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"Enjoy your life while avoiding making mistakes that you'll regret for the remainder of it"


"I would like one honey chicken, " a girl with purple hair said. She looked older than us.

"I would like a walnut pie, " the boy with her said. He had brown hair and eyes like those of Yuuta.

"Are you related to Yuuta?" Nyima asked.

The boy touched his dark marks. "I'm his second cousin. We both belong to the Tanuki branch."

"What are you doing here?" a boy asked. It was Nobuyuki. "Why are you two buying food from these foreigners?"

"Brother, " the girl said, cat ears drooped down.

Nobuyuki pulled the two away from the stall and gave us a dirty look. "Their food may have poisonous. Go and run along, I have something I'll like to discuss with these foreigners."

The girl nodded and ran off with Yuuta's cousin.

Nobuyuki sighed. "Zion, I told her not to visit this place."

I grabbed a slice of chicken and ate it with gusto. "See, it's not poisonous!"

"If you'd like poison, though, I can give you some, " Hal said as he returned. He gave Nobu a wide grin, walking over to my side of the stand with Hikaru and my sister.

Nobuyuki backed away. "I rather not."

I crossed my arms. "I figured that you would act this way... you're the one who attacked Sarah, aren't you?"

Sarah turned around and dropped an empty pan on the floor. She gathered water around her arms. "I have no more doubts after hearing him speak. It's him alright."

Adela closed her eyes. "You're also the one who attacked me in the hallway when we were looking for Nyima, weren't you?"

Nobuyuki grinned. "There's no point in hiding it anymore. Yes, I'm the boy in the cat mask."

"Aqua Dra..." Sarah stopped as she turns her eyes toward some of the other students.

"What? Ren was stabbed?" a passerby said.

Sarah dropped the water around her eyes.

Nobuyuki's ears rose. He ran in the direction of the school.

"Lei, will you be alright cooking everything?" Adela said. "I'll follow him. Perhaps I'll be able to learn something about what happened to Iah and Arima."

I waved my hand. "Of course, I'm Lei Lan after all. Go and check up on them, just promise me you'll be careful."

Adela hugged me, causing my face to heat up. "Thanks a lot."

"What is going on?" Alto said, returning with a box of onions. "Are we out of ingredients again?"

"Ren was hurt, " Zelde said.

"So were Arima and Iah." Eien waved at us. With him was a girl our age from the tanuki branch.

"Arima, " Alto said, dropping the box of onions at the corner of the stall. He grabbed Eien by the shoulders and shook him. "Where are they now? Are they being attended to?"

"I am on my way there, " he said, slapping his hands off of his shoulders. "Follow me."

Ulissis slammed one of the tables. "Damn them. Arima." He clapped his hands. "Please Goddess, save her."

"Iah..., " Nyima said.

"Hikaru can you take over?" I asked.

"Go, " Hikaru

orth. Kyuu Seishin, and our clan, the ruling clan, the Kyuu Hyaku, have fallen in the rankings for years now. It'll take years for us to crawl out of this mess."

"Shut up and don't you dare call yourself a member of my clan, " Nobuyuki said. "You're not even full Xelerian, and not even that, but you have blood from a species outside of this Universe!"

Shin'en scoffed. "Kyuu Seishin isn't only made up of one clan though, nor is this the only Universe that matters, there is much more. Dear child, please be wise and try to see outside of your litter box, you'll grow as an individual if you do." He snapped his fingers causing Nobuyuki's feet to freeze. He takes out a piece of paper, a warrant. "I need you to come with me, I have a couple of questions for you."

"What have I done wrong?"

"Youko, Ren, and you are part of the group that ambushed the teams of Iah and Arima during my niece's class, aren't you?"

"Ren and Youko are, " Miwa said. "Youko stabbed Ren for befriending Adela."

"Ren also confirmed it to us, " Vermeil said. "It'll be wise to investigate their friends to find the other five. Not to mention that a boy named 'Nobu' attacked Sarah and An a couple days ago."

Nobuyuki lowered his head. "Wait, allow me some time. I'll willingly go with you, just let me talk to Ren first, there are a few things I'll like to ask him."

"That's fine, " the regent king said. "I can question you here. Tell me, where did Youko go?"

"I have no idea, " Nobuyuki said. He raised his head. "Ren might have an idea."

"Then tell me who the other five are."

Nobuyuki glanced around. "They're-"

A leaf blade cuts the air between Nobuyuki and Eien's father. Five masked students appeared out of thin air. "Let him go!" the girl in the snake mask ordered. Vines covered the hall.

**Solar Note: What do you think about Nobuyuki and the others? What do you think will happen in the following chapters as Novus Magus raises to it's climax?**

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