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"Bye, " Lei's mother said hugging the last of her triplets. "Take care."

"I... I will!" Lei yelled. "I'll become stronger than you, my siblings, my teammates, Ayawamat, my aunt, Eri, and dad!"

"That's an awfully big dream there, " Fēng said, walking past his son. He flashed his son a smile. "The ship doesn't arrive for another hour. So, how about you show me how strong you've grown?"

Lei jumped in the air. "Yes, of course!"

His father wagged his finger. "Oh, I wasn't only talking to you. Kun, Yen. Are you up for a match?"

The other two triplets nodded, gathering wind around their hands.

Fēng's hands crackled with azure sparks, lighting up the still dark sky. "Eri, Yuzuki, Hikaru form a barrier."

We Mikoto siblings did as commanded, each taking a different corner. A black space-time barrier rose around the Lan triplets and their father.

"I can't see a thing, " Iah complained.

"I can, " Nyima said.

"If you want, I can show you what's going on, " I said. Forming flat mirror like objects around them.

The triplets surrounded their father who remained still, not even drawing his wand out.

"Don't underestimate us, " Kun yelled. He summoned his wand and transformed it into a board sword. The other two meanwhile summoned their butterfly knives.

"Earth Dragon!" Kun yelled. Waves of earth erupted from the ground and formed into an brown golem of a dragon. "Attack Father!"

The dragon curved it's body around Fēng and constricted its body but waves of electricity shattered it in an instant.

"Good, but not good enough."


"My turn!" Yen yelled. "Sonic Golden Blade!" A blade momentarily appeared in her hands then vanished. She soon vanished with it. Shock waves shook the barrier as Yen faded in and out of view.

Her father grinned.

"Hey, this is a tag team!" Lei yelled, charging at his father with his butterfly swords covered in wind. Sword with a hole covered in a pink plastic like film glowed. Lei's speed doubled, enabling him to avoid his father's electrical discharge.

"Amazing, " his father said.

Lei grinned. "Little Lei isn't so little anymore!"

Fēng snickered. "I see." He raised his arms in the air and blocked Yutika who came at him from the left. Lei's attack was met by his father's right arm. "Sadly this won't do."

Kun raised his broad sword into the heavens. "Forgot about me."

Fēng snickered. "Of course not. Lightning Dragon!" An electrical beast appeared in front of his. The creature bared its radiant fangs at Kun who stopped.

"We should use a wind attack, " Lei sa

un shook his head. "Nope. As far as I know, there are only six of us in our little group thus far. All of them being around my age."

"Stupid father, " Eri said, scowling. "Once I find him, I'll give him a taste of my mind!"

"As will I, " I said, nodding.

"Me too, " Hikaru added.

"Rei is stronger than me, " Feng said, waving his hand in front of him. "You aren't no match for him as you are."

"Right, " Hikaru said, removing his hand from his eyes. "I'll get stronger until I can get the answers for our abandonment."

"Hika, " Yen said, reaching a hand out to him.

Hikaru smiled. "Perhaps I should accept your method of training."

She chuckled and grabbed his hand. "Alright, we'll start right now!"

"Hey, wait. I didn't mean now. Hey, let go of me!"

Yen didn't listen, rushing him off to the gym.

"I better do the same, " I said, slapping my face. "Mother also needs to give us answers."

"I hope that you'll find them, " Lei said, grinning.

I leaned in and gave him a kiss in the cheek. ""And I hope that you improve, until one day you can face your father in a one on one. You better get stronger, the competition to represent Wahkan in the Mahoulympics will be difficult."

Lei didn't respond, his face was bright red.

Meanwhile, his two female teammates scowled as if I had just kissed their boyfriend. Foolish girls, I wasn't going to give him up.

"Getting the strength to overcome father will take years, but I'll get it done, " he finally said, flashing his silly grin.

I nodded. "I know you will. One day, you'll be Magus Maximus, I'm sure of it."

**Solar Question: Did you enjoy the battle between the Lan triplets and their father? Sad that it got interrupted?**

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