs around the oak table and put on me socks. Father put on my shoes and showed me how to tie them.

"Thanks, " I said, smilin' widely.


More tears streamed down my cheeks as I finished tyin' my shoes.


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