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"To be betrayed, by those who you deem to be friends, is like putting your hand on a rose with a thousand thorns."


Ren coughed out blood, yet he managed to grin past the pain. "Almost got me." Suddenly a fist hit him in the jaw.

Alto grabbed Ren by his uniform's collar and slammed him into the ground. "Tell me who is your leader is!"

Ren grinned. His eyes became an eerie purple. He spat on Alto's face. Alto fell to the ground, screaming in agony.

"It's acid, " Hal cried out.

Lei grabbed Alto. He stumbled forward, despite being lightning mages the paralysis from the lightning spell still managed to affect them. "Hal...Adela...heal him."

Ren grinned as he backed away. "Disappointing. As expected, the only one who was a challenge was the one who hurt Nobu." He glanced over at An and kicked him in the stomach. "This is for him."

An screamed out as if he was being stabbed everywhere. Ren's smile vanished. He looked down. "I'm done here..." Wind surrounded his body. "Farewell." With that, he vanished into the sunset sky.

So, all along he had been in league with them. Iah and Lei were right to have suspected of Ren... he was as much of a bigot as that woman he was talking to.

"An, " Sarah yelled. She slowly approached him as the paralysis subsided with the departure of Ren. An was in deep pain. Whoever summoned those chains around him was very strong.

I quickly applied a potion on Alto's face before turning my attention to An.

I touched the chains around An, only to be thrown to the other side of the street. I warped back to him. The chains were too strong to rip using my magic. However, it didn't seem like the chains came from an outside source, rather they came from his own body. Someone had placed a seal on him at one point. The kind of seal that would require days of chanting. Was something sealed within him?

He grabbed his chest in pain and rolled around on the front lawn.

Sarah kneeled down as if in defeat. She reached out to him but I stopped her. "You saw what it they did to me just now. Those chains are too strong."

e others might be."

"Should we confront the council?" I said.

She shook her head. "We should keep a low profile until after the festival. Iah and Arima will be facing off against Ren and Youko anyways. We can detain Ren afterward."

"If he doesn't gravely injure them first, or worse." I stepped out of the house to get a fresh breath of air.

Iah was practicing swinging his Katana. He put down his sword as soon as he noticed me.

"You seem tense, you should relax a little, " he said.

"You and Lei were right all this time, and I refused to listen...Ren really was one of the eight, and most likely so are Nobuyuki and Mayu. Yuuta too. I can't stand by, knowing that they might attack us again."

Lei...I treated him as if he were paranoid and a liar. Even the guy who had mistreated him during middle school believed him more than I did.

"You should apologize to him if you feel that bad about it, " Iah said as if reading my mind. "Not that I think he will hold a grudge against you. Well, I'm going to go train."

I glanced back and smiled as he returned to practicing his swings. I felt an urge to help him for all that he had done for me. I snickered.

Hard to believe... where had the resentment that we held for each other gone? Had it hate transformed into something else?

**Solar Question: What do you think of the development of Adela and Iah's relationship?**

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