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   Chapter 104 NO.104

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"When all hope is lost, a light shall guide the way"


"Brother, " Yen said once we returned. She was tending to a wounded Hikaru. "I'm glad to see that you're safe."

I looked around. There was no sign of the sophomores or Ms. Key. "Where did the others go?"

"They continued the chase after Hikaru, Zelde, Wanikiya, and Hal were thrown off course by Setsu."

So that's why Hal had those burns on his clothing.

"Those bastards, " Wanikiya muttered to himself. He stood by a resting Zelde.

I ran over to Zelde's side. "Is she alright?" I asked.

"She was greatly injured trying to protect Hal against that Setsu girl, " Wanikiya responded, avoiding making eye contact with me. Ice covered the ground under his feet. "I'll get them for this." His finger nails dug deeper into his skin.

I nodded. "Of course we will. They'll regret messing with us."

"Calm down, " Sarah said, pacing around in circles. "Keeping a cool head is more beneficial than rushing at them with murderous intent." She said that despite having her hands tightly clenched together.

Wanikiya punched the ground, cracking it into tiny shards of frozen rock. "They will pay. They must!"

Sarah placed a hand on his shoulders. "Hey, listen." Ice encased her hand. She backed away.

"Calm down!" An snapped, grabbing Sarah's frozen hand. "Look what you're doing."

Wanikiya stared at the ice now covering most of us. "Guys...I'm sorry." He touched his forehead. "I...I need some rest." He staggered forward.

Nyima grabbed his arm before he fell. "Lay down. You aren't in any condition to walk. Your left leg, let me see it."

Wanikiya sat down on the half frozen ground and lifted his left pant leg. His left ankle was encased with ice. Underneath the ice was crimson blood.

Adela glanced over to review the wound. Her eyes became furious. "You thought of walking back home like this? You can lose your leg if you don't tend to it."

Wanikiya stared at my teammates blankly. "I couldn't protect anyone, so why do I matter?"

Sarah walked back over to him and slapped him. "Snap out of it, you dolt. Are you suicidal? You won't be able to protect even yourself with that attitude!"

Nyima nodded her head and smiled at her fellow water mage. "Nice job Sarah."

"Go easy on him, " Hikaru said, sitting up straight. One of his eyes barely opened.

"Brother, " Yu


"That was my last one, " he said, closing his eyes. He removed his pair of white gloves. "I am immune to most poisons so I didn't bring more than one for that rare poison that can actually kill me."

"You're immune?" Iah asked.

"That coming from you?" Arima questioned, laughing.

Iah looked down at the antidotes. "Well poison is one of the few ways to kill me, " he whispered to her.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind in case we fight a fellow yellow dragon of yours in the future, " Arima said.

What were they talking about? Was it related to what Miwa had said about his healing ability?

"Here's one antidote, " Hal said, handing one to each one of us. Be careful not to spill it, also don't be risky just because you have a cure. The antidote will dispel the poison and give you immunity to further poisoning for at least half an hour. That half an hour could be less though, that snake of hers might be more potent than I am guessing."

"Thanks, " Arima said. "You're the best."

"You really are amazing, " An said weakly as Xue helped him get into bed.

Hal smiled as he sat his head against his desk. "Now, let me rest."

Yen grabbed a blanket from a basket and put it over him. "Good night."

Hal hugged the blanket, covering half of his face. "Thanks, now leave. We have a busy day tomorrow."

I nodded. He was right. Tomorrow we were going to war with those eight masked ones. We weren't going to allow their transgression against us to be ignored any further!

**Solar Note: Prepare for War! Novus Magus is nearing it's climax :D!**

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