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   Chapter 114 NO.114

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"The Darkness of the Serpent threatens to destroy all, to revert the universe back to chaos..."


After dropping Serein, Azure, Celeste, and Shandian with Ry, I headed back toward the ruins.

"Kun, " Nahimana waved. "Wanikiya is alright."

"That's great, now we just need to secure the remnants of these ruins." We headed back downstairs and saw the fox vanishing.

"All is done here, " Nyima's mother said. She glanced up at us. "You're shards of the Goddess, aren't you?"

We nodded.

She nodded back. "I see. It's your duty to protect these ruins, perhaps more so than it is mine. I knew something was going to happen here, that's why I sent my daughter here."

"Duty, huh?" Hideo said, sighing nostalgically. "I feel sorry for you. Being a guardian is a tough job, especially against an eternal threat like The Abyss."

I shook my head. "One day the everlasting war will come to an end."

"That fox sure was harder than I thought, " the king of Shui said, laughing.

"That thing was an illusion, " Huang said, crossing his arms. He frowned. "Or so it seemed like one. Yet..."

"Everyone, please leave these ruins, except for you two. I will need your help in sealing the area." She glanced as shadows started to line the walls. "We got to reinforce the barrier. Once we're done here, could you two go to the various monuments like this one?"

I nodded. "Sure."

"You sure?" Nahimana asked.

I shrugged. "We got to do this. It's our mission."

"You've got a good sense of duty, " Grace Xian said as she descended the steps. "Seems I'm late for the party."

"Priestess Regnant, " I said, bowing. "You grace us with your presence."

She grinned. "You're an odd one. Did you also bow before the true priestess? Adela is the true title holder."

I laughed. "Well, it's kind of weird considering that she's around my age. Plus, she seems to like my brother."

"Lei? I saw him during the opening ceremony days ago. Is he alright?"

I grinned. "Yup... or at least I hope he will be." I glanced back at the hole the serpent had made in the center of the ruins.


"Ahhh!" the serpent roared once we returned to the school. The serpent was being attacked by sand.

"It's Miwa's sand, " Eien said.

Miwa grinned. "It finally kicked in."

Arima surrounded the serpent with spirits while Koukyuu slashed it with light. The light was barely doing much damage but it was more than what Boukyaku and the others had done to it when under Mayu's control.

The snake glared at me. "You ruined my plans."

Everyone except for those who saw me turned to look at me.

I smiled. "You were just in my path to get revenge on Mayu and the others for hurting my friends."

The snake's eyes turned to Lei. "You're just like Mayu."

My face became red. "I'm not!"

She laughed as she raised her tail.

Lei dodged the snake's tail. He summoned his butterfly swords and moved like the wind.

One of the holes in the right sword was filled by a pink light. I could feel energy pouring out of that hole and into Lei.

Lei stabbed the serpent, as in his sword actually went in!

The serpent yelled. Sand came out of its wound.

"Its body is turning into sand, " I said.

"As soon as it fused and then un-fused with Mayu its fate had been sealed, " Lucette said.

I formed a sword out of leaves and stabbed where Lei had pierced the scales. Everyone else attacked the same area until the serpent's body shattered. "No, impossible. I won't..."

The serpent completely turned into sand, leaving behind only a green crystal the size of a basketball. I walked over and picked up the core. It would come in handy later down the road...

"We did it, " Lei said. He stared at his transformed wand. "My wand proved useful for once."

I glanced over at the p

t then looked down. "Thanks for the glass of water, though it was unnecessary, I'm a criminal after."

Nyima smiled at Iah.

"What? I just did as you told me, " Iah said, crossing his arms.

"Say something Youko, " Mayu commanded.

"Don't hurt me, " Youko said, adverting my eyes.

Nobuyuki looked at Youko in pain. "No one will hurt you anymore."

Boukyaku got up. A bright light filled their room. The eight of them vanished. He looked up and smiled at us. "You can go home and rest. Especially the two representatives for the tournament. Tomorrow are the finals of the representative tournament."

"It's still going on?" Iah said.

He got up. "Of course. I look forward to seeing you two battle."


Later that day, my family had spent the night together at a hotel in the city. It was nice for all six of us to finally be reunited. Though, Father and Mother gave Kun a stern lecture to not fake one's death.

"So, why did you do it?" I asked, staring at my triplet.

Kun sat down on the king side bed. "I can't tell you. Nahimana told me not to do so. I raised his arm which had a golden bracelet. "Until I can remove this, I am not free. I still got to find our leader... though I think I ran into her a while back."

"Huh?" Yutika said. "Isn't Nahimana your boss?"

"Kun, there's someone to see you, " Shandian said, poking his head in. "It's Nahimana. She says that she need to talk to you urgently."

Kun stood up. "Seems that I got to go now." He smiled. "Now that I think about it, today's our birthday, isn't it?"

Yutika and I exchanged glances. "Yeah, " we said in unison.

"Happy birthday!" all three of us said at once.

Shandian pouted. "Let me say it together with you three!"

"Alright, " Yutika said. "One, two, and three..."

"Happy Birthday!" all four of us said.

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this fourth arc (1st was the 'Road to Wahkan', 2nd was the 'Exam', 3rd was the 'Strongest Exchange First Year Tournament') ^_^. You know, this would've made a nice ending for this book... but it ain't over yet! There is actually one left (yeah, I know that at one point I called it the 'last arc' but that's because I sort of consider what comes as the resolution to the 3rd and 4th arcs more than one of its own). Can you guess what the final four will focus on? What are you hoping for what remains in this book and the one to come, Descent of Darkness.

The song is 'Would it Matter' by Skillet. It kind of fits with this being the ending of the main arc of this Book.**

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