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   Chapter 107 NO.107

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"Their roads converge once more"


"What's going on?" Ry said as he pushed his wet blond hair back. "That storm, it was magic, wasn't it?"

I nodded. "It seemed to have originated from the rooftop of the school. Whoever it was, they must've depleted their prana, unless if they have a medium or high level 2 magicae organum."

Nahimana tapped our shoulders. "Let's get going. This isn't our fight."

Suddenly a sharp pain ran through my body. I collapsed into the concrete.

"Nuk!" Ry said. He removed his glove and my own. He shuddered as he checked my pulse. "Master, his pulse is very weak."

She lifted me up from the floor. "Let's go back."

I shook my head. "I can't...something must've happened to either Yen or Lei."

No...not one or the other but both.

Our boss nodded. "Fine, go check on those two. However, be mindful to not get too involved." She let go of me. "We're both coming with you." She looked up as the wind pushed thick clouds toward us. "I'm concerned about master Wanikiya."

I warped us to the direction of the mountain, thinking that perhaps they returned to the dorms.

I closed my eyes. I felt no one at all...there used to be people here but they had left some time ago.

"They aren't here anymore, " I said. I shifted my direction to the east. Someone was making their way here. The pain I felt increased.

I walked toward the person. When I reached the border of the forest something heavy fell into my arms.

My eyes widened as blood dyed my cloak crimson. The person in my arms, it was Yen.

My hands shook as I turned her to her side to check where she was wounded. Her chest was bloodied.

Yen opened her eyes and looked up at me. She smiled.

"Brother...I'm coming to join you soon, Lei might too. I'm sorry...we failed to live out our dream."

I settled her on the ground and removed my mask, placing it over her blood covered face. Though...the blood on her face wasn't her own.

"You fool, you already joined him." I cover my hands in turquoise colored prana. "How could you have forgotten about me! Do you truly not recall that I'm still alive? That I spent days hanging out with you? And I won't let you die! The same goes for our little brother! Lei will live!"

"That blood she has, " Ry said. He pulled my mask off of my sister's face. "Who does it belong to?"

"Hikaru, " Nahimana said, gasping.

"Hikaru, Renshu, Wanikiya, and Ulissis, " Yen muttered in a daze. "They're in danger."

Boss narrowed her eyes. "Rhys, Kun, take care of things here." She removed her mask.

"Rhys, " I said, pushing myself up from the co

at you. Are you truly the heir? You don't act like a Wahkan at all. You're a quivering coward. Besides, you should've thought about it before you decided to accept taking Ayawamat's position on the boat."

Wanikiya nodded. "I should've, and you're right, I am weak."

"No!" I managed to shout between my pain filled shrieks. How could he even think of saying that? "Don't give in!"

Wanikiya smiled painfully. "It's over..."

I curled my hands into fists. How could he just surrender like this? "It isn't over." My red markings spread up to the neck and lower jar. "I won' defeated." I tried to break the chains but as expected, they wouldn't budge.

"It's useless to struggle, Hikaru no Mikoto."

I glared at him as I clenched my teeth. "How did you know?"

He snickered as if I had just asked a stupid question. "I did some research into your background. I couldn't find out everything I wanted to but I did figure out an interesting tidbit. You were abandoned by your parents, weren't you?"

My nails dug deeper into my skin until I could feel warm blood ooze out.

He pointed his sword at me and chuckled. "Your siblings and you were abandoned by those you had expected to love you. Feng and Harmonica Rios raised you three. The two took care of you as if you were their son."

I shook my head, I knew where he was going with this...

He let out a belly laugh as he pressed his katana's sharp end against my chin. "Yutika, Kun, and that fool were like siblings to you. Despite that, you ended up killing one of them, isn't that right?"

I jumped up, causing the chair to move back rapidly. I nearly crashed into the stone wall behind me. How did he know that? Just who was this man? Was he some sort of deity?

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