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[Years Ago]

"Hikaru..., " Kun said as blood dripped down his mouth. He smiled as he stepped back toward the edge of the sea cliff near his house. "This is the end... I've lost."

I reached my hand out toward him but I was still too far. "Why are you doing this?"

He chuckled. "This is all pre-destined. You will one day be forced to do the same." He put his hand over his chest. "You must contain the darkness with you. Today you slew the darkness within me. One day, I will return the favor." He spat out more blood. "Now, let's finish this!" He charged at me.

Blood tears stained my eyes. "Kun... I killed Kun..." I shook my head. " a murderer."

The man with the fox mask nodded. "So true, you're no better than us." He leaned in closer until I could hear his whisper with ease. "Actually, you're worse."

I closed my eyes. "I'm worse?"

"Yes, you're a demon. That's why your parents abandoned you."

My hand pushed against the chains. Light blasted them away despite previously being unable to do so.

I glared at the man and removed my contracts, revealing deep crimson eyes.

The man stepped back. "Those eyes... they're real."

Setsu stepped in between us. Shivers ran down her entire body as soon as she saw my blood colored eyes. "What are they? They're giving out a high energy reading."

I covered my face. "Owari no Me or Eyes of the End." I warp behind her and kick her into the opposing wall, creasing a tiny crater. "You shouldn't have dragged me out." I charged at Fox Mask and pushed him up against a wall. My nails dug into his neck, causing him to scream. "A demon you called me? Well, what do you think now?"

A white tail slapped my entire body, sending me flying into the adjacent wall.

"Owari no Me or not, you are a menace to this

Kyuu-Hyakuians shall die! All shall die!"

The fox grinned. "You're just like that girl back in the boat."

"Who are you?" Wanikiya said as he let go of him.

"I am the one who switched the last one from Aban to Wanikiya. I also had the original bracket changed, not that Eien and Koukyuu minded working on it again. Ah, to have such diligent progeny. In the first round, it was supposed to be Adela vs. Iah, Hikaru vs. Yen, and Ayawamat vs. Lei. The only one that happened to be the same was Zelde vs. Nyima."

Wanikiya froze the fox's tails. "That is all interesting but who exactly are you, give me a name!"

Flames flew out of the fox's mouth. The ice around the tails melted. "Enough playing around, you die here!"

"You won't kill anyone, " Ulissis shouted. The chains that held him had been snapped after having been frozen. He shielded us as flames flew directly at him. The flames vanished as they touched him.

"Move out of the way!" The tails swung at him but those also vanished. Actually, the entire fox started to vanish in and out.

"Hikaru!" a voice shook the tower.

**Solar Note- I hope that you enjoyed this chapter :). Any ideas as to who called Hikaru's name?**

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