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"The mask shatters but what lies behind it?"


Eien's father froze the vines into icy ribbons. "Stop!"

"We won't, " said a girl wearing salamander's mask. She shot out fire from her mouth, igniting the frozen vines and the school itself. At least for a brief moment, until the ice overpowered the flames. "Grr. Damn you!"

The nurse's office opened and out came Eien and Arima. Arima seemed dazed. "Can we please pass through?" Eien said, supporting Arima. "I have a patient here who needs to go home and get some rest."

"It's all your fault!" the snake girl yelled. She threw a needle at Eien but Arima blocked it with her arm. She winced, falling to the ground if not for Eien's help.

The second prince's eyes widened. "That needle..."

"Arima!" Alto yelled. He shot lightning at the snake girl, but it was blown away by the boy in the weasel mask. Alto gathered more electricity in his hands. "Don't stand there, we have run enough! It's time to fight."

I summoned my butterfly swords and aim for the salamander masked girl. "Exactly, I've been saying this for a while now!"

"You're that... no you're her twin brother, " she said, shaking her head.

"You met Yen?"I asked.

"Nyima, go back to the stand, " Adela ordered. "I'll go heal Arima."

Nyima gathered water around her. "I'll alert the others and return here as soon as I can." She came to a stop as razor wind cut the floor a few inches from where she was. She leapt back and glanced over at the weasel-masked boy who had cast the spell.

"Arima, don't get injured as soon as you have woken up, " Eien said, holding her tightly. "Father we need to get a poison expert to see her. This is serious."

"Yes, I'll contact Mr. Suzuran to heal her."

"I'm on it, " Miwa said, pulling out a pink cell phone. The phone exploded in her hands. "What?"

The salamander girl grinned as flames danced around her. "She's going to die, and so are all of you. That is, unless if you get out of our country!"

I reached for my phone but I stopped. She would've just blown it up like she did with Miwa's. "First let's get rid of these five, " I said, gathering wind around me.

Eien father swiftly moved in a circle around them and gently touched each of the five's masks; shattering them as soon as he stepped away from them.

Three of the five I had seen before. The tanuki was Yuuta, the weasel was Shiori, and their leader was Mayu.

Yuuta grinned nervously in the direction of Nyima.

"How can it be him?" Nyima said, shaking her head. "You were there when the guy with the tanuki mask came to save his colleague."

Yuuta smiled impishly. "Well, you were wrong. Seems that you fell for it."

She attacked Yuuta with a water dragon which froze upon contact due to the cold air lingering around him and the other four.

"Sorry, " Yuuta said, looking at the shattered floor. He closed his eyes and the hall became a desert as soon as he opened them. The five were gone like the wind.

"Where are we?" Ulissis asked, looking at the huge dunes around us.

"It's an illusion, " Adela responded as she squatted down. She picked up a handful of sand and gasped. "It feels so real though."

Eien's father falls to the ground. "This heat..."

"Father!" Eien shouted. He shifted the scene to an icy mountain. "Is that better?"

His father nodded."Yes, thanks."

"Amazing, you overrode Yuuta's eyes, " Miwa said.

Eien smiled before collapsing. The snow mountain vanished, but thankfully we were back in school.

"Eien, " Miwa yelled. She caught him before his head could hit the ground. "Are you okay? Answer me."

"He overexerted himself to break Yuuta's illusion, " Shin'en said as he stared at his young son. "Let him rest. For now we have to get in contact we need to find another poison specialist."

"So that really was Mayu?" Miwa said.

"Yes, her father could be in on this." He glanced over at the bench, Nobuyuki was also gone.

"You can't be here, " a voice called. It came from inside the nurse's office.

I ran inside only to find myself in the desert again. Iah was on the floor shaking as if in pain while everyone else seemed dumbfounded by what had happened.

"Where's Ren?" Adela asked.

"Ren is gone, " Koukyuu said as she pulled a dagger out of her right arm.

"Are you alright?" Hideo asked, staring at the wound. He gazed around at the desert. "This power... it's just

were from outside of the country for the same reasons that Nobuyuki does."

"That woman I saw must have been her, " Adela said. "Ren seemed upset with her."

"Nobuyuki?" Iah said. "Isn't that Ren's friend?"

"He's one of the eight, he he's the one who wears the mask of the nekomata, " Miwa said. "As you said, he is Ren's childhood friend. I hate to say it but Ren's mom's words seem to have gotten into his head."

"Excuse me. I'm here, " Hal said, poking Boukyaku in the back. "Please let me through."

"Ah, sorry, " Boukyaku said, moving out of the way.

Hal was covered in smoke. Part of his white t-shirt had been burned off.

Ulissis moved out of the way.

Hal summoned a needle and inserted it into the same point Mayu's needle hit.

"What are you doing?" Adela asked as she kept her eyes on the needle.

"I'm pulling the poison now be quite, I need concentration."

His body slumped from time to time as if he were falling asleep.

"Done." He removed the needle and warped it away. "I'll be using that sample later. Adela, concoct a prana restoration potion to fix the damage done to her prana channels." He patted Ulissis's shoulders. "Man, I didn't know you were also a poison mage."

Ulissis shook his head. "I'm not."

"Huh? How did you stop the poison from spreading then?"

"I'm not sure, it just stopped as soon as I touched her."

"Go home and rest, " Boukyaku said. "Tomorrow is the second day of the festival. Miwa meet up with you in front of the school. I'll come meet you as soon as I finish my battle for class representative."

"Who are the junior reps this year?" Miwa asked.

He grinned. "It's my entire team."

"Wow, " Nyima said. "So Vita and Haroun are facing you two?"

Iah stood up. "I need a nap so I can be ready for tomorrow."

"You won't be coming, " Boukyaku said. "You and Arima should rest. You both used up too much prana."

Iah shook his head and curled his hands into fists. "I can't sit still. I have to get back at those eight."

"We still have a stall to mend, " Ulissis said. "Isn't that right, Hal?"

"Yes, " Hal said. "The damage was minimal so we can fix it tonight and get it up and running for tomorrow."

"What happened when you chased them?" I said. "You look awful."

"We fought them but they overpowered us. If it weren't for the ice spreading over their legs I don't think they would've left us half dead."

"Zelde and Hikaru are they both hurt?"

"Nah, those two weren't hurt, they just exhausted themselves trying to protect me." Hal got up and left.

The rest of us followed. Nyima, Adela, Vermeil, Alto, Ulissis, and I returned to the stall and helped the others fix it and start it up again. Meanwhile, Koukyuu took the three injured ones back to Ms. Key's house to rest.

**Solar Note: I had to cut this chapter into two chapters. I hope you enjoy it anyways :). Tell me what you think about the elaboration on Mayu x Boukyaku?**

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