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"Takuya!" Teresa yelled as we made our way to the small black house built on a tiny hilltop in the middle of a sleepy flower filled valley.

A tall, black haired young man turned over to look at us and dropped the axe he was using to chop wood. "Brother and cousin too! You're back earlier than expected."

"Luckily there wasn't much traffic, " Serrano said, grinning as he put his hands behind his head. "How have you been, Taku?"

Takuya ran down to meet us. "I wish that we could've seen your graduation. Sadly, we couldn't afford the trip." His brown eyes darted toward his bare feet. "Sorry."

"Brother, " I said, staring at his dirty feet. His clothes were old, and barely kept alive thanks to our sister's knitting. Most of the money Teresa, mother, and he made went to helping me further my studies. Once I asked why he didn't use it to buy himself shoes. He only responded by telling me how he enjoyed being barefoot and how I deserved them more.

"You shouldn't feel sorry, " Teresa said, shaking her head at him.

"Don't worry, " I said with a grin as I patted my brother on the shoulder. "I'll get us out of poverty. You'll see."

"I'll help as much as I can too, " Serrano added as he lowered his arms and crossed them together.

Takuya grinned. "You two are the hope of this family. No matter what happens, don't give up."

I nodded. It was a lot of pressure to live up to such high expectations, but I wasn't going to give up without a fight. In fact, such hopes were what drove me this far. "Are you going to be leaving soon?" I asked.

"Yeah, " Brother responded. "I have a job to do."

Brother's was a demon hunter. They didn't earn much, but it was enough to put some food on the table. Unlike Serrano, and me, my siblings never went beyond middle school. Though Takuya never really seemed to mind, saying that he was better at using his hands than at studying. Though the guy did enjoy to read in his spare time. He would read on end. Sadly we didn't have much books.

Truth be told, he was the one who inspired me to take literature. I hoped to one day write plenty of books for him and others to read while having teaching as my day job. If I ever made it big, I planned to use that money for them as well as others facing similar situations as the one we faced growing up.

"Where are you going this time?" Serrano asked.

"To the northern regions. There's something odd goin' on there. It seems to be attractin' several other hunters. The bounty for it ain't bad either, " Takuya answered.

Serrano closed his eyes as if contemplating something. "So you'll be going to Kuroyuki no San's lands?"


Kuroyuki no San, a branch of our clan and the governors of the far north. They were known for being self reliant and out of all five making up the Kuroriku, they were the most powerful second only to the first branch which bore the name 'Kuroriku'. My branch bore the name name too, but we weren't really all that well regarded, despite being the most numerous. If the Kuroyuki no San needed to call upon demon hunters for help, then whatever was there, it had to be dangerous.

"You better take care, " I said, frowning.

"Don't I always?" he asked, ruffling my hair. His face flushed as he realized that his hand was covered in dirt. "Ah, sorry."

Laughing, I dusted it off. "It's fine. "I'm going to take a shower anyway."

"Good thin' that I chopped enough wood, " he said, pointing at the four-foot tall stack where the axe stood.

"Well, enough talking. Let's go inside and prepare. Tetsuya, can you let Takuya take a shower first?" Teresa asked.

I nodded. "Sure. He needs it more than me."

"Do I smell that bad?" Takuya asked, glancing down at his sweat covered shirt.

"Nah. But a shower will cool you down!"

Brother's lips curled into a smile. "Thanks, but I'd prefer takin' a shower in the river."

"You sure are in tune with nature, " Serrano said, eyeing the forest to the north of our house. "I have gotten so used to showering in doors, that bathing in the river seems alien."

Takuya laughed as he turned his back to us. "You shouldn't lose touch with it. Sadly, I feel that our clan largely has..."

Serrano nodded. "Yes, it certainly seems that way."

"Well, see ya!" Brother said, rushing off toward the forest.


Once I finished showering, I put on a freshly washed white shirt and black jeans. Then I descended the stairs, only to be met with the most mouthwatering aroma I had ever smelled.

Rushing to the kitchen, I found Mother, Teresa, and Serrano cooking. Serrano waved as he sat down a freshly baked turkey on the table.

"You're just in time, " mother said as she and Teresa re

moved their aprons. "Teresa, go and call Takuya."

"On it!" my sister yelled, rushing out of the room.

Meanwhile we waited for her to return with Takuya, I grabbed several food items on the table. Especially a large piece of grape pie!

"You're drooling and you aren't even asleep, " Serrano teased as he removed his apron.

If the pies weren't so tasty then I would've grabbed one from the table and slammed it against his pretty face.

"Shut it, " I said, looking away. Hey, have you ever cooked for your girlfriend?"

He took a seat next to me. "No. Why do you ask?"

"I bet that if you did then she would fall head over heels for you, " I said, raising a fork in the air.

His face flushed as red as the nice glace on the turkey. "What do you know about a girl's heart?"

A cynical smile brushed across my face. "I might not have a girlfriend, but I know a thing or two about a girl's heart."

"You should find someone, " Teresa said, returning with Takuya. "Focusing on your career is good, but finding love is also important."

I narrowed my eyes. "That coming from you? You're twenty three and haven't had a boyfriend yet."

She grabbed me in a choke hold. "I'm waiting for the perfect guy, alright?"

"Too tight, " I cried.

She slowly let go of me, sighing. "Sadly the only guys who fit my type are my relatives."

I glanced at Serrano and Takuya. The two were what one would call 'princely'. Well at least in terms of personality. Though, Serrano's appearance and public persona fit that. I would say that his private persona was rather sadistic, if one asked me.

"I'm sure that you'll find someone, " Takuya said, taking a seat.

Teresa narrowed her eyes at him. "How about you? You have had girls ask you out but you haven't accepted."

Takuya's smile faded. "You know why I can't accept. Being in a relationship takes money. Until I have a stable income, I won't be able to take a girl out on any dates. Marriage is even more distant."

I nodded. "Same here. A relationship has a different pressure on guys than it does on girls."

Teresa scoffed. "You guys are just using excuses. Admit it, you are afraid of commitment."

"Financial support is part of commitment, " Serrano responded. "Having one partner pay everything isn't a good idea."

Was that why he didn't like talking about his apparently rich girlfriend? He was embarrassed?

Teresa bit her lip. "I guess that's true. I wouldn't want to rely too much on my husband when I marry." I glanced at mother whom seemed to wince when she said that.

"Let's change the subject, " I said.

"Good idea, " Mother said, pushing her long, black hair out of her eyes. Mother had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, purple like fine wine in a champagne glass. Or how I assumed wine would look, I'd never actually seen the stuff outside of commercials.

"What are you two going to do now?" Teresa asked.

"I'm returning to the capital, " Serrano responded. "Takuya is coming with me. There's something that we both need to do there. Once we're done, then we will return and spend what's left of the summer here. I mean, if that's fine with you."

Mother reached over the table, placing a hand over his. "We would love to have you visit us. You know that you're like a son to me."

Serrano's face flushed a little. "Thanks, for caring me as family even if no blood binds us." Mom was only his aunt by marriage, being the biological nephew of my late father.

"Bonds formed by trust and emotions are stronger than familial ties."

Cousin chuckled cynically. "Right... I wish that I had been born as your son... instead of..."

Mother let go of his hand, her eyes filled with regret for bringing up the subject. "So, what are you doing at the capital?" she continued.

"We aren't sure, " I responded. "All we know is that we've been summoned by King Osamu."

Mother's eyes grew to the size of golf balls. "You... you were? Why would that man summon you? I mean, I know that Serrano is one of the Seven-Hill Knights. But why Tetsuya?"

"That's what I'd like to know too, " Serrano responded, glancing at me. He patted my back. "Don't worry. I'll continue to take care of him."

"Hey!" I yelled with food in my mouth.

He snickered. "Eat before talking."


We spent the rest of the day getting caught up with the affairs of the village and saying hello to our neighbors and friends. It had been so long since we had seen them, sadly we had to say bye so quickly.

Early the following morning, we marched off for the capital...

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