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"The Dragon of Earth joins the fray to defend the freedom of his friends"


That Nyima, why did she care about how Yuuta was feeling? Did she develop some feelings for him while fighting him or something? No, probably before, she had spent a lot of time with him as when we were working on the festival. Gah, why did these thoughts even fill my head.

I handed Ren over to the guards and rushed back to the nurse's office. The festival had been canceled for the day as the heavy rain destroyed most of the stalls. Way to go Nyima!

I stopped outside of the nurse's office. That Shiori guy did this to her and the others. I ran outside and transformed. I climbed the outer wall of the school and leaped up into the roof.

"Iah, this is a pleasant surprise, " Eien said. A giant eagle, falcon thing was fighting Shiori on equal footing. "An's familiar is taking care of Shiori. Let's go and back up the others."

"Hey! Will his bird be alright by itself?"

"Insolent child!" the bird yelled. "I'm a stage three familiar, of course I am fine by myself."

I snickered. "Just checking!"

An warped next to me. "I have also found Hikaru and Yen. Yen is being taken care of by a kid while Hikaru is within some ruins, fighting some beast."

"Setsu, Shiori, Kohaku, and Mayu are the only ones left, " Eien said, crossing his arms together. "Shiori on the run. Have you found the other two?"

"Setsu is in the ruins. It seems that Hikaru managed to defeat her. Wanikiya and Ulissis seem to be in pain but are alright, " An said. "Mayu was likely going to use them to lure us into a trap. Hikaru is also currently in battle against 'Kitsune'. As for the last ones, I can't tell where they are."

Shiori slashed the air, striking Ying. "You have messed with me long enough!"

An spat out blood. "Ying, retreat." Ying's body dissolved into pink light.

"An!" Ning said, jumping up into the ceiling. She put a hand on his shoulder. She glared at Shiori as he landed on the rooftop.

The weasel wobbled. Blood was rolling down from his right arm. "Curses, I have to retreat." He transformed into a weasel and vanished in a gust of wind.

"Coward, he's just like Youko!" I yelled.

"I'll go after him, " Ning volunteered, summoning her gun.

An grabbed her hand. "Wait, it's too dangerous."

Eien sat down. He was also bleeding. "What happened to the festival?"

"It was canceled thanks to Nyima's rain destroying the stalls and the parade, " I said.

"Yeah, that's why we're here, "

ind covered the tower. "You can't escape now." She glanced at An. "Especially with a dead teleporter."

An was on the floor, his breath heavy.

"Hold on, " Ning said. She placed his arm around her small shoulders. "I'll protect him. Meanwhile, go and rescue our friends."

"Ning, " Orichalcum yelled. She was accompanied by Ona. Yuzuki and the rest of the second and third years were nowhere in sight.

"Good, you two made it, " Ning said as she watched her surroundings as she backed away.

"Let me help you, " Ona said, walking over to her.

"No you won't!" Shiori yelled, rushing down from the sky.

Eien blew fire at him, keeping him away from the second-years and An. "Flame Dragon!" A fire dragon rose up from his hands igniting the wall. The oxygen around us was quickly devoured.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"Nothing, " Eien said. He glanced at the sky. "A barrier?"

Zelde broke the barrier by sending the flames away. "Leave Shiori and Kohaku to us."

Miwa who had remained quiet for the most part transformed into a tanuki and grabbed Shiori.

Mayu's snake grabbed her tail and bite her.

Miwa continued to squeeze Shiori. "Give me an antidote or he dies."

Mayu sliced Miwa's tail which turned out to be sand. Mayu's snake yelled. "Sand..."

Miwa grinned. "You're going down." She reformed her tail and sent more sand flying into the air.

"Good job!" Ning said. She and Ona vanished into the forest with An meanwhile the rest of us rushed into the tower as sand covered the air.

**Solar Note: I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. Think that Yen, Kun, and Lei will finally reunite? Tell me what your favorite part was!**

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