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   Chapter 110 NO.110

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I turned around and saw Sarah running in with two masked ones. However, they weren't animal masks.

The fox targeted the boy with the masquerade like mask. The boy blocked the tail with his bare arms and laughed as he twisted the tail but it faded out and reappeared again.

The fox moved all of its tails away from Ulissis and directed them at us.

A second tail smacked the mask off of the boy. Turquoise eyes looked over at me. Yet, for some reason the boy's hair had turned white since I last saw him two years ago.

I rushed at the boy, and pushed him into the wall. "Who are you?"

He grinned similar to Lei. "I am your friend."

I shook my head. "You're dead!"

He scoffed. "You should've known that wasn't true. You should've caught on during the trip on the boat. Don't tell me that you didn't have suspicions?"

I dropped him to the floor. "Tell me, why didn't you reveal yourself to your siblings? Don't you know how much Yen and Lei have suffered without you in their lives?"

Kun chuckled. "Is that so?"

I raised him by the collar of his cloak and punched him but he stopped my punch. He kicked me, causing me to drop him. He caught himself and ran toward the fox. "Want to replay out last battle? This isn't about us! This is about protecting my siblings' dreams, at least is for me!"

I stood up and looked over at the beast.

"What's your past with Hikaru?" Sarah asked as she laughed. "Though you triplets are his friends so it's not surprising."

I glared at Sarah. "You knew?"

"I had my suspicions after hearing Tahoma's phone call, " Orion said, nodding to himself.

"Ignore him, you two help me battle" Kun said as he summoned his wand. He leapt into the air as a fox tail crashed into the wall behind him. "You have desecrated sacred grounds and hurt

d the steps. I think Miwa called her 'Kohaku' during the briefing.

"I forgot that there was another one, " Kun said, glancing back.

Kohaku rushed in and grabbed Wanikiya. "Give up or he dies?"

"No, " Orion said, spinning around.

Wanikiya clenched his teeth as all of the power from his spirit went back inside him.


"I got to go help the others, " I said, rising from the bed.

"Wait, " Adela said. "You barely got better!"

I turned my back to her. "I'll be fine. You should rest."

Nyima ran over to me and hugged my back. "Listen to her. I don't want to see you nearly die."

My face flushed. Man, was I lucky to have these girls are my teammates and friends.

"How about we all go?" I suggested. "I got a feeling that Iah went with the others."

I also have a feeling that someone else is there...

"I'll take you there, " Bokyaku said as he entered with his teammates.

"Be wary, " his aunt advised him. "Don't let your feelings cloud your actions."

Boukyaku smiled. "I won't."

"Yeah, hopefully you don't. If you do then you might end up like the Shield-Knight, " Hideo said, keeping his eyes down.

Shield Knight? Did he mean... that guy I met years ago?

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