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"One must continue to move forward."


The next day, the school was still in a festive mood as students ran between clubs. Some of the stalls that had been destroyed by the storm managed to get fixed for the occasion.

"Are we going to the library?" Nyima asked. "We can look at the clubs later."

"Hopefully it'll be empty." A hand grabbed my arm. "Nyima?"

Adela poked her head out of the crowd. "No, it's me."

"Ah, sorry. I forgot to wait for you, " I said.

She glared at me and pulled me. "Hold on to my hand, you might get lost."

Nyima grabbed my other hand. Her face was red. "Stop starring, move it."

Adela showed us to the library. The room had multiple floors that it was more like a small building inside of a larger one.

"Welcome, " someone called out. It was Etsuko, the school president. I had seen her picture in the file that Ning and the others gave us on the student council.

"Are you three interested in joining the Mystical Book club?"

"What's so mystical about it?" Nyima asked.

"I found those books you asked for, " the second senior representative said, Shiori being the first. "Three new members?"

"We just came here to look at some magic books, " Adela said.

Etsuko grabbed one of the books that Hitoshi brought. "Our club researches these kinds of magic books. They're written in a foreign language rarely spoken. Some of them appear to be from the period when Xian used to be considered one of the strongest clans in the world."

Adela grabbed the book and opened it. "This language, it's not ancient Xianian, rather it's proto-Xianian."

"It all looks the same to us, " Hitoshi said, shrugging. He stared at another book in his hands. "We should've targeted the past exchange students for our club, I bet we would've uncovered a lot more by now."

Adela dropped the book.

"What's wrong?" Nyima said, staring at the fallen book.

I reached down to pick up the open book. Before I could pick it up, I noticed a paragraph that read; a great darkness will descend upon the various universes. This universe will be the second to be swallowed into the darkness. A savior who descends from the Xian will be born and push the darkness away.

"Can you understand it?" Adela whispered.

"A bit, " I said.

Mother taught me Xianian but I've rarely used it other than when I visited Xian as a child. The fact that the Xian of the book isn't modern, nor is it even old Xianian makes it harder to understand.

"Can you?"

"Yes, but some parts are hard to read." She stared at the part I could understand before closing the book and returning it to Hitoshi.

"What does the book say? Any magic spells we can use?" Hitoshi said.

"I couldn't understand it all. Ancient Xianian I can understand, but proto-Xianian is something else. Some phrases are more similar to modern Wudian than Xianian."

"So even the language splintered, " Etsuko said. "A book about the

ima wiped off the sweat from her brow. "Thanks." She grabbed two water bottles near her and threw one of them to him.

I picked up a bow and an arrow and pointed it at the farthest target.

"Let's see how well I can do, " I said. I shot the arrow, nearly hitting the center.

"What was that?" Nyima said.


"There was a slight gust when you throw your arrow, did you infuse it with your wind magic to correct you aim?" Iah said.

"Cheater, " Eien said as he sat down. "You're not supposed to use magic for this club. Though that kind of ability will come in handy for the upcoming Mahoulympics."

"I'm not a cheater, " I said. I grabbed another arrow and shot it at the same target. I finally saw what the others had seen. My arrow was cutting the air around it, and using it to propel itself.

Eien grinned victoriously. "See."

I guess I was a cheater. A hand hit my back. "Ow." Behind me was Zelde. "Don't hit me, you're stronger than you think."

Zelde grinned. "Don't look so gloomy. I think you need to practice controlling your magic, and you'll be able to practice archery without having people call you a cheater. I say magic as it's not only your wind magic. When you're angry you tend to send out sparks."

"Thanks, Zelde. I should get Adela to teach me when she's free." Though I felt like doing so would've held Adela back.

"You two are pretty close, I mean Zelde and you, " Iah said.

Zelde moved away. "We're childhood friends, that is all."

"I'm going to go check other clubs, " Nyima said.

Iah frowned. "I see, good luck on finding one."

I followed her out. "Where to next?"

"You're not staying? Honestly, you're like a dog, tagging along all the time." She summoned a dog mask she had bought the other day and put in over my face. "It suits you well. As for where we're going, there's a place I'll like to check out."

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