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** Solar Notes: A list of my characters. This list is meant as a refresher for those who are already reading it and took a break. I'll be updating this list with more characters. Be warned, there will be spoilers, mostly minor though. The cast is also a voice cast (of Japanese VA) as I imagine this being turn into an anime. List is still under construction ^^.

Nine Petal Academy (School Teams)-

Team L.I.N.A.

Lei Lán Rios-

Seiyuu: Yuki Kaji

The main character. His dream is to become the Magus Maximus, a.k.a. the Emperor of the Universal Empire. He is looking forward to advancing beyond Novum Magus to Novum Magus Secundo. His magic powers are wind and lightning. His wand can transform into a pair of turquoise butterfly knives.

Age: 15 (Ch 1-103), 16 (104+) Sex: Male Birthday: September 29, 2187. Skin Color: Light brown Hair: Short honey brown with a single braided pony tail Eyes: Turquoise, downturned Height: 5 '3 Weight: 125 (lean) Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Leiji, Rios, Wahkan, Xian

Iah Wǔdì


Son of the previous ruler of Miha, YuanjunWǔdì. He's the next in line after his uncle, Huang Wǔdì. According to him he's had fifty-three girlfriends. He enjoys flirting with pretty girls, especially mature looking girls. He skipped a grade. Has Earth, Lunar, and Dragon magic. His wand can transform into a katana, and a bishamon style yari with the head of a dragon at the bottom of the hilt.

Age: 14 Sex: Male Birthday: December 21, 2188 Skin color: olive Hair: long blond, tied up in a single knot Eyes: Diamond yellow Height: 5'5 Weight: 130 (muscular) Country of Origin: Mina Clans/heritage: no Mikoto, Wudi (broken apart from Xian over 10, 000 years ago)

Nyima Yahto Taiyang-

Seiyuu: Yuko Hikasa

Teammate of Lei and one of the four main protagonists. She is half Native Wahkan from her father's side. She has Water and Light magic. Her wand can transform into an ocean blue pudao.

Age: 15 Sex: Female Birthday: July 11, 2188 Skin color: beige Hair: Navy Blue Eyes: Sapphire blue Height: 5'0 Weight: 110 Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Wahkan, Taiyang

Adela Mu Xiān Ch: 仙 阿德拉 -

Seiyuu: Ai Kayano

A girl with a past with both Lei and Iah. She is glad to finally get to see Lei for the first time in seven years, however she's not so glad to see Iah. She's a priestess of her clan, the Xiān. She inherited the title of High Priestess of Xian following the death of her mother (and father) when she was still young. She is known to have Fire, Wood, and Metal magic.

Age: 15 Sex: Female Birthday: April 14, 2188 Skin color: pale beige Hair: pink Eyes: Ruby red Height: 5'3" Weight: 120 (lean) Country of Origin: Xian Clans/heritage: Xian, Rios


Wanikiya Kohana- Lei's best friend since childhood. He sees Lei as a brother. An aboriginal Wahkan from the Kohana tribe, and their future leader, as well as that of the entire country of Wahkan. Has Ice magic. He's hiding a secret of some kind. His wand can transform into a metal fan with images of falling snow. In the center of the image is an eye.

Age: 15 Sex: Male Birthday: June 27, 2188 Skin color: brown Hair: Navy blue Eyes: light blue Height: 5'5 Weight: 120 (lean) Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Wahkan (Kohana tribe)

X. Hikaru no Mikoto (aka Hikaru Mikado) H.- The youngest of the three "Mikado" siblings. He's close friends with Lei and Yutika, being raised by the latter's parents. He doesn't talk much about it, but he still wonders why his parents left Eri, Yuzuki, and him with Yutika's parents. Like Zelde and Wanikiya he has a power he can't control. He has Time, Light, and Lightning magic. Age: 15 Sex: Male Birthday: March 19, 2188 Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel? Height: 4'9" Weight: 100 Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: no Mikoto, Hoshi(?)

Yutika Lán Xiān- Lei's 'twin' sister. She's the older of the two. She's close to her brother, and often is the one making sure he's okay. She has Wind and Sound magic. Her wand can transform into a smaller pair of butterfly swords compared to her brother Lei's.

Age: 15 (1-56), 15 (56-?) Sex: Female Birthday: September 29, 2187 Skin Color: light brown Hair: Honey brown Eyes: Turquoise, downturn Height: 5'3 Weight: 125 (lean) Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Leiji, Rios, Wahkan

Zelde Abornazine- Childhood friend of Lei, Wanikiya, Hikaru, Yut

awamat Zihna- Lei, Wanikiya, Yutika, Hikaru, and Zelde's classmate from middle school. He bullied Lei during elementary and middle school, often making fun of Lei's asthma. His bullying brought Wanikiya and Lei together. He comes off as a lonely person. Despite bullying others, in actuality he's a rather nice person. He's very protective of his younger siblings, Reain and Muna. He also has an older brother who lives in Stella. He is also oddly polite to strangers. He dislikes his own magic, as it resulted in others bullying him, including his own parents. He has Insect magic.

Age: 15 Sex: Male Birthday:? Skin Color: light brown Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Height: 5'5 Weight: 125 (muscular, but looks lean) Country of Origin: Wahkan (born in the city of Stella) Clans/heritage:?

(City of )Stella, Wahkan

Orion Hoshi T.- A young boy who Yuzuki meets on her way to school. He's close to his family, including his brother in law. He is curious about his father's clan, and wishes to meet more Hoshi. The Hoshi are feared by a lot of people, especially on the continent of Tozan Hoshi, of which was named by a Queen of the Hoshi. Has time magic.

Age: 15 Sex: Male Birthday: June 21, 2188 Skin color: beige Hair: White Eyes: lavender-grey Height: 5'3" Weight: 108 Clans/heritage: Hoshi, Wahkan,?

Sirius Hoshizora- Husband of Stella Hoshi and father of Astra. He loves his family greatly. He has an androgynous voice and looks a bit feminine.

Age: 21 Sex: Male Birthday: September 22, 2181 Hair: shoulder length, messy, black Eyes: Blue (wears glasses), has long eyelashes Height: 5'6 Weight: 108 Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Hoshi

Astra Hoshi Hoshizora JP: 星空 星 アスタラ- Niece of Orion, and daughter of Sirius. She is a shy but caring little girl. She has yet to learn magic.

Age: 4 Sex: Female Birthday: March 15, 2198 Hair: Raspberry red Eyes: Golden diamond Height: 3'0" in Weight: 36 Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Hoshi, ?, Wahkan

Stella T. Hoshi - Sister of Orion, Astra's mother, and wife of Sirius. She is overprotective of her family, especially her husband.

Age: 21 Sex: Female Birthday: July 13, 2181 Hair: reddish brown Eyes: Honey brown Height: 5'4" Weight: 120 Country of Origin: Wahkan Clans/heritage: Hoshi, ?, Wahkan

Foreign Leaders

Makya Kohana- Father of Wanikiya and Hakori. He's a proud warrior who has seen plenty of battles in his long life, something that is reflected by the number of necklaces around his neck, each one of which is made up of a shell, bone, or flower representing an achievement. He's the kind of man who would fight to the death if he had to.

Age: 1000 Sex: Male Skin color: Dark brown Hair: long, reaches his lower spine, straight blue hair. Eyes: almond shaped Height: 6'4 Weight: 189 (muscular) Country of Origin: Kyuu Seishin; Wahkan Territory (when Wahkan was a colony of Kyuu Seishin) Clans/Heritage: Wahkan (Kohana branch)

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