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As my brother, his family, and I were heading out of our suite to get lunch, a little boy zipped by.

"Shandian!" Serein yelled, running to meet his cousin.

Shandian came to a stop and waved.

"Where ya gogo?"

"To get some Xianian take out, " Harmonica responded. The entire family accompanied her, including Kun.

"Honey chicken, honey chicken, " Lei sung with a grin on his face.

"You should get those party goods, " Kun said, snickering.

Lei nodded. "Fine, come Yen!"

"I'll come with you, " I said. "Plus, I got a gift for you."

Kun stopped and turned around. "For me too?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I still got the past two gifts I couldn't give you."

Kun put his hands on his back and grinned. "Aww, you're so kind. No wonder Tahoma and Lei like you."

My face flushed. "What?"

"Ku...Kun!" Lei said, flustered.

Kun turned tail. "Uh, got to go! Nahimana will be angry if I'm late for our meeting!"

"Hey, wait!" I yelled.

Did he just say that Tahoma likes me?

"Where is Kun going?" Ocarina asked, glancing over her shoulder.

"He's going to talk to Nahimana about something, " her older sister responded.

Stupid Kun. What did he mean by those words? Did Tahoma really like me? It must be as a friend. Right? I mean, there's no way that guy could like me. Or could he?

"You're close to Tahoma?" Lei asked, glaring me jealously.

"He's just a friend from school, " I responded. Grabbing his hand, I ran out. "Come, let's get those decorations!"

"Alright!" He rushed off ahead of me, pulling me with him.

"We're coming too!" Raul said, leading his brother and cousin to follow.

"Fine, " Yen said. "Just don't get lost." She eyed her triplet brother.

"Hey, that was only one time!"

"Lei got lost?" Serein asked.

Lei nodded and smiled upon seeing the necklace. "Your dad gave me that once they found me. I also got to meet this very nice guy who for some reason reminded me of Eri." He tilted his head. "What's his name? Tetsu... Hmm, I can't recall. But they call him the 'Shield-knight!"

Brother snickered. "That guy, huh?"

"Woah!" Serein said, shiny eyed.

"How did he remind you of my brother?" I asked as we entered the nearest elevator.

Lei crossed his arms. "Not sure. It felt like they had a similar aura."

Similar aura? "You mean like Serein and you?"

Nodding, he laughed. "Maybe he's a relative. The guy was an angel, though."

"Don't say that out loud. You know how people here treat those of us with angel blood."

"Hikaru kind of revealed it, though. Remember?"

Eyes wide, I shook my head in dismay. "Right, back at the tower. That idiot!"

"He kind of had no other choice, " Yen said.

"But don't worry, only our friends and family saw. Well, and the fox guy. But he's dead now, so no worries!"


"Why did they want you dead?" Shandian asked.

Leaning against the chrome elevator, Lei patted his brother's head. "There are people in this world who dislike people different than them. There are those who dislike angels, and those who dislike people from other clans and/or nations."

"Why?" Serein asked, blinking. "Aren't we all the same in the Goddess' eyes?"

"People are afraid, or perhaps resentful. In times of heavy social change or economic stagnation, it becomes easy to fall into doing the latter, " Yen responded. "This country you see, isn't doing well."

The elevator came to a stop.

A young man in a hoodie entered the elevator, keeping his head down.

I glanced back briefly. Soulless golden eyes peered back at me, sending shivers down my spine.

The way that he was dressed told me that didn't belong here. Well, neither did we. The only reason that we were staying in such a luxurious hotel was because Wanikiya's father was paying. Was the guy perhaps a friend of one of the guests?

"Yuzuki, " Yen said, tapping my shoulder. "We're here."

I shook my head. "Ahh, sorry. I dozed off."

Walking out of the elevator, we were met with another golden-eyed guy. This time it was Lei's teammate. Accompanying the Minan prince were Adela and two kids.

"Where are you going?" Adela asked.

"We're going to buy some stuff for Lei's birthday, " I responded, hugging Lei's arm. "Now, if you'll excuse us..."

"Damn, " Iah said, chuckling. "Seems that Lei might be nearly as much of a player as I."

Adela elbowed his stomach, causing him to fall to his knees. "She's just his friend, right?"

Lei's face flushed. "Yeah, yeah! She's just my friend." He pulled away from my arm. "As are Nyima and you."

forgot. I made you this." She handed me a small box.

I quickly unwrapped it and opened the tiny red box only to see that it was a cultivation pill.

"You seek strength, right? This will allow your magicae organum to advance to an entirely different level."

I smiled as I closed the box. "Thanks. It must've taken you a lot of work to make this pill." I opened the box up again to sneak a peek. "I've never seen a pill like this one before. What is it called?"

"I called it the 'Xian Taiyang Lan Wudi' Pill."

"Wait, you named it after us?" Iah said.

"You made your own type of pill?" Nyima said.

She nodded. "That's why I couldn't get it done before the battle against Mayu's group. I needed one more ingredient, the poison of the Seven Star Snake. However, it was only enough to make five." She summoned two more pills and handed them to our teammates.

"Wow, thanks, " Nyima said. "So taking this pill will increase our magicae organum to level two?"

Adela shook her head. "In reality. This pill is at a level seven pill. We won't be able to consume it until we've reached level seven. However, it's properties should be such that it'll take us up to level ten."

"Woah, " Hal said, running over. "I want one of those." He tilted his head. "Wait, how did you managed to make a level 1 pill when you yourself are merely a level three mage?"

My eyes widen. "You're on the same level as Shiori? Since when?"

Adela chuckled. "Since a long time ago." She raised her sleeves, revealing a red bracelet. "I had my aunt seal my powers." She glanced at Nyima. "If I hadn't done so then I would've killed Youko on that beach."

"So you're back to surpassing me, " Iah said, crossing his arms. "I'm still only a level two mage, two-star mage."

"You too?" I said, feeling betrayed by my teammates. "Hey, Nyima. Are you a level one mage like me?"

She smiled nervously. "No, I'm level two, one-star mage."

I shook my head in disbelief.

"Hey, at least you came close to defeating a level two with your level one powers, " Iah said, grinning.

I smiled back. "Ah, that's right. I did."

Adela handed me a red pill. "Take this. You're currently a level one, three-star mage. If you consume it and cultivate then you shall reach level two too."

I'm a level one, three-star mage?

When I began I was still a level one, two-star mage.

Maybe I have gotten stronger. Still, I got a lot of work to do if I desire to surpass my teammates plus Arima, An, and Hal.

"So, I heard to you're running for class representative, " Iah said.

I looked up and saw that he was talking to Nyima.

Nyima smiled and nodded. "That's right, I want to see if perhaps I can change the school from the seat that Yuuta and the others tried to use to intimidate us."

"Let's forget about them, " I said. "Come, let's go to my place. We got cake and ice cream!"

Everyone rushed off like the wind. "Hey, don't get a head start on me!"

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