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"Nyima, Lei, " a familiar voice said as we walked around the halls. Mr. Suzuran waved at us. "I was hoping to run into you." He bowed his head. "Please forgive me for being a bad father. I should've paid more attention to what my daughter was doing. Ever since her mother died she's kept herself isolated in her room. The only time she wasn't was when she was dating Boukyaku. After she broke up she worried me again by going back into isolation. When she finally started coming out of her room last year I thought she had found some nice friends. I never bothered learning more about her new friend. Instead, I kept working on my research. I'm sorry!"

"Lift your head, " I said, crossing my arms. "Your daughter chose her actions. You have little fault in what she did." I passed him. "We already forgave Mayu anyways."

Mr. Suzuran looked up and threw something. I caught a small vial with a herb of some kind.

"That herb when mixed with the Seven Star snake crystal has the potential to resurrect you, so long as it's on the dead person and it is used immediately."

Bring back the dead? Did Mr. Suzuran try to bring back his wife?

He vanished before I could ask him.

"I hope he'll be alright, " Nyima said. "That herb must be quite strong to revive the dead."

"Only if it's mixed with the Seven Star snake's core. Adela has it right now. Hopefully we'll never need to use it."

"We should have her make some just in case."

I snickered. "If this were an anime you would've raised so many death flags just now."

She elbowed me. "Stop being such a nerd." She glanced down at a set of stairs leading down to darkness. "Well, this is where I wanted to go."

I scanned the area to make sure no one was following us. "Isn't this where you almost tripped over Yuuta?"

She nodded as she walked down. "I wonder if anyone investigated this place."

At the end of the stairs was a wall with nine spaces. "What's beyond here?"

"You'll need the help of a Kyuu Hyakuian to move that." We looked up and saw glowing snake eyes. "Sorry to frighten you two, again. I was wondering why you two were walking into this empty section of the school."

"Mr. Suzuran?" Nyima said.

"Yes. Where are the lights in this place?" He found his way around the darkness and turned on the lights. "Move away you two. I'm going to open this."

His hand became scaly like a snake's body. He jammed his hand into one of the nine holes and moved it arou

, what kind of spell is this?"

"Remember, I'm a level three wind mage, or what you'll call a Ventulus. That's not even counting my beast form in which I'm at Aura Magus. Meanwhile, you're both officially Novus Magus'. "

"So you mean that this is a level three spell?" I said.

He grinned. "Exactly." He glanced up at the ceiling. "Your time is near."

Mr. Suzuran followed Shiori's eyes. "Everyone take a deep breath and hold it."

Black smoke came pouring out of the ceiling. Wind scythes hit me but I had weakened them enough.

I felt like I was drowning as I tried to focus on keeping my breath in and slowing down the scythes. Someone kicked me in the stomach. I coughed. My body felt paralyzed.

A light whip moved in the smoke and cleared it. Nyima grabbed Shiori's replica and slammed him into the table.

Someone picked me up and got out of there. It was Mr. Suzuran. He kicked the rubble away.

Nyima...she was in danger. I had to go back to save her.

Mr. Suzuran opened my mouth once we were back upstairs and gave me a pill before running back down and casting a barrier between the stairs and the rest of the school.

My body felt better but my breathing grew heavy. It felt as if burning water had filled my lungs. I reached for the inhaler in my blazer, racing against time, but my arms and hands went numb.

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