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   Chapter 127 NO.127

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Updated: 2018-01-15 23:17

Rhys: Hello everyone! This is Rhys a.k.a. Ry here, for those who don't remember, I am Kun and Nahimana's teammate. I was chosen to interview Iah Wudi!

Iah: Thanks for having me on today. *smiles at the audience*

Rhys: *blushes* Uh... the first question is from a person calling herself 'Tsuki'. She asked... *blushes* Wow, I didn't expect this.

Iah: *tilts head in confusion*

Rhys: 'Whom would you choose as your prince from Lei, Ayawamat, Kun, Eien and Hal if you were to play Cinderella?- Tsuki xD'

Iah: *frowns* Why would one of the guys play the female lead?

Rhys: *blushes* I...I think that... Just answer the question!

Iah: Well, I wouldn't play the role of princess. That's for sure. I think that Ayawamat should it if such a scenerio were to happen.

Ayawamat: *scolds*

Rhys: *blushes* Why him?

Iah: He has long hair like a girl so he would be able to easy pull it off. Though I wonder who should play the prince... Hmm, I would say *glances at Nyima and smiles*. Hey, actually, maybe I should play the lead!

Nyima: *blushes and glares*

Rhys: *laughs* I am sure that you would look nice. *blushes* So would Nyima! Anyways, on to the next question. This one is from someone calling herself 'Blobu'. She asks, 'If you could describe yourself in four words, what would it be?'

Iah: *chuckles* Well that's easy. Handsome, strong, rich, and kind.

Nyima: *snorts*

Iah: *grins as he leans forward* Come on, you know it's true.

Nyima: *continues laughing* You should switch that last one for 'overconfident'.

Iah: *leans back on his seat* Ah so you do admit that I'm handsome, strong, and rich.

Nyima: *blushes* The last two are. That first one... *glances at him* I... You aren't that handsome!

Iah: *sighs with a smile on his face* Such a tsundere.

Rhys: We should move on. This one is from som

rom Sueno. She asked... *laughs* Good thing I saved this one for last, 'Why are you such a flirt? (Not that it's a bad thing, it's actually quite entertaining)'.

Iah: *smiles proudly* It's just part of my natural confidence. *smiles at the girls* Plus I love women.

Rhys: *sets barrier as the guys' death glares increase* I think that's enough. Iah, leave now. I might not be able to hold them back, especially Kun.

Iah: *summons wand* Take it down. *grins as it transforms into a katana and yari* I'll take them on if they choose to fight.

The Boys: Walk off.

Iah: *Nods* I thought so.

Nyima: Though you still got me to handle. *cracks knuckles* You should've kept your answer as 'Nyima only'

Iah: *snickers* Oh my, has the Tsundere turned into a Yandere?

Nyima: *blushes and stomps off* You're so unbearable!

Iah: *chases after her* Come on, you know you like me!

Rhys: *sighs* This is more than I expected... *Smiles* That Iah guy though is really something...

**Solar Note: What did you think of the interview? I'll like to thank Ashbie01, MayaMoon15, and Day_Dreamer18 for summitting questions for Iah's omake :). I hope that you've enjoyed these first two! The next Omake will be of Nyima :3!**

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