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"The will to decide one's own future is a powerful will indeed"


I opened my eyes and saw Lei sleeping with his head on my bed. I glanced around and saw that I wasn't back in Ms. Key's home or in the suite but in the nurse's office.

I tapped Lei's head. He opened his eyes and hugged me as soon as he saw me awake.

"Let go of me!" I yelled.

He let go of me. "Sorry, " he said. His eyes were red. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help you."

"Don't blame yourself. Where is Mr. Suzuran?"

The door opened and in came Mr. Suzuran. His face was full of worry.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?" I said.

He waved his hand around. "Don't mind me. I'll be fine, knowing that you two are awake now. You should get going, the elections are about to start."

I got up and fixed my hair. It must have been difficult for Mr. Suzuran...knowing the lengths his daughter was willing to go to in order to kick us out.

I had to change things here, I don't want for us to be isolated, that was the reason I decided to run for class representative. "How do I look?"

"You look fine, " Lei said.

I smiled and opened the door. The halls were empty. Lei and I made our way to the gymnasium. The area around the gymnasium was crowded with different colored boxes were lined up near the door. Students were still trickling into the gymnasium so there was still time for me to give my speech.

"That is why you freshman should elect me for your representative, " Sarah said.

"Lei, Nyima, " Adela said. "Where were you two? Eien, Miwa, and now Sarah have finished their speeches. The only ones that remain is the only Kyuu Seishian running for representative, and you."

A girl with short green hair walked to the center of the gymnasium and took the microphone from Sarah. "Hello. I am sure most of you know me, but for those who don't, I am Hisui Suzuran. I am running for class representative. I hope to rebuild the bond between our native students and the foreign students.

It is wrong to treat them differently because they're not from here. They have hopes and dreams just like us. The foreign students bring with them an outside perspective. We as a school have grown to think only in a few ways. We have isolated ourselves from our own peers. If this continues even our own clan won't survive as we further isolate ourselves within our branches.

As class representative I promise you that I will create a more inclusive atmosphere. We have pushed the foreign students into their own section of the school, ensuring that we never see them, that isn't right. We are hurting them, and at the same time hurting ourselves. My older sister...she wished to get along with foreigners yet she felt it was a betrayal to our mother...I'm sure that our mother wouldn't have wanted her to do what she did."

I smiled. "So, she's Mayu's sister, " I said. "She seems different than her."

"Saying such words to this kind of audience?" Sarah said. "Will she get elected?"

"Well there is us. We knew it'll be hard for us, but hearing her say this might not change things. I wouldn't mind having her as our representative." I stood up. "It's my turn."

Hisui handed me the microphone and walked over to sit down with Sarah and the others as if we knew each other.

"My name is Nyima Taiyang. I am a citizen of Wahkan. I came here to Kyuu-Hanabira to learn magic. I had hoped to make friends from various countries, but all I found was dislike. Eight of your fellow Kyu Seishinians attacked us and even went as far as trying to kill us. One of those Kyu Seishinians was Yuuta...a boy who I thought was my friend. Even though it was a lie, it gave me a glimpse to the kinds of bonds that can develop between Kyu Seishinians and us. As class president, I won't just work for the foreign exchange students but also for those born here in Kyu Seishin. I will increase funding for the dorms to rebuild them. I will work with my fellow council members to renovate the path between here and the mountain where the freshman live so that one can see with ease when going up and down the mountain at night. I will also work to increase lunch time..."

"Good job, " Iah said as I ran off to join them.

"Was it?" I said. My head felt so dizzy that I thought of going back to the nurse's office.

My class finished casting their ballots soon after.

"The votes will be tabulated later today, " Eien said. "Good luck to both of you."

"To you too, " Sarah said.

"I am cheering for Miwa, " I said.

After the elections we returned to looking at the different clubs. Lei and I still hadn't settled on one, unlike the others. Outside we found An sword fighting with Xue. Xue pressed the tip of her sword light against his blazer.

"That was impressive, " I said, clapping my hands. "I didn't think either of you were this skilled at sword fighting."

"They kind of have to be, " Lei said. "It would be a disappointment for those two who carry their swords all over the place to not be good at using them."

"I'm not that good, " Xue said.

"Are you kidding? You were as fast most lightning users! I'

off during our slave years."

He chuckled.

"Now even I'm starting to feel a little bitter. But know this, the strongest opposition against you won't come from the so called strongest branches, but from my own branch, and the other native minority clans. For even if not taking jobs, you are still viewed as taking positions that would otherwise go to our own members."

Lei tossed his swords onto his left hand. "You're right about sounding bitter."

"I don't mean to make you feel guilty...or antagonize you. I actually would like to offer you an alliance. No one knows how it feels to be discriminated in this country than us. That's why I seek your help in the fight for equality."

"I'm not sure what we can do."

"You can leave the planning to us, " he said with a jump in his step. "The same organization which once attacked you will now support you."

"You mean the council?" An said.

He nodded. "Exactly. We'll form a culture where we're accepted, or at least sow the seeds for future generations to eventually form an inclusive atmosphere."

Suddenly the intercom rang to life. "Hello, we're ready to announce the results of today's election. We'll start with the replacement for Shiori Fujiwara. The new third year class president is... Kazeko Kyuuten, " Lucette said with her best newscaster voice. "Replacing Mayu Suzuran as third year representative is...Vita! Uh, sorry. Moving on. Replacing Setsu Takeshi as second year class president is Zion Rikimaru. Yuuta Akiyama is being replaced with fellow clan member, Iwao Enkaku."

The boy grinned.

He said that his clan felt discriminated, but the fact that the sophomores would vote for two members of his branch for representative made me think that their situation wasn't as simple as he made it sound.

Actually, the former sophomore president and its new president are both from branches under the fifth. Was the sophomore class just more accepting than the senior and junior classes?

"The newly elected freshman class president is Eien Zettai. Now replacing Ren Kagamine as freshman representative is Hisui Suzuran."

My throat tightened. Either Sarah or I had failed...

"Filling in the second seat is Sarah Shui."

"Yes!" An said, jumping into the air. He looked down. "I think you did a good job too."

"I shook my head. No need to hide your joy. She is your teammate after all. I'm glad that at least one of us won. I was fearing that a write-in might win."

"If only Miwa and you had won, " Iwao said. "You two would've been better additions than another Suzuran or the sister of our ally nation's king, and not to mention the younger prince himself."

"I don't know, I think those two will make pretty good representatives. Sarah has more experience at being a leader than I do. Eien also isn't all that bad"

"She's amazing, " Lei admitted. "She led our class of sixteen during the festival. It's little wonder that my brother has taken an interest in her."

"Kun likes Sarah?" An said.

"Eh, I'm not sure if it's that or admiration."

"You're talking about us?" Sarah said as she and Kun came out of the school.

Kun smiled. "We must be rather special."

"So Kun was with Sarah, " I said, grinning as I looked over at An who was glaring at Kun. "Things will be getting interesting."

"It's time for the representative matches, " Adela said as students started to pour out of the school.

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