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Novus Magus [Immortal Sun Mist Emperor 1] By ImperialSun Characters: 3139

Updated: 2018-01-15 23:21

I've decided to record the various milestones for this story thus far, as well as the ways I've celebrated those achievements with my readers. Future milestones and 'rewards' will also be posted to let you guys know what to expect as reads, comments, and votes go up. This is only a little way for me to thank you all for reading, voting, and commenting, your support encourages me :).

Note: Story was first published on July 7, 2016 (Wattpad says the 8th but it was the 7th, well in my timezone it was xD. The rewards listed here were for the original version I had up until April 30th, 2017.)

7/14/2016- 100 reads/views Reward: 2 extra chapters (4, 5)

7/22/2016- 300 reads/views Reward: 2 extra chapters plus first chapter of the spin-off (9, 10, 10.5)

7/26/2016- 50 Votes Reward: An extra chapter in addition to the scheduled one. (12)

7/26/2016-500 reads/views Reward: One extra chapter plus the second chapter of the spin

- 1K comments: One extra chapter. (64)

11/22/16-7.5K reads/views: one extra chapter (67)

11/27/16- 1K votes: (69)

*12/20/16- 10K reads/views: one extra chapter (Descent of Darkness Ch. 4)

*2/2/17- 15K reads/views: one extra chapter (Descent of Darkness Ch. 13)

*2/12/17- 2K votes (DoD Ch. 16 (chapter to be published on 3/15/17 after a long delay))

*3/27/17- 2.5 comments (DoD Ch. 22)

*4/26/17- 25K reads (DoD Ch. 23)

1/12/17- 5K votes

Future Milestone goals & Challenges:

?/?/?- 50K reads

?/?/?- 100K reads

?/?/?- 10K votes

*= These goals will impact its sequel, Descent of Darkness.

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