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"Love is a way of overcoming being 'star-crossed'"

"You can rest now, " Sarah said, as she and the others arrived. "It's our turn to wear the aprons."

I handed my apron over to my brother. "Did you get to see Iah's match?"

Lei sighed and shook his head. "No, there were too many people, " he said, so we just gave up.

Adela sat a stuffed phoenix down on top of the freezer.

"You won that?" I asked, staring at him skeptically.

She blushed and nodded. "Yes. Uh, well your brother did."

Lei crossed his arms and smiled proudly. "It only took me three tries!"

Nyima happily put a stuffed bunny next to the phoenix.

Yuzuki stared at her stuffed dolphin. "Lei's aim is amazing!"

"Seems like you had fun."I watched as brother smiled. The guy seemed to have developed a harem for himself...

"As did we, " Vermeil said as she walked in. In her hands were several bags of cotton candy. "I brought you all some souvenirs."

"Wow, thanks, " An said. "Um, what is this? A hairball?"

I tried not to snicker. "It is candy, you can eat it."

"I can?" He opened it and bit into it, getting some of it over his face. "It's very sticky,'s delicious."

Xue grabbed a napkin. "Here, wipe your face before we go."

Our teams handed over their aprons over to my brother and Vermeil's teams.

"Where can I buy some more of this stuff?" An asked, gobbling down half of the cotton candy.

Xue grabbed his hand. "Come, I'll show you. Then we can go play some games. Cotton candy is merely touching the surface."

An's eyes glittered. It was hard to believe that just a few days ago he was in deep pain.

"Hey!" Sarah yelled. "Don't take...I mean don't go without me!"

Hal chuckled. "Ah, the blooming love triangle." He glanced back at Vermeil who seemed furious about something. He looked away as her eyes met his.

"You four enjoy your time off too, " he told my group. "Remember, we have to be back here by five to help the others with the late shift." He glanced at the direction of the school. "See ya!"

"You're not going to join your team?" I asked.

"I have some stuff that I'll like to check out first." He waved goodbye.

"Want to go play some games?" Hikaru said. His eyes were as bright as An's.

I crossed my arms. "I understand An, but aren't you a little too old to get this excited?" I laughed. "You're like a child or my brother, either one of them."

"I'm not, " he said. "Come on, don't be so stiff."

I sighed and followed him, leaving Zelde and Wanikiya behind as they looked around at the various stalls for food to try out.

"Welcome one and all, " a red-haired girl said. "Taste our roasted foods."

"Want so


"I heard you talking to Nyima the other day. You wanted some hairpins like her's. I couldn't get enough points to get them so I had to settle for this."

"How much did you spend to get this?"

He took out an empty wallet. "About twenty Ciels."

I unlocked the chain of the necklace. "You should have just bought one, I don't think that this is worth more than twenty dollars."

He grumbled. "If you don't like it then I'll just take it. I'm sure that one of the other girls would like it."

I locked the chain and got up. "It's fine." My face became red. "I don't mind the thought you put into it." His face became as red as mine.

He ruffled his messy brown hair. "That's great, but if you don't really like it then I can just sell it, " he said with silly grin. "By the way, it looks really good on you."


"Hey!" Hal yelled. "I finally found you two."

Hikaru and I moved away from one another. "Uh, did you find out anything on Iah and Arima's battle?" Hikaru asked.

He looked down. "It seems that Youko tried to kill Iah and Arima. I didn't hear much else."

Hikaru and I gasped.

"So, they were willing to go that far after all, " I said. I turned around. "We have to return. The others probably already returned to our food stand."

I wished that we had the chance to enjoy more of the festival than we did, but it was time for us to return to our stations. The others would need all the help they could get as the late shift settled in. But more importantly, they needed to know what happened to Iah and Arima.

**Solar Note: What did you think of the 'date'? Are you glad that there was a break between all the fighting and training? Did the chapter make you like Hikaru and Yen better? Also, what did you think about their 'situation'?**

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