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"The world will crumble once the seventy-two pillars have fallen"


"Who are you?" Boukyaku said as he collapsed to the ground

"I am a beast that's lived for a thousand years. That your pathetic race would ever think of trapping me is inconceivable but you did it even if it was for a short time. For trapping me I'll kill you all, starting with you Kyuu Seishinians. This woman will see those she cared about the most be destroyed before her eyes."

"NO, " I said mentally.

Lucette appeared out of the woods and grabbed me with strings of light. "Give Mayu back her body."

"Stay away!" Boukyaku yelled. He coughed out blood. "I'll handle this."

"So this woman has replace Mayu, " the snake whispered into Boukyaku's ear. "Mayu loved you so much that she even gave up on you to save your life." She used her tail to throw Boukyaku at Lucette. "Keep him, he's worthless now." My body stopped moving. "You dare to put up a fight?"

"I will kill you, " I said. I summoned a needle. "Even if I have to sacrifice my own life to save his and the other's, I'll do it. Living has no meaning without them."

Boukyaku reached his arm out. "Don't, Mayu...don't sacrifice anything else for me." Tears stained his cheeks. "Gods..."

"I'm sorry, " I said, taking back control over my body. I stabbed myself but the needle cracked due to the Seven Star snake's scales around me.


A diamond wall covered me.

Haroun came out of the woods and made his diamond barrier stronger.

The Seven Star serpent destroyed the barrier by swinging its tail around like a sword.

"Nothing in this world is harder than my scales, " the serpent said. My body transformed completely into its snake form.

It slithered over to Haroun and grabbed him. "Mayu, you hate foreigners don't you? Well I'll give you the pleasure of killing this one."

Haroun stares at me defiantly.

Vita hit me with a yari but it snapped as soon as it touched my skin. My tail whipped her multiple times.

Luckily she resisted all of them.

"Help me, " I yelled out.

"Need help?" a mysterious voice called out.

I looked up and saw a pink haired girl standing in front of me. She moved past me like a spirit.

"I'll save you, Mayu. I understand your pain a little...I almost killed someone out of hatred too. No, I have killed out of revenge, back when I was a child."

"Are you a goddess? No, you're Xian's priestess, " I said.

The girl smiled as she encased me in a bright light.

I looked back and saw the Seven Star snake fall into the pit. The thing slithered towards the priestess. "Who are you?"

The girl glared at the snake.

"You're...that woman, you're that girl from all those years back, aren't you?"

"So you know my mother, " the girl said, pushing her hair back. "A serpent like you should never have been captured. I lack the body and the power to fight you right now. I must return, Lei might need my help."

The girl looked over her shoulder.

"Mayu, even if I saved you I want you to know that if you, or your friends ever dare to touch Lei again I'll kill you myself." Her red eyes were the color of blood.

"Right, Adela, " I said.

"Adela?" Boukyaku said.

The priestess showed herself to Boukyaku. "I did this to repay you for helping us, now survive young king. I look forward to seeing all of you once we've dealt with the true leader of the eight."

That guy is fighting the freshmen? He's never gotten this involved before...

The serpent swiped at Adela but it went through her. Adela vanished.

"The Xian are really something, " Lucette said. "That girl is their head priestess, right?"

"Yes, " Boukyaku said. "That girl...could she have mastered the Xian's skills at so young an age?"

I watched as the serpent dug underground.

"Where is it going?" I said, interrupting his thoughts.

"I can guess where he's going to, " Boukyaku said. He coughed out blood.

I pulled out a potion talisman and grabbed his arm. "Take off your shirt."

He smiled. "If only we were dating, " he said.

I hit his head. "This is serious." I sighed. "I'll do it."

His face turned re

ot us?"

He narrowed his eyes. "How do you know about that?"

He chuckled. "I was observing Lei and Yutika during the test." He patted Shandian's head. "Nice work protecting Serein by the way."

Shandian grinned.

Kun lifted him up into his arms. "Last I saw you, you were two. Look how tall you're getting, you'll passed Lei and me for sure!"

"Nah. I saw you a few days ago. Did you forget?"

I gasped. That was right... Lei had confessed that Nuk was Kun... and Kun even accompanied us all the way here in his disguise as Nuk. How come we had forgotten about his Nuk persona?

"Kun, " Yen said, narrowing her eyes. "You saw our brother fight and you didn't stop him?"

He put Shandian down. "Uh..."

"You should take your big brother duties seriously, " Sarah said, chuckling. "Though I guess you did, revealing your identity to save these two. As for what your younger brother said..."

Yutika and Lei smiled. "Now, I remember..." Yen said, touching her head. "But why did we forget?"

Kun glanced over at Nahimana.

"I found her. The serpent was taken to the front of the school, " Iah said, interrupting Lei's sibling moment. He had both his eyes closed.

"Are you all fine?" Lucette asked.

"We are, " Ulissis said.

I nodded but my side ached as if my wounds had re-openned.

"Don't struggle, " Lei said. "You used up a lot of your power keeping those flames at bay." I leapt over to him and embraced him.

"At the very least you're fine. I thought that you were going to have an attack."

"Let me go, too tight, " Lei said, his face bright red.

My face turned red. "Sorry."

Lei winced but tried to smile. "I'm glad that you're fine too. I was wondering if you would wake up at all."

"So little Lei found himself a girlfriend? Not to mention, it's little Adela!"

Lei blushed. "Me and her...I don't like her like that."

"Stop teasing them, Iah, " Nyima said. She glanced over at Lei. "I haven't thanked you yet. Thanks for protecting me against Shiori, but next time leave it to me to dodge. I don't want you getting hurt for my sake."

Iah glared at Lei. "Getting all the girls now?"

"Woah, you're a ladies man!" Kun said.

Yuzuki narrowed her eyes. "Lei..."

Do I have another rival?

Nyima glared back at Iah. "We were worried about him as he was hurt, you're fine."

"I was hurt yesterday and you didn't show this kind of worry. Also, my eyes ache." He grinned. "Ah whatever, I'm glad to see the entire team reunited for more than a few seconds."

**Solar Note: Did you like the cameos? I hope that you enjoyed it. Get ready, this arc will come to an end soon! Btw, if you wish to know exactly how Lei knows Hideo, read my Legend of the Five Knights series if you haven't already ^_^!**

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