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   Chapter 125 NO.125

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"Sixteen shall become one"


"Wake up, " Wanikiya called out.

I wiped my eyes clean. "What's wrong?" I said, sleepily. I laid my head back down on my pillow, drifting back into dreamland. I shook my head. No, I couldn't fall asleep, not having seen 'that'.

"I had an odd dream."

Wanikiya threw me my black blazer. "Talk later, we're going to be late."

I dressed up quickly and ran out of our room. Iah and the other guys were already waiting by the back door of our renovated dorm. It was hard to believe that four months ago this place was a dust-covered, centipede infested dump.

"Lei, " Adela said, greeting me. She smiled brightly at me.

"Again, you're going to make us late, " Nyima said, shaking her head.

I crossed my arms. "If you feel that way then you should've gone on ahead by yourself."

"Today Ms. Key has an important announcement, " Alto said as our group of sixteen freshman descended the steps. "We shouldn't keep her waiting."

Iah narrowed his eyes, a huge grin formed. "You really have a thing for teach, don't you?"

Alto crossed his arms, and looked away. "I do not. I just have great respect for her. She did let us stay at her place until our side of the dorms were renovated."

When we arrived at the plaza

n, Eien, Nahimana, Orion, and Miwa, " Ayawamat said.

Koukyuu shook her head. "Not this again..."

Ayawamat always kept making things difficult... in some ways he was more annoying than the eight. At least they made for good training... well, so did Ayawamat... if only the guy would accept to battle me!

"Now, this exam has three sections, " Koukyuu continued. "The first section will be 'bonds'."

I glanced over from the other end of the group at Ayawamat. "Bonding?"

"Yes. But not exactly as a group. You'll each be paired up with someone from another world. We got some volunteers, though they might be difficult to handle."

"Why?" Nyima said, nervous about what was to come.

"You'll know when you meet them." She took out a blue orb. "Are you ready to begin?"

The five of us nodded.

(TBC in Descent of Darkness...)

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