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"True power come from within. One day it might bloom like a beautiful lotus out of the depths of a muddy lake"


"Iah, " Adela said, walking over to me.

"What is it?" I said, wiping off the sweat from my forehead.

"I have some advice for you, for tomorrow's match against Ren or Youko. Ren's eyes appear to allow him to use all elements minus some of the more obscure ones like time and space."

"So what about it? How can I defeat that?"

"If it were me fighting him, my three elements at the same time would be able to disorient him. You on the other hand, have only two that you've mastered to the first level along with some basic lunar spells."

"Correction, my earth and dragon control extends well into the second level. Wait, I get what you mean. I got to practice my lunar spells, isn't that right?" I said. I sat down on the grass cross-legged and focused on the moons overhead. Silver prana flowed down from the heavens and into my body. I opened my eyes.

Adela sat down next to me. "Your left eye, it is silver just like that time we fought."

I grimaced and covered my silver eye. Even activating one eye was too much for me. However, it was the only way that I could think of that would allow me to defeat Ren's eyes.

"It's my top secret weapon, Tsuki no Me." I stretched across the grass, my prana was depleting fast. I shut off my moon eye. "You're the only one I've used it against actually."

She frowned. "Are you alright? When you used it against me you were out cold for three days."

"I'll be fine, " I said. I grinned as I recalled the past, even if some of those memories weren't exactly pleasant ones... "I'm better at it than I was back when we first battled." I closed my eyes.

Adela's grabbed my right hand. "Come on, don't sleep here."

I recalled the girl from seven years ago...the same one who had called me weak. I had thought that her words from back then would make us eternal enemies, yet could I still have feelings for her? I got up from the ground and smiled.

"Thanks for helping me."

She looked down. "It's the least I can do after I ignored your warnings about Ren."

Once I was back inside the house I took a quick shower and headed back downstairs to sleep for the night.

"Wake up, " I heard one of the girls say. I opened my eyes and saw Nyima. She was dressed in a blue ruqun with wave designs painted across it. Her hair was tied up but with the hair on the sides let loose. On her hands was an umbrella similar to those used in my clan during the traditional period.

"You look beautiful, " I said.

Nyima touched her hair. "It isn't too cutesy is it?"

"Nah, you loo


"Then are you saying you are resigning?"

Youko walked up to the arena. "Fine. I'll be paired up with the Wudi, but don't expect me to help him."

"You may be cute but you have an awful personality, " I said.

Her eyes turned ocean blue with three black lines coming out of her pupils dividing the whites of her eyes into three roughly equal parts. "Don't push your luck. It is possible for there to be only one representative you know."

"Is that so?"

Ren smiled at Youko. "I now see, what must be done."

Arima and I exchanged glances. Those two planned on betraying us.

Koukyuu covered the circle in a barrier. "Start."

I stood my ground, allowing Youko to make the first move. Arima did the same to Ren. Ren and Youko's blows clashed in the center.

"Why did you attack me?" Youko said, eyes wide.

"I thought that Iah would make the first move, " Ren said, gazing over at me.

Arima and I both snickered.

"What's this?" I said, gasping. "Don't tell me that you two are in cahoots with one another? Ms. Kasai no Ki, isn't this kind of conspiracy against the rules of a tag team?"

Koukyuu took out her claws. "Yes, it is. I guess that there is no other choice. The setup of this match has changed, it is now an all-out battle. The last two remaining win. You may develop any dynamic with the others that you'll like."

Arima and I stepped away from out former partners, moving toward each other and covering the other's back. "Good move!" Arima yelled. "I didn't expect it to work this easily."

I smiled. "Nor did I."

**Solar Questions: Btw, once again, what do you think of the relationship between Iah and Adela? Is it how you had expected it to have developed all the way back when they were shown together in Episode 19?**

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