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*Lights turn on*

Announcer: Hello everyone! This is Hal here. Today as part of this little program I'm working on, I'm going to be interviewing none other than Lei Lan, a young Novus ranked mage from Wahkan!

Lei: *waves at the audience* Thanks for this chance Hal. Now I can show everyone who the next Magus Maximus is. *grins*

Hal: *snickers* Good thing that you mentioned that. Someone asked about that topic...ah it was Legion. She asked "Why are you so determined to become Magus Maximus?" And a similar question from Jaxon, " What motivates you to become a true mage?"

Lei: *Beams with joy and takes the second mic from Hal* That's because when I was young I was a rather frail child. I wanted be strong like Yen and Kun, my older siblings for those who don't know them. Anyways during a stay at a hospital I was feeling depressed...that's when I saw an old video.

Hal: *raises eyebrows* A video? Ah, let me guess, it was an anime?

Lei: *shakes head* No, it was an actual recording. It was one of the recording of the tournament to decide the heir of Ventus.

Hal: Hmm, Ventus huh? I was wondering what...

Lei: Anyways in the video I saw our current Magus Maximus battle. I found him and his last opponent to be awesome. The two are what inspired me to aim to become Magus Maximus, the pinnacle of this realm *eyes glimmer*.

Hal: *backs away* Alright... Another question about your past. This one is from Stone, he asked, "How did it feel like when you first used your powers?"

Lei: *Laughs* It was fun. The first element I learned was wind. Actually we Lan siblings all have wind magic...except for my little brother. 'That's right, if Shandian doesn't develop magic in a few years then he might never be able to experience the joy of that first spell'.

Hal: *snaps fingers* Lei, don't sleep on us. We still got a whole interview to go.

Lei: *looks up* I'm fine. I'm awake. I was saying, it was fun. I remember how we used to fly around in the air, pushing ourselves higher and higher with the wind. *Face turns pale* Though, now that I recall. I ended up pushing myself too high and too quickly that my prana became depleted. Mother caught me with her water powers as I fell. *Shivers* That was the angriest I had ever seen her. I wasn't allowed to use my magic for a week.

Hal: *Laughs* Even as a child you pushed yourself to your limits. *Takes a deep breath* Next question. This one is from Dadre. She asked " What was it like to fight Wani?"

Lei: *Turns

uckles* Now that was unexpected.

Join us for our next episode. We'll be interviewing a guy who isn't afraid of dating, Iah Wudi! Send in your questions, and we'll be selecting as many of them as we can. Until next time!

**Solar Note: What did you think. Disappointed by the ending :3? This chapter was made after asking who people's favorite character was in one of the early chapters (in the original version). @Day_Dreamer18 was the only one who answered outright. However, other readers mentioned who their favorite was in the various other chapters. Nearly everyone who brought up a favorite character said Lei!

Btw, there were only 5 people who came up with the questions asked, those were: Day_Dreamer18 herself, ZARIAKELVIN, Legendary_Champion, Aventadoodlez, and my older sister ^_^. If you're curious as to who asked what, there are clues in the names.

P.S. Disregard the comments prior to 9/21/16 (date this Q&A was originally posted *Edit: Oh wow, over a year ago from this republish xD. I republished this to celebrate Lei's birthday btw, 9/29 :3)). Those are comments for the second half of the original chapter 2 (from all the way back xD), which I ended up fusing back to a single chapter (before the rewriting the entire book and making it EP 17). I am using this same 'file/part' so that those votes will be counted in the total for the Milestones ;). Which reminds me, if you enjoyed it don't forget to vote! Also leave questions for Iah in the comments! I'm going to try to make Q&As for the four main characters plus Aya. After Aya's, I'll let you decide who you'll like to see featured (you can tell me ahead of time here if you want ;) ) ?**

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