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   Chapter 112 NO.112

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"One will surrender their life for the one they love..."

Previously on Novus Magus: The battle between the exchange students and Mayu's group is drawing to a close. Mayu and the true leader, 'Kitsune' are the only ones remaining. As the battle rages on, Lei and Yen inch closer to the boy who claims to be Kun.


"What do you want to show us?" Yen asked.

"It's a 'who', not a 'what', " Hikaru responded as he pushed aside some debris blocking the way. Those special eyes of his really were something, considering the guy is normally weaker than I am.

What do you think is going on upstairs?" Nyima asked.

"Not sure but it doesn't sound good, " I said. Using a gust of wind, I flew down to the lowest steps. It was a miracle that the steps even managed to survive that attack.

As I was about to enter the room, a tail attacked. Thankfully I felt it coming. I grabbed the tail and stabbed it with my wind-laced wands.

The beast roared as it felt its blood start to churn. I grinned. "Is this the big boss?"

If only this spelled had worked on Shiori... instead, I was the one affected.

"Lei, " Ulissis said. He stood in a corner of the basement along with an unconscious Setsu and Renshu. His eyes were focused on Sarah and a cloaked boy who were battling a man covered in foxtails.

"It's that boy from before, " Yen said.

"You know him?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded. "He's the one who brought Sarah back home. Also, he helped me located Hika."

Hikaru stepped forward. "You know who he truly is, don't you?"

She pressed her lips. "He saved me after Mayu had injured me. That guy looks just like us."

Like us? can that be? Unless if...

I took in a deep breathe. "Kun!"

The boy glanced back and smiled. He jumped back, avoiding a tail, and landed next to Yen and me.

"You two, what are you doing here? Let the middle triplet handle this. Especially you Lei, there's too much dust flying around."

I shook my head and hugged him tightly. "Big brother!"

Kun chuckled as he patted my head. "Big brother? What's with that reaction? You hate calling Yu and me 'big' sister and 'big' brother."

"Little brother!" Yen said, hugging both of us. I hug her back.

"Stop it you two, you're embarrassing me, " Kun said.

"Sorry to cut your reunion short but we could use some help here!" Sarah called out as she avoided tails.

I let go of my siblings. "What's this guy's magic?"

"Fire, " Hikaru said as he shielded Sarah with his light angel spell. "However, he's only been attacking us with his tails."

The man chuckled. "Now that the annoying triplet is here, I think that I'll erase you all!" He looked up. "Kohaku, Shiori...they've been defeated too."

Ulissis stared at the unconscious Setsu next to him. "All of your members are gone now except for Mayu."

The fox closed its eyes. "Mayu should be able to deal with all of you herself. After al

oisonous needles but all of them bounced off of its diamond-hard skin. Its fangs stabbed my arms.

I feel to the floor. My vision had started to become hazy but I couldn't give up. I had to save him, I couldn't allow the only man I loved to die.

I activated my Orochi no Me and looked directly at the snake. "Listen to me."

The snake glared at me. "You aren't a fox no matter how much you wish you were. That fox boy is being killed by your own stupidity."

"You know?"

"Looking at your eyes tells me so."

"Then you should know my situation. Please save Boukyaku, help me save my boyfriend!"

"Interesting...I'm amazed that such a bigoted woman such as yourself can love someone with his background."

"I..." Tears strained my eyes. "I... It's true, I do love him. That's why you should save him!"

The snake seemed to smile. "I will help you save him but you must promise you'll come back here after you save him. Oh yeah, once he wakes up break up with him."

"What? I...I can't."

"Would you rather he die over never being yours again?"

No, if I had allowed him to die I would've regretted it more than anything, even more than seeing him with another woman.

I held my tears back. "Save him." I finished healing my hand and got up. "I don't care if I must be break up with him, just save him."

The serpent lowered its head. I chipped part of its fangs off with a couple needles. "Don't forget your promise, girl."

I glared at her. "I won't."

"So you've remembered, " the Seven Star snake voice rang in my head.

"You, " I said.

Boukyaku loosened his hold on me. "Are you alrigh-" Blood splattered my face.

A snake tail had stabbed him in the back, on the side of his heart.

"I saved your life once but now you've forfeited it, " the Seven Star snake said, using my body and voice.

**Solar Note: What did you think of Mayu and Boukyaku's past? Of the nine antagonists, who did you like best?**

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