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"So bored, " I say, putting my head down on our wooden table. I stare as water drips down from my short black hair.

"It won't stop pouring, " my younger sister adds, copying me. She ruffles her curly light brown hair, trying to get the water out.

"Let's see if we can fix that, " Mom says, wiping her slim hands against her apron.

I bolt up. "Tell us the story of the Five Knights!"

Father, who is seated across from me, chuckles. "Aren't you too old for such stories."

I pout. "I'm nine! That's not too old..." I look down at the table. "Is it?"

He reaches over the table, ruffling my short black hair. "Aww, don't worry about it kiddo." He smiles. "Maybe listening to it will help you avoid the mistakes that befell the Knight of the Shield."


The floor shrieks as he pushes his chair back to stand up. "Tell the kid the full story."

Mother bites her lip. "Alright. I'll

do so, if that's what you want."

Father walks over and kisses her on the lips, causing my sister and me to hide our faces in embarrassment. "You shouldn't be too obedient, that's your mistake."

Mother's face flushes. "Yes. Wait, no. Uh..."

He laughs and stretches his muscular arms into the air. "Meanwhile you tell the kiddos the full story, I'm going to go take a nap."

The full story... just what is it? What have I not learned about the man who shielded this world with his life?

I turn to look at mom as she clears her throat. "Alright, let's begin. This tale is a recent one... It all began when...

I lean in, my ears ready for new info to the legend of the Knight of the Holy Shield. Though, perhaps my mind and heart aren't ready...

**Solar Note: Thanks for taking a look at this book! Hope that you will continue to enjoy and find out the 'true story' of Tetsuya Kuroriku :3.**

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