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"What does it mean to be the strongest? What does being 'strong' even mean?"

Previously on Novus Magus: The Festival has begun. The festivities begin with the tournament between us first years: Arima, Ren, Youko, and I. Each of us the semi-finals of the various 'Strongest Freshman' tournaments that occurred weeks ago- Iah


"These two are morons, " I said, chuckling. "Summon your ghosts while I gather energy for my secret weapon."

Arima scoffed as she took stepped forward. "I won't need your help. Spiritus Evocatio!" Seven figures dressed in white robes manifested right in front of Youko and Ren. Two spirits unsheathed swords while another two drew bows. The two with bows fired off ghostly arrows that followed the other two no matter where they went.

Ren's purple eye shot a ghostly sphere at the arrows, destroying them. His creepy eyes were then directed at Arima. "Resurrectione ex morte." A screeching sound came up from deep below us. The ground in the center was shattered by a perfectly intact dragon skeleton shrouded in a thick violet aura.

"No, " Arima cried out, taking a step back. Her body trembled and it wasn't only due to the shacking of the ground. I knew because my own body was shaking. "It can't be!"

Ren moved his fan away from his other eye, it had changed into a navy-blue eye. "That's right, a real life dragon, not like those imitations you like using so much."

The dragon moved faster than I could've expected. Only it didn't go after me, instead it attacked the barrier. Its eyes were directed at the man standing next to Koukyuu, Shiori Fujiwara.

The dragon screeched as he scratched the barrier with it's long, bony claws.

"Control that beast!" Shiori yelled.

Why was it attacking Shiori of all people? Did Ren hold something against him subconsciously?

Purple chains grabbed the dragon. "Listen, " Ren commanded, yanking the chains back.

"Look out!" Youko said. "Water shield!" A water barrier protected the two from Arima's swift archers.

"Cut them down, " Arima yelled at the top of her lungs. Her two swordsmen slashed at the water barrier but they didn't leave any scratches at all. "Her water spell is remarkable."

She was right, it was even better than Nyima's. "Now isn't the time to compliment them, " I snapped. "Try to buy me some more time." I gazed at the twelve foot monstrosity. " I'll destroy the dragon."

Ren breath grew heavy as his prana quickly dropped from holding on to the dragon skeleton. "This thing's soul... how can it still have a mind of its own?"

"Of course it does, " Arima responded. "It has an overwhelming hatred." Her body shook. "It's terrifying, what could've done this to such a powerful beast? Who killed it? Why was it even here in this world in the first place?" Arima's red eyes peered into the dragon's soulless eyes. "I see, so that's why Ren is having such a hard time."

Arima unsummoned her ghost minions.

Youko, freed from her battle with the ghosts, drew out a three-inch knife from her boots. Swiftly, she ran at Arima and sl

"Youko, " Ren yelled, raising his hand toward her. His eyes turned into water eyes and stopped the vortex. He took a deep breath before sending his partner a furious glare. "What are you doing, you're supposed to hurt them! Not me."

Youko snickered and stabbed him with a water sword. "Shut up, you mutt lover."

Ren reverted back to his usual self except for his tails which danced in the air as he fell into the pool of water, his blood dying it crimson.

"You dared to befriend that girl from the Xiān clan." She pulled out her sword and stabbed him again, this time with her bare right hand. "I'll be taking your core." Despite the coldness in her words, there were tears staining her eyes.

"Core?" Arima asked.

"The Kyuu Hyakuians are born with a core similar to those that living things that live in this world for at least a hundred years produce. We Wudi are also born with similar cores. They sort of like a second magicae organum." I lifted the earth around Youko, stabbing her right arm. "Unhand him now or the arm comes off."

"Wwhy?" Ren struggled to say over the blood coming out of his mouth. "Aare yyyou..."

"Stop it!" Koukyuu yelled. "Youko come with me."

Youko closed her eyes and let go of Ren before dissolving into mist. The mist flew up toward Ryuu no Yama.

"She must be escaping to the dorms, " Arima yelled, gripping her said as she staggered forward.

Koukyuu grinned. "Don't worry, I have someone positioned there. Hopefully, she'll lead us to the other six that dared to mess with my students."

Arima's aura vanished, and she fell to the blood-dyed water.

I reverted back to normal as well. My stomach ached, the side effects of my healing were starting to kick in. My vision blurred as I collapsed next to Arima.

Why had Youko done that to Ren? Weren't they...friends?

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