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We all opened our boxes at once. Inside of mine was a silver and gold shield with a single emerald in the center.

Hideo pulled out a sniper gun from his box. "Awesome." He pointed the gun towards me. "Do I need bullets?"

"Don't play around with that, " I said, raising my shield.

"Hideo, lower your weapon, " the king said, moving his hand up and down as if commanding a dog.

Hideo sighed and lowered the weapon.

Eiichi smiled as he brought out a long golden spear and spun it around as if he'd done it a thousand times. "I would also like to test this out."

Hyosetsu took out a black sword with strange blue markings running across the middle. Hyosetsu eyes widened. He dropped the sword unto the ground. His hands were red as if he had just touched hot metal. "What happened?"

"I forgot to tell you that you can only use this one tool, " King Osamu explained. "All previous tools will hurt you." The maids approached Hyosetsu. "Give them any angelic tools you may have, they will be returned to your clan."

Hyosetsu glared at the king. "You didn't tell me anything about this, " he said in a cold voice.

King smiled. "You have ambition in your eyes, I like that. If I had met you earlier I might have offered you the hand of my rebellious daughter instead." His eyes shifted toward my cousin. "Though I could still take it back."

"Your majesty, " Serrano interjected. So, his fiancé was the princess all along. No wonder he hadn't told anyone.

The king continued to glare at my cousin. "Anyway, your experience with your previous tools has been transferred over to your sword, that's why it hurt you."

Hyosetsu looked over at the rest of us. "What about those four?"

"This is my first angelic tool, " I said.

Eiichi laughed. "You mean you're a newbie?"

"Yes, " I responded. "Well, this is first Angelic tool that I can actually use."

"You have one that rejected you?" Serrano asked.

I nodded. "It wasn't meant for me."

"What about you three?" Hyosetsu questioned the others. "Why weren't you three shocked?"

Hideo took out several angelic tools. "I don't know."

"That gun absorbs energy better than the other weapons thus it doesn't overheat, " the King pointed out. "I gave my daughter her tool before and didn't allow her to have any other. Eiichi has already given me his tools."

"Yes, for the two of us this is just a formality, " Setsuko said, taking out a diamond-like ball attached to a platinum chain. She swung the weapon around slightly. "Father allow me to explain to my fellow knights about these weapons."

The king raised his eyebrows as if perplexed by something. "Go on ahead."


princess turned around to look at me. "You're the fifth knight?"

I nodded. Why did she ask me and not the others that? I got how she knew Setsuko, being siblings, and Eiichi was a friend of the family it seemed. Plus it seems like she knew Kohri so she likely also knew the sword's knight. Yet was she also familiar with Hideo?

"Who will you be joining?" the king asked.

"That would be me, right?" Eiichi asked.

Hyosetsu scoffed. "If she is to join anyone it'll likely be her sister."

The princess lined up behind Kohri and smiled at me. "I think that I'll go alongside the shield's knight."

Eiichi stared at me awestruck. "Him?"

She nodded. "He seems like he could use an extra hand. Plus, he's kind of cute, " she responded, giving me a shy grin.

My face became a little red. She was quite beautiful, like a deep-red rose. Setsuko was too, but she was more of a wild rose compared to her sister. This girl on the other-hand hand was dressed in elegant silver plated armor from neck to toe, in contrast to the blue jeans and a plain t-shirt of her sister. Come to think of it, Setsuko could also be mistaken for a peasant.

"What?" Setsuko asked, turning around. She gave me a suspicious look.

I shook my head. "Nothing at all, " I said, laughing nervously as her eyes continued to rest on me. Something about that stare gave me the creeps, as if she could read minds...

"Come!" the second princess yelled, grabbing my hand. Her hands were small and soft like silk. "There's a lot that you've got to see!"

I smiled back at her and followed after her, ready to see what awaited beyond the castle grounds.


FayFayAhmadi made the following for me. Thanks Fay :D!

The Holy Shield-- Agnes

The Sacred Spear-- Carlos

The Holy Sword- Baldo

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