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Starting my yellow dragon transformation process, I ran at Arima with a sword made out of earth.

"Manes Chorum!" Arima chanted.

I swatted the spirits around me but just like flies they continued to dodge and pester.

Taking a deep breath, I shoot earth bullets at all directions, including the ground itself. The ground was dotted with holes once the bullets had stopped.

Arima emerged from the resulting cloud of dust with a scythe.

I summoned my katana and blocked her attack but was pushed back by the sheer force.

I winced as she continued to slash the air with the black scythe.

I had to figure a way out or I would be defeated...


Iah roared, sending Arima flying to the barrier. His dragon wings emerged from his back as his horn grew larger. Hills sprung up and struck the areas around Arima but not her.

"What is he planning?" I asked.

"Seems to me that he's doing something similar to Hitoshi, " Lei said. "Except he's being more direct about it."

Was he always like this?

"What?" he asked. "I know strategy. It's actually my forte...when I'm not angry."

"That's why you got to control your emotions, " Adela said. "If you had used strategy against Iah then you might've won."

Lei's eyes returned to his notebook. "If I had to guess, Arima will go through the earth trap like a ghost and appear behind Iah."

Just as he predicted, Arima emerged from the ground like a reaper. Like a reaper, she curved her scythe around Iah.

Iah grinned before swatting her away with the back of his wings.

Arima dropped her scythe and dodge-rolled out of the way as a boulder came flying at her. Her wand was no buried in three feet of rock and dirt.

Arima's eyes glowed. "Spiritus Ruinam." The ground bubbled under Iah's feet. Sprits in the shape of worms emerged from the land and grabbed Iah.

Iah destroyed the spirit with his earth sword.

"You fell for it, " Arima said. A giant ghostly worm emerged from Iah's arm and grabbed him again. The serpent was cut down again but left another mark on him, this time on his face. Two worms emerge this time.

Arima's eyes glowed. "Nocte Angelus." The sky over us darkened. Something came down from the sky but it was too dark to see clearly. The next thing I knew a masculine looking blacked winged angel had grabbed Iah.

"Arima has dark in addition to ghost?" An said.

"That was unexpected, " Hal said, looking over his tablet.

Alto chuckled. "Arima is never one to put all her cards on display."

"One of the Seven Angel spells?" Iah asked.

His dragon prana flowed out of him and into the angel. The angel dropped him onto the floor as soon as the amount of dragon prana flowing out of him became but a trickle.

Iah got up with ease but his dragon form was now gone. "I will use the lover of the Angel of Darkness against you then. Terra Angelus." The earth rose from around him and gathered into a miniature stone. The miniature stone transformed into a female angel.

This second angel had wings made of brown and orange earth. On the forehead of the pseudo angel was a yellow diamond. The angel pointed it's sword at the sky, causing it to return to normal.

The dark angel shifted to defense mode, covering its master. "Cut it apart!"

The earth angel charged at the dark angel.

The dark angel opened its wings, unleashing a fury of dark spikes that turned everything that they hit into puddles of darkness. T

ed red. "That stupid pupil of mine. I told him to stop wondering off... this is what I get for taking in a member of the lowest branch as pupil!" He ran off without another word.

"You know, I thought that Mr. Obi and the fox were the same guy, " Lei said as he reviewed his notebook.

"As did I, " I said. "Then...if it wasn't Mr. Obi then who was it?"

"Shh, the award ceremony is starting, " Sarah said.

"The first year winner, Arima Roto." She handed Arima a bronze trophy. "The second year winner, Ning Wang." She handed Ning a silver trophy. "The third year winner, Lucette. And finally, the winner for the third year honor students, and three-time winner is Etsuko, " Koukyuu said.

"Did I hear right? She didn't just say three-time winner?" Nyima asked. "And how does one even get to become an 'honor' student?"

Etsuko grinned as Koukyuu handed her a platinum trophy. "Thanks, " she said. "I will miss this event. I am already anxious to see who I will be participating in next year's tournament. I hope participants of this year's tournament will try their best to improve. Those who didn't get the chance to be here, well I'll like to see you too. Give me good matches one year from now, please."

Lei crossed his arms. "She is incredible. She won with so much ease against Hitoshi in the end, " he said.

"I am glad that we didn't face her, " Iah said. "That Etsuko, she was right in warning us not to make an enemy out of her."

I stood up.

"Where are you off to?" Lei asked.

"There's something I need to check on, " I said.

"What is it?" Adela asked.

"It's that boy, isn't it?" Iah said. "Yuuto I think his name was. Those clothes he wore resemble those of Yuuta when he attacked us."

I nodded. "Though I'm wondering if perhaps that wasn't Yuuta?"

"Are you saying that Yuuto might be that boy?" Adela suggested. She glanced at the others. "No... well, we got no proof that there was a tenth conspirator."

"That's true, " I said, sitting back down. Is the battle against the conspirators really not over yet?

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