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"The world will crumble into the sea of darkness... with only one light left shining..."


"Yuuko, " I said, looking between the various bunks.

I came to a dead-end, Yuuko was sitting on the corner of the girl's dorm. She hadn't gotten her lunch from the cafeteria yet.

"I brought you food. Are you feeling alright? You haven't eaten all day."

She looked up at me. "Ren..."

I placed the food in front of her. "I'll find a way to get him to forgive you." Four months had passed by since we were detained. In those four months Youko had barely eaten anything.

"I'm sorry Nobuyuki...for what I did back at the island." She solemnly took a bite of fish.

I had never seen her so down before. In the past she used to always be physically active...ever since she tried to kill Ren she started to act like a different person.

"I forgive you, " I said. I looked around. "I better leave before the girls come back and I'm found out."

She laughed a little. "You should quit sneaking around. Someone is going to beat you up one day out of fear."

I smiled at her. "Maybe one of these days I will." I vanished into the shadows. Once outside, I ran back to the boys' dorm but bumped into someone. When I looked up I saw Mayu.

"Sorry, " Mayu said, offering me her free hand. In her other hand was a chocolate cookie. "You came back from seeing Yuuko didn't you?"

I nodded, grabbing her hand. I was able to blend with the shadows thanks to Lady Zettai giving me chains that restrict but not nullify my magic. Mayu was also allowed to keep some of her magic.

She looked behind her. "This place feels odd."

"Yes, the shadows around here are restless, as if they are waiting to attack at any moment."

"Could it be the Torans?" Youko said, walking out of the girls' dorm. "We are near the border."

"We should alert our drill instructors, " I said.

"Hey! You three go to the magic gunner field, " an older conscript said.

We ran to the gunner field. It seemed like the entire camp was there. Everyone was watching something.

"That idiot." Mayu pushed herself to the front of the crowd.

"What's going on?" Youko asked as she joined us.

I jumped and caught a glimpse of one of the drill instructors kicking Shiori.

"You think that just because you're a noble that you can do whatever you want?"

"I don't care what you outsiders have to say, " Shiori said, his eyes filled with rage.

The drill instructor kicked sand into his eyes. "Damn brat. Everyone disperse."

Mayu ran up and grabbed Shiori who was bleeding from his mouth. "Why did you do this?"

Our drill instructor glared at her. "He dared to insult me."

"Why did you go this far?"

"He didn't even learn anything about respecting his superiors even after this."

"I would respect you if you were a member of Kyuu Hyaku."

Our drilling instructor lowered his head. "Even climbing up in this country didn't earn me any respect, " he mumbled.

"Drop it Shiori, " Mayu said. "Sorry about his actions."

"Its fine, no need to apologize. Now get ready, today you'll be practicing your aim."

"Wait, we have something to tell you, " I said. "We have sensed a strange presence nearby, it could be the Torans."

Shiori grabbed Mayu's arms. "Torans? Where? Unshackle me and I'll kill them all myself."

"You don't listen to orders, I can't trust you, " our drill instructor said, shaking his head. "Now you three come with me. Everyone else, practice your shooting practice."

"What's going on?" Ren said as we passed by him.

"I'll tell you later, " I said.

Youko ran past him. Ren also avoided looking straight at her.

"You two will have to talk eventually."

Youko kept her distance from me.

We followed our drill instructor into a small office. "What exact

ove at a snail pace, yet have a lot of power in those wings of theirs. One of us should form a barrier."

"I have you covered, " our drill instructor said. "Murus Ignis." A wall of flame divided us from the bird soldiers. He sent the wall crashing into the soldiers.

They moved their wings, blowing out of the flames. The entire forest around us was reduce to dust. We would have been too if not for Yuuta lifting the camp members into the air and our drill instructor teleporting us out of there.

Our instructor had teleported us to a small town in the middle of nowhere.

"Where are the instructors? Wasn't ours here a moment ago?" Ren asked.

"I think he went back as soon as he left us here, " Setsu said. She looked around at the unconscious military recruits. "We should focus on healing them and getting a message over to the capital."

Mayu set to work quickly, forming potions out of herbs she had gotten from the forest last night while everyone else was asleep.

When she was done she dropped to the floor. Her breathing was heavy.

"Mayu, " I said. "Mayu. Hey, wake up. You shouldn't sleep here."

"Who are you?" a resident of the town said. He was followed by other town folk with weapons on hand.

"We're members of a boot camp at the border."

"The border? Don't you think you're a little too far from it?" a woman said. She formed a ball of flames in her palms. "Speak the truth and we won't hurt you."

"It's the truth, " Youko said. "We are from a boot camp at the border. We were teleported here by our instructor. We were attacked."

The woman and the rest of the town folk lowered their guard. "Attacked?" the man from earlier said. "Is it the Torans? The Wudians?"

"No, at least not that I can tell, " I said. "To be honest I'm not even certain if they're beings from this world."

"So, aliens?"

"Not any that I've ever seen. They don't even give off the aura of extradimensional people like the residents of the angel and dragon universes."

"Whatever they were, come in and rest, " the woman said. "Nanatsu, gather all of our mages, have them form a barrier around the town in case those creatures followed these children."

I looked up at the mountains. What had cause all of this chaos? Was this perhaps a punishment from the gods for the destruction of the holy tower?

**Solar Note: What did you think? Surprised that the last numbered chapter was about the antagonists? I hope that you enjoyed the story. There is still one more story part left, the epilogue :3**

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