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Orichalcum avoided looking at me in the eye when she returned. "I disappointed Lord Iah didn't I? I tried to sound all courageous, yet I didn't have the strength to back my words up."

"You improved a lot since you first left Mina, " I said, grinning. "You can always try again next year."

Orichalcum nodded as her face turned red.

"Ahh, so the play boy finally shows some skill, " Arima said.

I narrowed my eyes. "You really want to anger me, don't you? Well save it for the battlefield. Right now let's enjoy the junior match."


Lucette descended from the air riding a fire dragon. The fire dragon nearly hit Boukyaku but he avoided it with ease.

Boukyaku covered his hands in blue flames and stopped the dragon.

"Hi no Ryuu!" Boukyaku chanted. The blue flames transformed into a dragon and absorbed the red fire dragon.

Lucette ran at him. "Subete wo Musaboruhikari." A sphere of golden radiant light destroyed the ground under and around her feet. She then sped toward Boukyaku like a bullet.

Boukyaku got on all fours and transformed into a fox. His tails stopped the advance of Lucette's sphere of destruction.

"That girl..." Kun said as he watched Lucette free herself from the grasp of the tails.

"Is there something wrong with her?" I asked.

Brother shook his head. "No, she's fine. I was just thinking about the way she uses her light powers. It's different than how most use them."

"That's true, " Nyima said, crossing her legs. "Lucette's light magic isn't like Hikaru's or even mine."

"Well she's a Kyuu Seishinian, each country has its different fighting styles, " An said.

"No, even for us it's odd, " Miwa said, crossing her fingers together. "Especially that sphere of light. I've never seen such a spell before."

"Do you know who her parents are?" Nahimana asked.

"Why the sudden interest in her?" Haroun asked, narrowing his eyes.

She shrugged. "Maybe her family is known for unusual spells?"

Haroun's glance return to Lucette who was now dodging blue flames while avoiding the fire dragon.

"Lucette is an orphan, " Vita said.

Her teammate shot her a dirty look. "Don't share that with them. That's not something you can easily divulge."

"That's true, " Adela said, looking down.

I put my hand on her shoulders. Hearing that must've re-openned her old would. It also didn't help that Nyima an

y with."

"Mom!" Nyima yelled, her face bright red. "Don't bring him up!"

"Childhood crush?" Yuzuki suggested.

"It has to be, " Adela nodded in agreement.

Nyima glared at them. "You two are speaking from experience, aren't you?"

The two looked at me and quickly turned away as soon as I looked at them in the eye.

"Who knew that a loser could be this popular with the ladies..." I glanced up and saw Ayawamat walking toward us.

"How nice of you to join us, Aya, " Kun said, grinning.

"Don't call me Aya, " Ayawamat said, sitting down in the seat in the corner.

Kun chuckled. "You haven't changed."

"Of course he hasn't..."

"Something on your mind?" asked Nyima. "You seem as upset as when Wanikiya invited Aya to sit with us."

"Don't call me Aya, " Ayawamat said, glaring at her.

Nyima glared back. "Oh, you want a fight? I can give you a fight you smug pretty boy."

Ayawamat blushed. "I... Hmp, I don't fight girls."

Nyima rose from her seat. "What was that?"

I grabbed her arm. "Sit. Don't let him provoke you."

She sighed and returned to her seat. She was fuming with anger.

"The second pair of third years are next, " Adela said as she watched Lucette help Boukyaku stand back up.

Boukyaku was grinning despite having lost...much like how Nyima had following her defeat to Iah...

"We've sure been through a lot, " I said.

Nyima nodded. "We sure have."

"We still got a long ways to go through before graduation, " Adela added.

"I look forward to it, " Ayawamat said.

I put my hands behind my back and nodded. "As do I."

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