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   Chapter 119 NO.119

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"The winds blow, the waves crash, the land moves slowly, and the flame burns"


"Are you nervous?" Nyima asked once we arrived at the stadium.

"Not at all, " I said. "I can't wait to start."

"We will be fighting one another this time, " Arima said.

"Hello there, " Boukyaku said. Following him was Lucette. "Follow us, all the tournament representatives have to line up downstairs."

"So brother lost?" Vermeil said.

"Yeah, " Lucette said. "Normally Vita and he are the representatives but this year they were out of their game. I think that your brother wanted to hurry and find you and your friends. Same goes for Vita."

Vermeil looked around. "Where are they?"

"Up here, " Vita yelled. She was sitting next to Haroun in the seats on top of us.

Haroun leaned back on his seat. "I'll be representative next year, you'll see. Don't lose you two."

"We won't, " Lucette said. She jumped down into the arena. Boukyaku, Arima, and I followed her.

"So you're this year's freshmen representatives, " a guy with eyes like Kohaku's said. "Is it true that one of you defeated Shiori?"

"More like I finished him off, " I said.

The boy chuckled. "Interesting, I never expected him to lose to a child, you're the youngest representative yet."

"How old are you?" Arima asked, side eying me.

"Thirteen, " I said. "I will be fourteen in two months and twenty-one days."

"You skipped a grade or something?"

"Yup." I nodded and grinned. "I'm a genius after all."

"A genius, eh?" a young woman with messy brown hair said. "Then you better give us a good show, boy."

She glanced over at Arima. "Hey, aren't you a Sefan? I don't believe we've had a Sefan be a representative since a guy from the Opus clan."

Arima glanced over at Alto. "So it was his brother."

"That guy is his younger brother? I heard that his grandfather also participated as a representative and won. Too bad we can't face off against junior there."

Alto frowned as they looked at him.

We never did have our sparring match, did we?

The senior rep grinned. "Now I'm looking forward to this even more. Show us what you got, Arima."

"I look forward to it too, " Ning said as she walked toward us.

"I guess I'm the last one, " a familiar voice called out. I turned around and saw Orichalcum.

"Arima, aren't these seniors stronger than Shiori and Kohaku?" I asked.

Arima's eyes bulged. "Probably."

"Shiori likes to brag about his strength but he is lacking in prana control, " the male senior rep said. "Oh right, I'm Hitoshi, the second senior representatives."

"My name is Ning, " An's childhood friend said.

"I'm Etsuko Inu, " the other senior rep said. "I'm also the school president."

"I'm Lucette, " Lucette said.

"You all know me, " Boukyaku said with a grin. I guess he didn't feel the need for an introduction.

Koukyuu made her way to the center with a microphone at hand. She glanced at the filled stadium.

Lifting the microphone to her lips, "Welcome Kyuu-Hanabiran High students and guests to this year's class representative tournament. This year's participants are Iah no Mikoto from Mina..." A large section of the audience began booing.

"Tough crowd, " I said.

"The second freshman representative is Arima

ier and came back down with a vengeance.

Orichalcum tried to take back control of it but it was too late. Electricity paralyzed her body similar to how Ren's spell had done to Alto and Lei.

Ning sighed with relief as she walked over to Orichalcum. Dusting a powder of some kind over her, she smiled. "That was a close one. If No. 6 had failed then I would have to result to using No. 9."

Orichalcum laughed. "You sure got strong over this past year."

Ning puffed her chest out. "Thanks." She glanced over at An. "I hope he noticed."

Orichalcum chuckled. "I see. You did it for him?"

Ning's face turned pink. "Maybe..."

Koukyuu stood up. "The winner is Ning from Aief! Next up are Lucette versus Boukyaku."

"Why are they skipping us?" Arima asked.

"Saving the best for last?" I suggested.

"Perhaps it's because they know that everyone is curious about you, " Etsuko said, grinning. "The prince of Mina against the first Sefan since Zydeco Opus."

Koukyuu looked down upon hearing that name.

Woah, wait a moment. These two know Alto's brother?

"Hey, were you once one of the freshmen representatives?" I asked.

Koukyuu nodded as she sat back down. "That's right. I fought against Alto's brother." Her face turned bright red. "He was an odd boy. In some ways, Lei kind of reminds me of him."

"Ahh, is that why you took a sudden interest in that boy?" Ms. Key questioned, a teasing grin on her face.

Koukyuu grumbled. "I... I just want to see how much he can grow. Perhaps he'll be able to surpass him."

Lei...what's so great about him? He lost to me in the end. I'm the winner here. Yet all people seem to care about is that guy...

"I think that Alto has a good chance of surpassing his brother, " Ms. Key responded as if they were trying to one up each other.

"Neither Lei nor Alto is participating in this, " Arima voiced my thoughts. "If anyone will surpass Zydeco then it'll be Iah or me, not some guy who lost to us in the semi-finals."

I patted Arima in the back. "Nice job defending our pride."

Arima smiled back. "No problem. Though I'll crush yours very soon."

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