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"Third years, pair 2, please come down, " Koukyuu said. The second pair of third years took their positions in opposite sides of the arena as Koukyuu fixed the scorched field.

Etsuko summoned a black and red cloak with a fur collar as she waited. She wrapped it around her body and transformed her normally brown eyes to yellow eyes.

"Just like Ren, " I said to myself.

Hitoshi summoned an electric blue cloak with silver lightning bolts.

"Cool cloaks, " Lei said. "Where do I get one like Hitoshi's?"

"Those are the champion cloaks, " Shin'en said. "Iah and Arima will get theirs once they go up to battle."

"Must be nice, " Nyima said.

"We got cloaks made for An and you, " Eien said. "They were meant to be worn during your battles against Arima and Iah but I sort of forgot to give them to you."

He laughed as he summoned two cloaks. An's was purple and had eyes of various colors over it. Nyima's was sky blue with navy blue waves.

"It's better late than never, " Nyima said as she happily snatched hers.

"Wish I had one..." Lei said, his eyes downturn.

"Seems that Hitoshi is going to lose, " I said to draw his attention away from his thoughts.

Lei looked up.

Hitoshi had tried to hit Etsuko but Etsuko whose eyes had turned green dodged gracefully and blocked with barriers of wind. Hitoshi took off his cloak and punched her barriers with fist packed with lightning. The wind easily dispersed the electricity away.

"That Hitoshi belongs to the same branch as Kohaku doesn't he?" I asked.

"Kohaku is actually Hitoshi's twin sister, " Ona said. Hitoshi is just as strong as Kohaku."

"Iah managed to defeat her easily though, ehh but she had been stabbed by Boukyaku's team mates, " Hal said.

"Did Kohaku use her second transformation stage?" Renshu asked.

"No, why?"

"You're lucky. Kohaku is far stronger than Shiori when she's serious."

"You seem to know her well."

His face became paler. "I fought Kohaku last year when it was us they were targeting. We were scared. Kohaku...she nearly killed our entire freshman class by herself. Mayu wasn't the strongest. If it weren't for Hitoshi protecting us then we may not be here right now."

"Suddenly three years in boot camp for her and the others se


"You lose, again."

Hitoshi glared at her. "Damn, you were toying around with me again. I'll get you next time and force you to fight for real from the start."

Etsuko grinned and snapped her fingers. Hitoshi's chains vanished.


"That was incredible, " I said once Hitoshi and Etsuko returned.

He chuckled. "I lost anyways. Hey, are you wondering how I can be this strong when my sister was a pushover?" Hitoshi asked as his smile vanished. "The truth is that Kohaku was always doubtful of what Shiroi and Mayu were selling."

"If she weren't Wanikiya and the rest of you might have fled this school or be dead, " Lucette said. "Unfortunately she wasn't doubtful enough to avoid helping them entirely. I think that her regrets stemmed from the way she treated last year's freshmen class."

"Do they now?" Orichalcum said. Blood rolled down her hands. "What good are regrets at this point in time?"

Arima stood up. "None at all but we must continue to live, " she said.

I nodded and followed her to the arena.

"Wait, I got something to give you two, " Koukyuu said. She summoned a golden cloak with a yellow dragon on the back, and a dark purple cloak that looks like it belonged to a dark sorcerer.

Arima and I put on our cloaks and proceeded to the field.

"Ready?" she asked.

I nodded. "I've been ready since the start of this festival."

I lifted the earth around me as she called forth her spirits.

**Solar Question: Whom do you expect to win of the first years?**

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