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"The Heavens Roar as the day of Judgment nears"


An teleported us to a pristine, white sand beach.

"You again, " a voice called out. We turned and saw Nobuyuki run toward us. He slowed down and summoned his flaming Kunai. "Where did you come from? How did you find me?"

An unsheathed his sword from his back and pointed it at the cat boy. "You're the one who tried to intimidate Sarah, isn't that right? The one whom I fought in the forest." He smiled. "How about we settle that match once and for all?"

He stepped back and threw his burning weapon at him.

I raised a long stream of water out of the sea, covering Nobuyuki's path and catching his kunai. "Tell me, are you still on their side?" I asked.

Nobuyuki looked down. "I don't know. There are a few things I'll like to talk to Youko about before I make a choice."

"Gah, " a girl yelled. I allowed the water to recede. For some reason it was turning red.

Adela, who was a few feet away, turned to look at me. Her wand was covered in fresh blood. "I'm not afraid to kill if it means defending my friends, " Adela said, yanking Youko's hair.

Alto wielded lightning in his hands. "Neither am I."

"Please spare me, " Youko cried, shutting her eyes.

Is this really Adela? Last time she acted remotely like this, was when she first met Boukyaku, but compared to now that was normal.

"Stop it, " I yelled. "Don't you two see that you've beaten her into a bloody pulp? Don't become like her by covering your hands in her blood." I took in a deep breath, calming down my nerves. "Also, Adela, you're the Head Priestess of the Goddess of Light."

Adela pushed Youko into the sand. "I'll spare you but if you dare to attack my friends again then you won't be so lucky. Even the Goddess of Mercy doesn't shy away if she's wronged twice."

What's with this? Why do I feel bad for Youko and afraid of her?

"Something the matter?" Adela said. Her red eyes seemed bloody.

I stepped away from her and shook my head. "No."

She ran past us and pointed her wand at Nobuyuki. "Are you here to back up your friend?"

Nobuyuki grabbed her wand and pushed her into the sand. "So I was right, you foreigners are as violent as Ren's mom and Mayu say you are."

Adela looked down at her blood covered hands. Her eyes widened as if she barely realized what was going on. She curled up into a ball. "No, not again. I didn't mean to draw blood."

"Adela, " I said, reaching out to touch her shoulder. She started to cry, so I hugged her tightly like Lei had done back in the boat. "Come, let's take Youko back to Koukyuu."

"I am a murder, " Adela mumbled. "I...I'm even worse than Mayu."

"Her mental state is unstable, " An said. "She needs some rest. Nobuyuki, come with us, you'll be able to question Youko back at school."

Nobuyuki backed away. "After seeing the way your friend acted why should I trust you? You are the same as us and yet you criticize us? You hate us as much as we hate you."

"That's not true!" I said. "It's true that we hold a grudge against Kyuu Seishin's past actions but not against its current people."

"Nobuyuki, help me, " Youko muttered.

Nobuyuki ran over to her. "Don't worry, I'll help you. But first, did you stab Ren?"

"She did, " snapped Adela. "She dared to hurt him, Iah, and Arima to get her way."

"Shut it, I won't listen to what a crazy person like you has to say."

I hugged Adela tighter. "Don't listen to him. You may be suffering from anxiety but you're not crazy."

Tears fell from Adela's eyes. "He's right, I'm not the most stable person. I almost killed Youko like how she almost killed Ren."

"Why do you keep sa

the power of a level three mage, " Alto said.

"Level three mage?"

"That's Shiori's magic level. We're level one mages, Eien and Miwa are level two it seems."

I uncovered my eyes and saw that Koukyuu was trying to heal Ren, Lei, and Adela at the same time. "Hold on you two. I promised myself that I wouldn't lose any more students this year."

"Wait, they've killed other students in the past?"

"No, but they did wound them to the point that they couldn't use magic anymore, " said Ning as she opened the door. She looked over at Adela. "She knows one of them. Renshu does too."

"Did you find him yet?" An asked. His psychic powers didn't work no matter much he had tried to locate him

She nodded. "He's likely in the old ruins in Ryuu no Yama. Orichalcum and Ona are on their way there as we speak."

"There!" Koukyuu lowered her head. The wounds of Adela and Lei had closed. She struggled to move. "Damn that kid, he did major damage to their insides too. I will need a break."

"How did he do this?"

"He cut their veins using a very dangerous wind spell. The spell was slow and they were cut little by little. Try not to get into any trouble you two. Also take Ren to where the others are."

"Nyima, " Iah said. His clothes were stuck to his skin due to being wet. He glanced at me, Adela, and Lei. "What happened? Was that sudden heavy rain was yours? And what about those two?"

"Yes, " I said. I smiled at him. "Don't worry Lei and Adela are fine." I coughed up something warm. The ground looked red but it was hard to tell in the darkness.

"You're bleeding, " An said.

"We need someone to heal you, " Iah said, holding me.

Alto pulled out something from Adela's coat pocket and ran over to me. "Open your mouth, this should restore some of your prana." I drank the cold liquid which caused my body to feel lighter.

"That hit the spot, " I said. "Iah, can you take Ren to where the security guards are. Also, can you give Yuuta a drink of water, he must be dying of thirst."

Iah leaned in closely. "You know, I'm a little jealous, " he said before turning around to take Ren to where the others were.

Huh? What does he mean by that?

I laid down in a bed and closed my eyes, drifting to sleep. Hoping that when I woke everything would be better.

**Solar Note: What do you think about what happened to Lei, Nyima, and Adela? Are you surprised to see three of the four MCs out of commission?**

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